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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Texas Corruption Attacks On Women Children Elderly Disabled and Veterans

The Honorable Pete Gallego Congressional Representative

"Retaliation, and the manipulation of Federal Data that rejected my valid 
VA Claim going on 20 years" 

FBI Case Number In Your Good Hands 
Human Health Services Kathleen Sibelius
Has Not Responded To My Request
There is A Break Down of Communication In Texas

Per my phone call with CXXXXX MXXXX the office of Texas Senator Carlos Uresit office "The VA issue is closed they called me Thursday last week and I would have a determination in four weeks" the same thing happened in 2010, I received a phone call from VA D.C. and told I would have determination in Four Weeks.  

I was lied too again! Reopen the case against the VA for data manipulation and abuse of my case! This has been going on for 20 years!

Open and pursue every line item including my complaints with the Department of Homeland Security (I Am A FAA) and Human Health Services Dallas Office of Civil Rights and Governor Rick Perry to the fullest extent of the law. 

The FBI Case is in your good hands or talk to Pete in Henry Cuellar's Office. He does not return my phone calls or has he fixed the web access to the appropriate congressman (5 Years Now) , so by law if you are the only one I contact you must deliver the message to my correct congressman - Please do so or handle the criminal case FBI on file. 


In Reference to other people of Public Trust

Thank you for you kind consideration concerning my factual concerns of Terroristic threats by the State of Texas, Slaking by Deadly Force, Failure to pay my Victims of Crime, refusal to add to the legislation session a line item for popular vote for a Separate Sate for South And South Central Texas, retaliation, and the manipulation of Federal Data that rejected my valid VA Claim going on 20 years; however, your office met behind closed doors without my participation and some if not all decisions were collaborated with only those person present or contact without me.

More Data Manipulation Reported to Office Civil Rights 
Fraud over 10,000 Owed The Department of Education

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