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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Texas Political Targeting Data Sharing and the Satellite Menace

The Hand Sign of Texas Longhorns
Football Team and Sometimes used
as a Generic for Texas Patriotism
(It is not the sign of  Satan)
Satanic Hate
Texas Right Wing Extremist Clearances
Without a "Need to Know"
"Spring Screen Cleaning"
LinearismOrg by G N O'Dell 01/14/2012

The misconception that Al-Qaeda is led by spiritual leaders and are left wing religious extremest is a false belief, the Modus Operandi of these leaders is to build an image of "Religious Trust" and "Public Trust" incite mob frenzy to hold power, just as we have seen with Right Wing Extremist in the last election.

This article has nothing to do with religion, it is about these dangerous criminals in and outside of the United States, who influence religious groups to hold power. Once in power they turn a warehouse of electronic weaponry in existence for fifty years on the Citizens of Texas to hold their seats of power. 
We know that our own government has these capabilities and have tested this equipment on human subjects (Bioeffect Nonlethal Weapons).

A Broken Ceramic Finger off The Model Above Left of This Blog
Reference I do not support the following views "Satanic Hate Groups" but free speech has once again allowed these groups to identify themselves without any domestic surveillance equipment other than their own mouths - Satanic Hate Groups:

Freedom of expression is a Constitutional Necessity of the United States of America- If you take away free speech, you can no longer identify the good guys and the bad guys can no longer identify themselves!

We also know that radionic devices can be aimed and discharged at short distances such as by helicopter in 1998, so it stands to reason that they are  capable of zapping a poor unsuspecting subjects like those involved in the Rodney King Riot from a greater distance, perhaps satellite and closer if you are connected to a electronic device such as a personal computer or telecommunication device.

Technological Status of Generator/Aiming Device An electric field strength of roughly 100K v/m over a time period of 1 nano-seconds approximately the condition thought to be necessary to produce the desired effect when provided to an overall repetition rate of 15H z. Such a field maybe developed using a radar-like, high-peak-power, pulsed source or an electromagnet pulse generator operated at 15H z. These technologies exist today sufficient to evaluate the disabling concept. Power requirements are not high because the duty factor is so low. Aiming devices are currently available, but a high degree of directionality at long distances will required development, it maybe necessary to provide burst for these nanosecond pulses in order to stimulate the desired effect. As the duty time increases so does the average power requirement for power source. Because there were no open literature reports from which to make inferences there is some uncertainty about the power levels required.

Gang Stalking is usually the choice of behavioral adjustment for political adversaries (unknowingly) paid by Federal Funds to Private Security Firms under the guise of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot Act. It is also important to note, that the massive numbers hired for NSA and Homeland Security during the bush era were astronomically greater than the need to protect the U.S. from terrorist and these people have a lot of time and money on their hands. 

What does that mean? It is likely for NSA employees and co-operatives to think up things to do for job security as seen on the new TV series Homeland. Homeland would make a good sci-fi movie series but the reality of what they have been actually doing is stomach turning!

Never-the-less, these are sworn patriots doing a job they have been assigned, even though most of Americans can see the "micro intelligence" put in to such an operation for domestic surveillance - trillions for domestic surveillance and billions of invisible people, it's a waste of trillions of dollars. 

The point is we don't need them because the people are the best intelligence. During the early stages of the Homeland Operations the states took executive control and if you live in a state such as Texas with an unstable Governor, things go-a-wire quickly from the abuses that  most of us Texans have come to know from Texas Governor Rick Perry. The executive authority also gives complete impunity for the crimes of the Governor such as unwarranted searches of private homes, wiretapping, implantation of wiretapping devices including those in your own electronic equipment, tracking devices on automobiles, and of course the targeting of a political adversaries for Gang Stalking. 

Let's not forget the false telephone calls (Phony Phone Calls) to Bio-locate, harass, or behaviorally modify the actions of a targeted individual such as a phone call requesting you to donate to the Police Annual Bar-b-Que; a very expensive operation paid for by Federal dollars usually from a centralized location with high paid technos that are really just geeks that could not find a job somewhere else.

Of course, there are many other devices included in the Biological Nonlethal Weapons arsenal and many of these are lethal. Some of these devices are not listed because the following report was in 1998, but one particular dangerous device is the emf auditory visual mind control device that has been used on Americans for testing and behavioral control.

EMF Brain Device It Works Just Like Your Cell Phone
That Should Concern YOU!

Unfortunately, most these victims are unable to find proper medical help when the Medical Authorities are violating the conditions of  the "CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment." 


No doubt you can sue in International Court as suggested by Maikel Wakelin  as follows: On Aug 9, 2011, at 1:34 AM, Maikel Wakelin wrote: 

"Hello there fellow citizens of the  world. Lets keep the respect high and  no emotional comments about our cases pleases I am aware that the USA spies on Canada and Canada on the US in return with electronic microwave radio frequencies operating on the human range of the radio spectrum under 20'000 hz (human brain thoughts) taking away our human rights as citizens to have freedom of thought and privacy and not to be part of non consensual medical experiments." 

"That the technology was once  designed as a defense against terrorism by the CIA and NSA.   That stalkers and ------  [sic] Illuminati satanic hate groups have acquired the technology illegitimately.   That the United states penal coded 646.9 gang stalking commits stalkers to ten years imprisonment where a mental illness has been established. That the states countries where you  cannot prove who the dissimulators are, it is the swede technical recording law does not care who of those countries are sued for financial emotional and psychological damages. Let us all obtain the steps to be free of electronic harassment and covert surveillance our global human rights." 

Step (1) is to obtain recordings of  your perpetrators using a parabolic ear or pre amp microphone. 

Step (2) is to obtain a professional psychiatric assessment of mental health that you are not hallucinating or of the mind (audio and holographic images via voice to skull  v2k or psychotronics) tangible recordings I mean.

Step (3) Sue for damages the countries they don't care who just where its from the countries militaries must scan their own air waves for psychotronics and voice to skull v2k and gsm hacks  malta independent communication authority.   Med vennlig hilsen Vänliga  hälsningar

Kind  Regards Maikel  Wanklyn   BSc hons Computing & Information  Systems Software and Networking Engineering Data  Warehousing Decision Support Systems Management  Information System London  Metropolitan University Business Intelligence Analyst - SAP Business Objects Edge, Crystal Reports, IBM Cognos, Microsoft SQL, Statistics Advanced Software Project Manager - Project Plans, Gantt Charts, Technical Authoring, User Acceptance Testing Software Systems Analyst - Business Analyst - ERD DFD EPC UML OOAD, ETL, ITC Feasibility Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Evolutionary Prototyping Operations Management - Disaster Recovery Plans, Server Administration, Backups, Networking Communication Systems  Management, Network Topology Design, Network Monitoring NMS" [BE SURE TO PASS THIS AROUND!]


There is no doubt that these devices have disrupted the lives of millions and most have no access to proper medical treatment and many times misdiagnosed as delusional. Gang Stalking is currently the biggest problem we are facing but it is something that is more manageable by showing empirical evidence such as photographs, eyewitness reports, police reports, and testimonies from NSA personnel such as Russell Tice and John St Clair Akwei and I leave you with this: Human Research Outside of Protocol Domestic Surveillance Can and Does Harm!

Former NSA intelligence agent Russell Tice condemns reports that the Agency has been engaged in eavesdropping on U.S. citizens without court warrants. Tice has volunteered to testify before Congress about illegal black ops programs at the NSA. Tice said, “The freedom of the American people cannot be protected when our constitutional liberties are ignored and our nation has decayed into a police state.”

John St Clair Akwei’s lawsuit versus NSA

So it is we have a problem that is out-of-control at the Texas state level used for Political Targeting and one that is under control at the Federal level. Believe me from personal experience, it is a good thing "Somebody is always watching!"

There is a solution, Texas and many other states need to do a 
"Spring Screen Cleaning" in 2013!

Freedom of expression is a Constitutional Necessity of the United States of America- If you take away free speech, you can no longer identify the good guys and the bad guys can no longer identify themselves!

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by I Am Not Anonymous I Am A Victim Of Radionic Instruments

By Frank Lee True 03/28/2013

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