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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Privacy The Right To Reason On Your Own While Paving A Pathway To Freedom

I Hope I Did Not 
Travel This Path Alone!

"Never Looking back to see if 
my friends had come!"

Sent By Personal Email To:
U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division 
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W.
Office of the Assistant Attorney General,Main
Washington, D. C. 20530

Family Stalked By Texas Border Drone
July 2011
 Governor Rick Perry Did It!

South Texas gets second drone for patrolling 
Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 12:00 am 

The second unmanned aircraft to patrol the Texas-Mexico border has arrived at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi.

A spokesman for Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, confirms that the Predator drone arrived early this morning.

Officials announced in July that Texas would get a second drone to patrol its 1,254-mile border with Mexico. Along with another planned for Arizona, the drone brings U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s total to six on the Southwest border.

The Predator can fly for 20 hours without refueling, extending by many hours the surveillance capability of a helicopter. Flight crews control the planes remotely.

The new aircraft awaits assembly, and it was unclear when it would fly its first mission.

– Associated Press

Privacy The Right To Reason On My Own

Today January 15, 2013 I declare myself independent of Solid State, which includes but not limited to electronic devices, internet research, Television, Radio, Microsoft and other document license agreements, Personal Computers, or anything that can be accessed by code.  

Intrusion into my personal space, by persons or networks of mindless electronic devices has robbed me of my creativity, a victim of plagiarizers, spirituality, copyrights, income, and dreams. 

My journey into personal privacy will not be alone, others may join and contribute to ways and means, breaking free from the chains of code and a Godless illusory non-existent universe called cyberspace. 

Complete independence is not reasonable are desired. The ability to live in reality and occasional trips into cyberspace will allow me the benefits of new technology, while paving a pathway to freedom. 

Separation of person and solid state will enable me to protect my Privacy or Right To Freely Reason On My Own.  

Solid State Declaration of Independence 

That Day Has Come!

"You Cannot Enslave A Man Willing To Give Up 
His Life For His Freedom"

God Bless America!

Gregory O'Dell 01/15/2013


"Flame, a highly advanced "toolkit" of cyber espionage programs capable of watching virtually everything on an infected computer," opens a manufacturing niche for the new  mechanical device, that allows the end user to Type and store printed information, that can be scanned (on a separate conventional scanner) when ready for publication, if at all. I think they once called this a Typewriter.

G N O'Dell Propostion 4 Jobs Jobs Jobs

United States Manufactures Start Producing, there is now a tremendous need for privacy to protect proprietary patents, copy writes, personal data, and underground communications, to counter State Sponsored Terrorism.

Texas is a very good example, who targets from the hip, as real threats to National Security dwell in a blind spot of social invisibility.  Law enforcement waste their time as political toadies, targeting and attacking Political adversaries. Using the police to campaign in anyway is State Sponsored Terrorism.

Go to this link:

G N O'Dell June  6, 2012

Original Post May 2012

In Search of a Typing Printer Device
Without Code

"Flame, a highly advanced "toolkit" of cyber espionage programs capable of watching virtually everything on an infected computer," see critera below.

'Proof' Links Flame, Stuxnet Super Cyber Weapons: ResearchersBy LEE FERRAN and KIRIT RADIA | ABC News – 7 hrs ago.

Researchers say they have uncovered "proof" linking the authors of the Flame cyber espionage program to Stuxnet, the most powerful offensive cyber weapon ever developed -- both of which are believed to have targeted Iran.

Analysts at the Russia-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Labs, which was the first to uncover Flame and had previously analyzed Stuxnet, wrote in a blog post today that they had found the "missing link" between Flame and Stuxnet: a specific piece of code that appears to have been used in both programs.

Flame, a highly advanced "toolkit" of cyber espionage programs capable of watching virtually everything on an infected computer, was discovered last month on computers in the Middle East and Iran and had apparently been spying on those systems for years. Stuxnet, an offensive cyber weapon designed to physically alter its intended target, was discovered in 2010 after it reportedly infiltrated and managed to damage an Iranian nuclear enrichment facility -- an unprecedented feat.

In both cases, cyber security experts that analyzed the programs' code determined that due to similarities in cost, time requirement and apparent target, it was likely they had each been developed under the direction of a nation-state, leading to speculation the U.S. or Israel may be involved. However, the same experts quickly noted that Flame's code architecture was vastly different from Stuxnet's and determined that while both could have come from the same nation-state, they were not likely written together.

READ: Smoke Over Flame: Who Is Behind Super Cyber Spy Tool?

But now Kaspersky Labs says the two cyber tools appear to have been developed in tandem and a section of code directly from Flame was used in an early 2009 version of Stuxnet, meaning that the two development teams overlapped in their work at least for a little while, even if they appear to have gone their separate ways in 2010 when newer versions of the programs appeared.

Read Full Artivle:

In Search of a Typing Printer Device
Without Code

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