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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Drone Aerospace Shootings Operated By Ted Cruz Blames Obama?

@Rick Perry is a Danger to the Public
Discharges Guns In Public Places
Burning Establishments To The Ground
He Is A Felon!

Tea Party Texas Senator Ted Cruz is Blaming the President for Drones and Domestic Helicopters that have killed 3 People in Texas in the last ninety days, owned and operated by Governor Rick Perry Impeach Both Perry and Tea Party Ted Cruz. 

They are a danger to the public. Report the facts please. This is a valid tip from a FAA First Responder in Atascosa County criminal case numbers 12-04270 and 12-04429

Update: Congratulations @John Brennan sworn in CIA!

Congratulations John Brennan sworn in CIA South Central Texas Supports You!

Now Obama has an Opportunity To Make Press Release stating the Drone Stalking and The Aerospace Killings In Texas Were by order of Texas Governor Rick Perry not Obama - Congratulations John Brennan sworn in CIA South Central Texas Supports You! 

Free Download "The Same Domestic Surveillance Program 'Watching Us' is now 'Watching Them'

An Animated Doumentary because it is against the law for me to take photographs of drones

Demand Background Checks On All Handguns!

Thank You , Background Congressional Rep. @Giffords!

You Have Saved America!

You Are Not Alone!

There Are More Of Us Than Them

Keep the faith, it is just a matter of time, when they will come to their senses.

History Repeats, it will not be long when they realize that they have lost their own Civil Rights and Liberties, by taking them away from the people.

It is just a matter of time, when one of their own family members is a victim of their own systems of electronic behavioral control and Human experimentation.

It is just matter of time, when the police come knocking at their own doors and take them away without charges


These Are My Representatives Who Did Nothing - Some Exploited My Case:

1. Texas 31 House Representative @Ryan Guillen

2. Texas Senator @Carlos Uresti (What is he doing with our oil rights not in his district after I sent him detail. He is not the Senator of Eagle Ford Shale. So he is operating outside of His district and exploiting my concern!)

3. Congressional Representative @Henry Cuellar


So That @DHS Homeland Security Could Adjust First

Drone Stalking First Report To 
Senator @Judith Zaffirini

G. N. O'Dell 03/08/2013

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