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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saint Francis Beyond Cultural Boundaries

A Day Late and a Dollar Short
by Mary and Me

“An Innate Universal beyond Cultural Boundaries”

A miracle is a positive event in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things.

 Maybe we misrepresent the Saint Francis’ tradition as we do other customs, and think of the saint in just poetic terms; a good saint who cares for animals.

 Saint Francis Beyond Cultural Boundaries
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 It just could be that Saint Francis has deeper symbolic meaning, something grand or more encompassing; something that bonds all living things together.

Rio Grande Wild Turkeys
G. N. O'Dell 03/14/2013

Hafiz (c. 1320-1389) the Sufi Master Says It Better Than me, 
"To God's magnificent masquerade  as us!"

Privacy Why It Should Concern Them


Gregory O'Dell said...

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Gregory O'Dell said...

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