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Monday, March 25, 2013

New York 'Stop And Frisk' vs Texas 'Target Track Kill'

Made In New York? 
A Milder Constitutional Sauce
 Stirred In New York?

Some like It Mild Other's Like It Hot

Some like It Mild Other's    

New York 'Stop And Frisk' vs 
Texas 'Target Track Kill'

The Texas Radio and Big Beat

CCR Information Update

Dear CCR supporter,
Last week began with emotional testimony from New Yorkers who have been stopped and frisked by the NYPD and ended with front-page New York Times coverage of the trial. In between was a whirlwind of witnesses, political developments, press conferences, and daily reports back. We’re exhausted but exhilarated, as this historic trial is turning out to be one of the biggest stories in CCR’s history.
CCR is writing and posting daily updates on the trial at the end of every day.
We are also posting the updates to on Twitter and Facebook, so if you don’t already, please like Center for Constitutional Rights on Facebook and follow @TheCCR on Twitter.
Please help us get the word out about the trial by sharing and retweeting the updates. And if you can contribute financially, please donate to support CCR’s work on important issues like the Floyd trial.
In addition to the powerful accounts from New Yorkers who were stopped - some searched, frisked, or handcuffed, in their own neighborhoods, sometimes on their own streets - there were stunning admissions from NYPD officers that the department does have quotas for stops, and that “We are illegally stopping and illegally frisking young Black and Hispanic people,” as one whistleblower cop bluntly stated.
On the second day of the trial, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced her support for one of the crucial pieces of legislative reform that CCR and others have supported, the creation of an inspector general to oversee the NYPD. That news only added to the sense of history in the making as ordinary New Yorkers are finally having their day in court and it is the NYPD that is being held accountable for its behavior.
Media interest in the trial has been intense and CCR has had a hard time keeping up with interview requests. In addition to several stories in the Times and dozens of other articles, highlights include this NPR segment and CCR Executive Director Vince Warren along with Floyd witness Nicholas Peart on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC this past Saturday.
The courtroom has been packed every day with community members who have come to see the #NYPDonTRIAL (that’s the hashtag to follow if you’re on Twitter) and many have held rallies, press conferences, and even an interfaith “Seder in the Streets,” in addition to a strong presence in the courtroom.
Court is not in session today or tomorrow, and resumes Wednesday. Watch for our daily updates on the websiteFacebookTwitter and please share them widely.
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