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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why National Security Is Not 'A Popular Vote' and Why You Should Vote Wisely for Your U.S. Senator

And Why Using The Threat of National Security To Justify Personal Political Gain Is A Sin Worse Than Treason. 

Almost as bad as "Seeing Something and Not Saying Anything!"

What does 'Aerospace Surveillance' have in contrast to 'Aerospace Domestic Surveillance'? Due Cause! 
Privacy: the right to reason on your own

See: "The Texas Governor That Cries Wolf"

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lives

I am a first responder. If I call the FAA and tell them that a flying saucer has crash landed in my front yard- Bring the cameras and the News Team. Don't bet against or delay, because there will be a flying saucer that has crash landed in my front yard!

Highly unlikely but possible: 

A Domestic Surveillance Program
 Gone Completely Out-of-control
Sri GregO

What Is State-Sponsored Terrorism?

State-Sponsored Terrorism. State-sponsored terrorism is the active involvement of a foreign government in training, arming, and providing other logistical and intelligence assistance as well as sanctuary to an otherwise autonomous terrorist group for the purpose of carrying out violent acts on behalf of that government against its enemies.

State-sponsored terrorism is, therefore, regarded as a form of surrogate warfare and is a critical aspect to be analyzed, since more than 20 countries are suspected of proliferating nuclear, biological, and
chemical (NBC) weapons technology. However, several things work against state sponsorship in  providing WMD to terrorist groups. 

These include the prospect of significant reprisals by the US against the state sponsor, the potential inability of the state sponsor to control its surrogate, and the prospect that the surrogate cannot be trusted; even to the point of using the weapon against its sponsor. It is significant that, to date, there is no evidence that any formal link exists between terrorist groups and state-assisted NBC programs.

Related Link:

Terrorist Groups. A terrorist group is defined as a collection of individuals belonging to an autonomous nonstate or subnational revolutionary or antigovernment movement who are dedicated to the use of violence to achieve their objectives. The reasons terrorists may perpetrate a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) attack include a desire to kill as many people as possible “to annihilate their enemies,” to instill fear and panic to undermine a governmental regime, to create a means of negotiating from a position of unsurpassed strength, or to cause great social and economic impact.  Such groups are seen as having at least some structure and command and control (C2) apparatus that, no matter how loose or flexible, provides an overall organizational framework and general strategic direction.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Don’t Speak For The President But When He Does I Listen

What Is Wrong With This Governor RICO Perry Picture?

A Decade of Texas Oppression
Impeach Perry 

And by 2/3rd In Favor Remove The Disability - Texas Governor Rick Perry And Fusion Centers
Rick Perry Illegal Command And Political Control Centers
National Security Is Not A Popular Vote
Or Would It Be Popular but It Is Necessary 
- Just Another Victim Of Texas Crimes Against Humanity

The Problem When Texas Hacks Your Personal Computer The Whole World Can See Impeach Governor Rick Perry

Update 04/27/2013 Senator John Cornyn Illegally Sits On Veteran Entitlements Blames The President of The United States?

IVERP Is Texas Governor Rick Perry Above The Law?
Impeach Rick Perry Before He Kills Again!

FBI San Antonio Field Office (210) 225-6741 [Just my notes to report to the FBI by phone [2010, 2013]. It was recorded. They did not respond nor do they have a responsibility to respond - I have a responsibility to report and do not have a "Need To Know" what actions they have or have not taken] It is a criminal offense to lie to the FBI

Hi, my name is Gregory O'Dell, I am a credible informant and need to report classified information before I submit a victims of crime report International terrorism victim.

1. 24 November 1992; China Southern Airlines 737-300; Guangzhou, China: Aircraft hit high ground during approach. All eight crew members and 133 passengers were killed. Incorrect it was an unidentified  anti-communist party group who brought on board a suicide bomb and notes were found on their bodies. I was China Southern Maintenance Manager fired for asking too many questions.

The terrorist bombing confirmed by Ms. XXXX XXXX in the China Hotel Credible Source with Direct Association with the Boeing Led Aircraft incident Investigation in Guangzhou China. Reconfirmed by Director of Maintenance Mr. XXXX XXXX in 1994 Roswell Airport Roswell New Mexico.

Maintenance Operation Confirm again it was a suicide bomb. Why is this important to you [and me]? Several Americans were killed [Two Known] and their families or our Federal Government [need to] know about it. I have a duty to report.
Date: 24 NOV 1992
Time: 07:52
Type: Boeing 737-3Y0

Operator: China Southern Airlines

2. FBI did not know that the First Terrorist Bombing In Riyadh Saudi Arabia November 13 1995 was directly linked to Osama Bin Laden until I posted a blog this year. A Somalia National working In Riyadh explained Osama’s role by newspaper photograph but the name was written in Arabic under his picture in the local Riyadh newspaper, so I did not make the connection with the name Bin Laden. My deceased wife XXXXXX XXXXXX, XXXXX XXXXXX Chief Engineer Dee Howard Aircraft, and myself did modifications on wealthy Middle East Aircraft. Osama Bin Laden family's aircraft was modified several times period 1989-1992 at that location and were entertained by my father-in-law XXXX XXXXX while in San Antonio.

3. In 1995 I work at the Al Salam Aircraft Company and my wife was a civil servant of the United States while we were working in Arabia. She did not die in the blast but several of our friends and fellow U.S. Expatriates were injured or killed in the high tech blast that was financed by Osama Bin Laden DBA or leader of the Islamic Movement for Change that claimed ownership to the Expensive High Tech bombing of the Federal Building. It was actually two Federal Buildings Side by Side, one was not badly damage the other was. How do I know what a high Tech Expensive Bomb sounds and acts like? I was in a third bombing claimed to be an accident November 13 1993 at the Lackland AFB Medina annex within view on my home on the South Side of San Antonio. 

I believe Osama Bin Laden gained access to the bomb via the Saudi National Guard Arsenal stock piled with classified military equipment by the United States for the sole use of Military Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the time under the training of U.S. Forces. Osama Bin Laden was the only person of wealth in the Islamic Movement of Change that had the means and connections to pay for and pay off those that were the custodians of the National Guard Arsenal, a car bomb that had to excide several million dollars to pay, transport, setup, and attach the bomb to the underside of an automobile and the expertise to operate the timing detonation device. 

Impeach Governor Rick Perry Privacy Intrusion To Benefit Himself and Place Texas Citizens Lives In Danger

Student Loan Fraud:

October 2008 April 2010: Dear San Antonio  Special FBI Agent Mario Villia FBI complaint staring 20/11/2008 Stalking and retaliation of a disabled veteran on and off campus brought to your attention , I don’t know where else to go to when law enforcement fails each time a valid complaint was filed and brought your office attention. Please take a look at this. From: Gregory Odell  Subject: Financial I Never Received and Payment Thereto waiting for a credit 10,000 To: Cc:  Date: Saturday, March 30, 2013, 3:00 PM Dear Lauren Smith, I has been several week sense I talk to Ms. Brazier concerning payments to me, which I never received. This was habitual shortage of Federal Grant money to a disabled veteran for every semester sense Spring 2007 to January 2009 reported to the Dallas Office of Civil Rights. Now I have a IRS 1040-c that is $10,000.00 more than I received or owe as per our past emails after contacting Ms. Gray at the OCR. I also made a payment and the Financed Company Brazos confirmed with my original receipt of $3,668.80.  Brazos phone number is 512-454-5516 Thank you Gregory O'Dell 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 830-49-1965 Thank you, Gregory O'Dell @00094877 This may be a wide spread finical aid fraud or math errors that effects thousands of Texans?    Ms Gray please add these funds that have not been distributed properly. ACS explain that all I had to do is contact the financial aid and they will disburse because they are holding the money $5948. 

Other Loses Due To The State of Texas:

Important Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) Benefits UpdateMonday, April 22, 2013 10:49 AM
From: "VRAP" <>Add sender to Contacts
Dear Gregory ODell,

According to our records as of April 1st, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued you a Certificate of Eligibility for VRAP but you are not currently receiving benefits.

What you should know:

A Certificate of Eligibility is NOT a guarantee of benefit payments.  By law, VRAP benefits can only be paid to a maximum of 99,000 Veterans.  As of April 1, 2013, VA issued over 93,000 Certificates of Eligibility and may continue to issue them through October 1, 2013.  As of April 1st, approximately 40,000 Veterans had enrolled in training.  

VRAP benefits will be paid on a first-come, first-served basis until the program ends on March 31, 2014 -OR- until 99,000 Veterans have enrolled in school and received VRAP benefits.  This means that under current law, if you do not enroll in training before March 31, 2014 OR if you do not enroll in training before VRAP benefits have been paid to the maximum 99,000 Veterans, VA will be unable to pay you VRAP benefits even if you enroll in training.

What you should do:

If you plan on using your VRAP benefit, you should first check with VA to ensure there are available slots remaining.  You can verify the number of students enrolled in training online at, or by calling VA at 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).

Friday, April 26, 2013

When Sharing Is Caring Remember Those 10,000 Texas Merck Vioxx Victims?

Update Just In: Texas Governor Rick Perry's Note To The President Found On Austin's Airport Flight Line

We Found A Niche In Investigative Journalism

We all were sent a "Walking to New Orleans"

And we still don't have a penny in our pockets. The money is all offshore and not even in American Banks?

Texas Governor Rick Perry's Note Found on
Flight Line

Dear Talkshow Hostess Burley and Advocates of Honest Judiciaries,

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to address your audience. I gladly accept your invitation to appear on your show next week. You are willing to be one of those who set in motion the investigative bandwagon rather than one of those who will run after it to get on board. Merit and recognition will be earned by the former: They will be known as Champions of Justice.
Indeed, next time we can discuss how you and your audience can contribute to exposing judges’ wrongdoing in light of Offshore Leaks’ revelations of financial wrongdoing by resorting to social media:

Just as the people in Tunisia and Egypt using Twitter and Facebook brought down decades old dictators and gave rise to the Arab Spring, you and your audience can set in motion an ‘investigative bandwagon’ that can rattle the Federal Judiciary to its foundation and expose its judges’ wrongdoing as their institutionalized modus operandi.

In that vein, I would like to suggest that you become the “producer” of a show that can have far-reaching resonance in practice:

You and your fellow talkshow hosts could approach the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, headquartered in Washington, D.C., 1(202)466-1300, >Ln:196, to propose that:

1. the Investigative Journalists send

     a) to your show –broadcast simultaneously on the other shows linked to it– or to the shows that sequentially will follow it as a reinforcing series of shows

     b) a representative, such as

(1) ICIJ Director Gerard Ryle,,

(2) ICIJ Deputy Director Marina Walker,,

(4) any other among the 86 investigative journalists that worked on the one-of-a-kind financial wrongdoing investigation “Offshore Leaks” ,, reachable through Dorothy Betts, Executive Assistant,;

2. to discuss with you and me my proposal that the Investigative Journalists

     a) describe the Offshore Leaks, that is, the financial files that were leaked to them and that thanks to their 15-month high tech investigation revealed how well-connected, wealthy private persons and public officers, who are likely to include judges, use offshore tax havens to conceal assets through layers of secrecy fabricated with false names, addresses, strawmen, trusts-upon-trusts, mailbox corporations, etc., so as to avoid taxes and launder their money of its criminal origin; and

      b) apply the thus gained unparalleled Follow the money! experience in discovering concealed financial accounts and their true owners to exposing the off-and onshore accounts belonging to particularly harmful kind of public officers:

life-appointed federal judges, who in practice are above investigation, whether official, >jur:21§1, or journalistic, id. >jur:81§1, and abuse their power in self-interest to commit and cover up their wrongdoing, which erodes their ever-diminishing respect for the rule of law even as they make decisions that affect We the People’s rights, property, liberty, and life; and to that end,

       c) begin with the search for the assets that The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Politico, id. >jur:65fn107a-c, suspected Then-Judge, Now-U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayor, xxxv, of having concealed.

Your show or the series of shows produced by you thanks to your access to fellow talkshow hosts and other media members can set in motion an event that has never before occurred: a Watergate-like, 100§3, generalized media investigation of the Federal Judiciary’s Judges Above the Law, 65§§1-4.

The Watergate Scandal began on June 17, 1972, with what was derided as “a garden variety burglary” by five men scorned as “plumbers” who broke into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate building complex in Washington, D.C.

Despite all the derision, Washington Post Reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward pursued their leads with the intuition of superior journalists who sense that ‘something doesn’t smell good’. Progressively, the stench of political espionage, abuse of power, and conspiracy in furtherance of a cover-up mounted until it was unbearable for the rest of the media to stay on the sidelines.

Ever more journalists bolted onto the investigative bandwagon. They gave rise to one of the investigative journalism stories pursued by the largest number of media outlets for the longest time with the highest stakes: the Watergate Scandal.

Month after month for over two years, Woodward and Bernstein were the key figures of the national media. They were instrumental in leading to an unthinkable, unprecedented result: the resignation of the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, on August 8, 1974, and the imprisonment of all his White House aides.

Until this day, Woodward and Bernstein are icons of investigative journalism.

Do you have any idea what it would mean for you personally and professionally if:

1. thanks to your commitment to justice, negotiation and entrepreneurial skills, and the inspirational enthusiasm that you exuded,

2. you produced a simultaneously linked, 97§1, or series of shows, 98§2, that together with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

3. set in motion a Watergate-like investigative bandwagon, 81§1, which not even federal judges could derail, for they cannot retaliate against all talkshows and all other media outlets at the same time, lest they betray their self-protective, vindictive, wrongful motive and incriminate themselves,

4. outraged, 83§§2-3, the public with its revelations of widespread, routine wrongdoing committed or tolerated by federal judges, which

5. rendered politically unavoidable a congressional investigation with nationally televised public hearings guided by the query “what did the justices and judges know about financial and non-financial wrongdoing by federal judges and their Federal Judiciary staff and when did they know it?”; and

6. caused the execution by the FBI of subpoenas and search warrants and the exercise by the Department of Justice of its contempt and penal powers on federal judges –whose fellow judges, who are their friends, colleagues, and accomplices, 90§§b-d, would protect unabashedly in the self-serving interest of preventing the investigation from reaching them too- and

7. as a profound and long institutional and constitutional crisis unfolded, covered intensively by the media, and

8. a bankruptcy fraud scheme run, 42fn60, by federal judges and other insiders of the legal and bankruptcy system, 81fn169, were exposed,

9. the exacerbated outrage of the public, 83§§2-3, grew to the point of forcing one or more federal judges, perhaps including J. Sotomayor, out of office through resignation, as happened to Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas on May 14, 1969, after revelations by Life magazine, 93¶¶211-212, or removal by impeachment, after which

10. politicians, afraid of outraged voters at the polls, undertook judicial reform that overhauled the Federal Judiciary by including, among other things,

a. the establishment of an independent inspector on the Federal Judiciary,

b. the adoption of judicial transparency, accountability, and Equal Justice, 44fn69, requirements legislation, 158§7, including the repeal of the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980, 24§b; and

c. the creation of citizen boards of judicial accountability and discipline?

Can you imagine what these developments can mean for you personally and professionally?

You can become a nationally recognized Champion of Justice.

You may share this email widely.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dare trigger history! dcc:11


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.

New York City

P.S. You may contact Talkshow Hostess D’Anne Burley at


On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 2:40 AM, Ron Branson <> wrote:

Dr. Cordero's Critique of JAIL4Judges Critiqued By Dr. Les Sachs

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Why ICIJ - Cordero media strategy won't work ('critique JAIL4Judges'); Watergate truth
Date: Tue, 07 May 2013 14:00:31 -0400
From: Dr Les Sachs <>
To: Richard Cordero <>

Dear Dr Cordero,
Firstly, I appreciate the seriousness and sincerity of your labour and efforts regarding the judicial corruption nightmare of the USA, the most 'taboo' topic in the Western world, which makes journalists tremble in fear, at ICIJ as elsewhere. But I must really say that what you imagine as an effective action proposal, is really the same sad, always-disappointed  hope, of journalistic and media coverage that has so confounded and disappointed the endless hundreds of thousands of victims of the US crooked courts ... journalists ignoring the mountains of 'smoking gun evidence' which the public would be fascinated to know if presented by major media.
You have a really hopeless dream here (as all of us have had at some point), that if just this or that group of journalists will grab onto the cases, a great media storm will suddenly catch fire.
But these hopes and prayers for grand coverage by media and journalists, have always ended in frustration and failure, because of who owns major media, and how journalists are pressured and threatened.
I explained this years ago in my FAQ on US Judicial and Legal Corruption (which in recent years is blocked from most internet search results by the US-gov't-tied Googl. Inc. search engine).
Consider the following:
(1) The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has been approached many times regarding US judicial corruption issues. They know the score there. If they act aggressively on this issue with some 'reporting', they and their organization will be put on trial by corrupt American judges, slandered in major media, bankrupted and have assets seized if accessible in the US, or blocked from major media coverage and Googl. search if outside the USA.
Just like my own websites of journalism on US legal corruption, are generally now all blocked by Googl. Inc. in Goog's efforts to get favours from bribed US judges.
I am continually slandered on the internet, and all my websites are blocked from Googl search so I cannot reply to lies, and victims of the US legal system often cannot find my writings anymore. Once upon a time I too was a well-known 'media person', invited to be on TV with Dan Rather, books published by America's top publishing companies. ICIJ sees what happened to me ... and they fear this could happen to them. I barely escaped from America alive, as you know. Possibly the upcoming court proceedings here in Europe against Googl. Inc. for blocking my websites, will get some media coverage inside the US to light a fire ... but it is more likely that US media will do a lockdown and refuse to cover the story as Googl. Inc. gets convicted here in Europe.
And you know how Jail4Judges itself has been greatly harmed by internet sabotage and attacks, in the efforts to prevent its message from reaching people.
(2) Activists, journalists, innocent people have been killed, with me unable to help them and the victims often unable to find and read what might have saved them, because of the Goog Inc. media management and censoring of the web on judicial corruption issues.
US reporters are at times killed and 'suicided'. ICIJ members know that can be their fate as well with judicial corruption reportage. A 'two gunshots to the head' suicide (!) - as with Gary Webb. Or like the arrest and jailing of the wife of Congressman John Conyers, Head of the US House Judiciary Committee, who was fooled and tricked by Obama like so many Americans ... Conyers, with false 'hope' in Obama for 'change', was planning to conduct major congressional hearings on bribed American judges, with all the info in his files ... So they arrested Conyers' wife, and told Conyers he would be dead if he says anything, just like they murdered Judiciary Committee Congressman Sonny Bono in the 1990s ... and just like they murdered US Federal Judge John Roll in 2011 shortly after he dared to issue a ruling against Obama.
Federal judge shot dead, drugged-up alleged 'lone gunman' quickly supposedly 'confessing', barely covered by US media ... but a good warning to all other US judges. Play ball, or else get shot dead too.
(3) You prominently use the example of Watergate, and Bob Woodward ... ha ha ha! You apparently do not know the real story. US federal judges and even Presidents, are only removed by the US elite, not by journalists ... Bob Woodward was not a 'brave reporter', he was a government agent working for higher powers than Richard Nixon.
Watergate was a coup d'état. Here is some material from the web posted by a friend here in Brussels whom I know: "Watergate is another fake 'story' whose true facts Americans don't know. Watergate was another US coup, less bloody than the JFK killing in 1963. The supposed 'hero', Washington Post's Bob Woodward - still selling lies and propaganda today - is a fraud and fake as 'brave reporter', working for the military and CIA. In the late 1960s Bob Woodward was in the US Navy working for Naval Intelligence under Admiral Thomas Moorer. In 1970 Admiral Moorer became head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff - head of the whole US military - and Woodward left the US Navy to become a planted Washington Post 'reporter'. - Also in 1970, Admiral Moorer started running a spy ring against the Nixon White House, with the US military thinking Nixon and Kissinger were getting 'soft on Communists' etc.
Navy Yeoman Charles Redford stole many White House documents and so on for the joint chiefs, US Admiral Elmo Zumwalt getting some of the documents. The spy ring - US military against the White House - was discovered at the end of 1971. But just like with the military 'business plot' planned coup in the 1930s against US President Franklin Roosevelt, exposed by US Marine General Smedley Butler ('War is a Racket'), and Roosevelt's agreement not to prosecute the American elite (including grand-pappy Bush) ...
Nixon agreed to cover-up the military spy ring. Likely fearing to end up dead like JFK, Nixon always feared to publicly denounce it for the rest of his life, tho did not deny it. Despite Nixon's agreement to shut up and not prosecute, the military remained unhappy, along with the American elite, who wanted Nixon out  ...
Nixon, for all his flaws, had come to the same conclusions as Jack Kennedy ... in other words, make some peace with the commies, and try to build a better life for Americans ... So Watergate was magnified into a scandal for a coup, the Washington Post fake brave 'reporters' Woodward and Bernstein - with Woodward still loyal to his old boss Admiral Moorer ... they took Nixon down. And ever since, Bob Woodward's fake Washington Post ... version of the Watergate 'story' has dominated. ... and the truth still basically squashed today, by the dominant media framework ...
Nearly everybody believes Watergate was some kind of pro-populist 'exposé'. A lot of the Watergate facts has come out from investigators Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, a book 'Silent Coup' ... "
* * *
Dr Cordero, I am sorry that your media plan for hoping to light a fire under 'investigative journalists', is really just the same old hope that has been dashed and broken against the wall of harsh reality for many years.
With best wishes to you as a fellow labourer in the vineyard,
Les -- Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs
- Political refugee from US in Europe - Writer on US legal and media corruption - target of US threats of assassination, and of hate crimes of defamation.
My journalism sites are blocked on the US-based internet search engines, especially by criminal Googl. Inc - while hoaxes and lies are planted about me on the web and on Wikimedia, by writers taking bribes, and by companies seeking to profit from silencing or murdering me.
You can see online a live photo of 'Google Internet Censorship - Censure d'Internet' showing continuous ongoing suppression of my journalism sites. My work includes, 'Americans Murdering Their Judges', 'America's Corrupt Legal System', 'Foreign Companies Face US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation', 'FAQ on US Judicial and Legal Corruption', and reporting on how US intelligence agencies spread hoaxes on Goog and Wikimedia. Legal actions underway in Europe regarding the crimes to suppress me and my work - Google Inc facing sanctions for its crimes of censorship, its violations of the human rights of dissidents against the US.

----- Original Message ----- From: Richard Cordero Sent: 05/06/13 09:24 PM To:,,, Sheriffhenry,, Alliance for Justice

Subject: Re: Dr. Richard Cordero critiques JAIL4Judges Dear Advocates of Honest Judiciaries, * * Thank you for your response to my email on 1) J.A.I.L. Paragraph 16 grand juries, and 2) my proposal to join forces with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to a) request that they apply their particular expertise in *"Follow the money!"* investigations to expose judges’ financial wrongdoing; b) provoke outrage in the national public; and c)cause the latter to force politicians, under pain of not being elected or reelected, to investigate judges' financial and non-financial wrongdoing and undertake judicial unaccountability and discipline reform.

The Texas Senate Quote of The Year

"Senator Carlos Uresti Is Not Gonna Take Kindly To Your Allegations About Texas Judges"
My Allegations Still Not Work By His Office My Contributions He Takes All The Credit 

That's Too Bad It Is A Matter Of Fact

Who Are The Bad Guys Anyways

Who Made Human Experimentation Legal?

Who Made Stalking Legal

George Bush And Karl Rove Part I

George Bush And Karl Rove Part II

George Bush And Karl Rove Part III

George Bush And Karl Rove Part IV

George Bush And Karl Rove Part V

Mitt Romney Causal Root To Corruption NSA

"Mitt Romney Could Not of Become
a Billionaire Without You [Violating You]!"
"No Criminal Is An Island To Himself"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Subjects of My Care And Bio-matrix Surveillance

Bringing Harm to The Harmless
Do These People Know What They Are Doing?

Dear Texas Legislatures, SA  University Systems Dental Clinic Takes DNA Sample of Disabled Person In  My Care Thinking it Was Me.
He Wants To Testify Concerning The Abuse That Kept Me A Prisoner In My Home For Five Years. 

Looks likes it is going to be another late session!

If Rick Perry reads my emails, why not the whole freaking world?

A Good Title would be "Who is watching who and do they know what they are doing"
I have a 250 page manuscript I started in 2007 that was meant to be a anthropology submission; however, my family went through some hell and I just started logging the events. All credible academic sources or empirical evidence and  court records concerning the stalking down of a witness of the first terrorist bombing in Saudi Arabia  by NASA geospatial targeting in South Central Texas.
I would like to finish both manuscripts without the Secret Service pounding my ass again. That is probably why you have not got my emails. But for what you are charging it is an introductory of the events, so it matter not if it makes sense or not.
I will be happy to work with you on the complete book with kind care to Federal Agents not to be insultive to way I have been treated but to present the facts as a documentary of the stalking down of this target including international stalking by Aerospace Surveillance. Not to worry I was back in the FBI office two days ago and they are fully aware and they know that I am not attacking their integrity.......... Hey! I might need those people one day!
So the book is not something to sell, I just have something to say that may help others?
What I could get away with is short animations such as you listened to and referenced as follows. I gave homeland due time in advance before publishing any of this information and it need not be vetted. number 4 is a good summary of the book that is already written that needs to edited and organized. I am not an Anti-surveillance or anti-government conspiracy writer. I wrote about facts that pertain to me personally and associated those facts with world events modeled after George Mc Donald Frazer's Flashman series...... 
If I had 50,000 dollars it would a best seller period. I just do not have resources and elements have keep me insolvent by intent or by ignorance they destroyed the last five years of my life. Before this all started - I had 5 times that in the bank!
Gregory O'Dell 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 830-429-1965

Plugging The Offshore Leak with A Media Leak That Could Have Prevented The Texas West Fire

Offshore Oil Leaks That Would Have Prevented The Texas West Fire
A Place For Flowers S. Cash

"The State of Texas uses the Miranda Act 
'You have the right to remain silent. 
Anything you say can and will be used against you'
to threaten anyone that thinks about reporting a legitimate 
safety concern with arrest and prosecution!"

As an Aviation Maintenance Manager, I can tell you the best piece of legislation for in flight safety is contributed to the “ Whistle-blower Blower Act!" I do not know about other industries but we the people responsible for you’re in flight safety, jump when a Whistle-blower makes an allegation and say "Thank You God We Might of Killed Someone!"  If the allegation is shown to be bogus or not factual we still say "Thank God our corporation Quality Assurance Program works!"

In the case of aviation workers we would never retaliate against people or persons that keeps us awake with alerts that ensures the lives of our customers and employees are not harmed by our own hands in the name of profit! While searching for my oil rights in La Salle County Texas, I noticed a posting of the “ Whistle-blower Blower Act" required by law on the employee bulletin board. 

At the top of the posting, boxed in with a black background with large white lettering printed at the top of the "Whistle-blower Blower Act" posting reads YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. This is what caused the BP fire in 2005 in Texas City, The Fuel Farm Fire Annex for Kelly / Lackland AFB in 2010, and the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

CNN reporters tried to interview oil clean-up workers on Gulf Coast Resort Beaches, but not one person spoke to the press, now we know why! In order to read the "Whistle-blower Blower Act"  required by law to be posted and accessible to all employees, the State of Texas uses the Miranda Act "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you" to threaten anyone that thinks about reporting a legitimate safety concern with arrest and prosecution!

Only in Governor Rick Perry's Texas!
This Dangerous Treasonous Dictating Tyrant has got to go!
 Belly Up Rick Perry!
I am not a politician, I am a Rick Perry Merck Vioxx Victim!

Report: BP ultimately responsible in Gulf spillAP Associated Press By DINA CAPPIELLO - Associated Press,HARRY R. WEBER - Associated Press | AP – 1 hr 7 mins ago A key federal report goes further than other investigations and puts ultimate responsibility on BP for the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history and the deaths of 11 rig workers, especially regarding the cement seal that was put in place the day before the explosion that triggered the spill. The report, released Wednesday, said in the days leading up to the disaster, BP made a series of decisions that complicated cementing operations, added risk, and may have contributed to the ultimate failure of the cement job. Other companies also shared some of the blame, according to the report............ Read the full article at:

by we are not anonymous we have a name G. N. O'Dell

Never Ask A Philosopher a Question If You Don't Want The Answer!

5. My proposal to the Offshore Leaks journalists and my request that you support it

I have proposed to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists that they and I jointly publish the verifiable facts, 21§§A-B, of federal judges’ wrongdoing already stated in my study, 98§2, and further pursue their leads through investigation, 102§4, connected to Offshore Leaks.

Thus, I respectfully request that you, in your and the public’s interest, email at the addresses below to the Journalists your support for their agreeing to my proposal and encourage your associates and network members to do the same after sharing with them this email.

6. The benefit for you from supporting the proposal to the Offshore Leaks journalists

Your support can help the OL Journalists, and through them the rest of the media, to shake free of the fear, xlviii, of judges, for not even judges can take on all journalists at the same time, 100§3, lest they betray their retaliatory, self-indicting motive.

Your support can have a reformative impact on the public, the media, and the Judiciary by prompting the pioneering of the news and publishing field of judicial unaccountability reporting, 1§Introduction.

By so doing, you can earn the merit of having contributed to sparking the development, which recent precedent shows realistic, of a civic movement that demands, not the reduction of taxes as the TEA Party does, but rather an increase in judicial integrity that brings about progress in securing We the People’s right to Equal Justice Under Law, 166§d.

In addition, your support for my proposal to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists can set in motion a trend for other people abroad to follow –as they have done so many other developments in our society and pop culture– where their judges do wrong risklessly.

7. Email addresses for you to express your support

You can email your support for the Journalists to agree to my making a presentation, 171§F, to them of the proposed joint publication and investigation, 98§§2-4, and its related business venture, 119§E, which may interest you, to:

Director Gerard Ryle:
Deputy Director Marina Walker:
the journalists:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dare trigger history!


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.