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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Texas Disabled Decimation and Retaliation Stopping Texas State Federal Funds Is Not Enough

The RICO Perry Network Is Above The Law

"We The People" 

The Citizens of The United States of America, hereby stand in peaceful protest against Rick Perry Governor of Texas, who has stripped the citizens of the State of Texas of their rights to pursue economic prosperity, participation in the judicial process, the right to due process, while establishing overt and covert intelligence operations including the use of non-lethal devices, electronic harassment, and engaged in the insurrection of the Tea Party Rebellion with a global economic effect, outside the jurisdiction and powers of the State, and denied the citizens of the State equal protection of the law, creating a Police State of corruption that has endangered the lives of all the people in the Union. 

The Texas Governor has mismanaged State funds outside of budgetary restraints to a degree of course of bankruptcy and dependency on Federal Funds reserved for emergencies other than corruption of positions of Public Trust who have been appointed by the Governor not elected by the people, who met in secrecy with the intent to defraud the people and the Federal Government for the sole purpose and intent of personal financial gain and retention of power as the Governor of the State of Texas. 

We the People, the citizens of the United States of America, demand a vote be put before congress representing all States of the Union and by two thirds vote in the house in favor, remove the Disability - 

Texas Governor Rick Perry for engaging in insurrection and rebellion against the constitution and the citizens of the United States of America. 

 - We The People of Tejas April 24, 2009
We The People Of Tejas

 $ 2,000,000.00 Other Exploitation Electronic Exploitation
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