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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Texas Palestinian West Bank Chinese Style

Governor Rick Perry Sells Us Out To The Chinese 
Operates A White Supremacy Murder Squad
The Federal Government Cannot Touch Him
Crimes Against Humanity

What Is Wrong With This Picture?
Texas Palestinian West Bank Chinese Style  
What Is Wrong With This Picture? 

Attacks His Own People With Deadly Military Force 
The Same Helicopters That Could Not Airlift Me Because Of The Danger
After A VIOXX Heart Attack  
(A Drug Merck Pays Him $300,000 Hush Money)
Slept In And Out Of My Front Field With Ease And Barn Storm My Truck?

Then Greg Abbott Refuses To Pay The Drug Victims of Crime Application

The Secret Service Retaliates And Stops My VA Entitlements

The CIA Hits Me With The Latest Wifi Device

The FBI Refuses To Confirm My Whereabouts And Stops Any Recognition Or Help For A Victim Crimes Claim of 3 Terrorist Bombings After Tracking Me Under The FAA

A University Rips Me Off And The Department Of Education For More Than $10,000.00

My Doctor Wanted To Know?
Why Do You Take So Many Tranquilizers!

What Is Wrong With This Picture? 

Well I Stop Taking The Tranquilizers 
Because Now 
"I Don't Give A Shit"

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