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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are we really truth seekers?

The Flame Consumed Texas Homes
Texas 28th District 
The FLAME Consumed Texas Homes
Black Gold Texas Tea

“Truth is but a spear and those who are not ready for the truth, wound themselves upon its point (ATOM)”

As sure as the sun come-up this morning, and others witnessed it thereto; is the only thing we know with some certainty is true. We could all be a “brain in a vat” one big psychological experiment, if true, I don’t have a ‘need to know’ nor do ‘I want to know’!” How about you?

Sheriff Apraio and
 Perry - "We Don't Go About Framing People"

Then there are things we have no control of and lay in wait as others abuse us. I believe when it affects your family or you personally and it is wrong, then we want to know the truth. That's when people kick, howler and scream by any means be it a post card, blog post or Carrier Pigeon!

- We The People of Tejas
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