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Monday, April 1, 2013

Texas Governor Rick Perry Is Your Person Of Interest I Do Not Mean An Interesting Person

I Am Not Telling Anybody Something
They Do Not Already 
Know Who Lives In Texas
It Don't Take A Mind Reader or a Psychic
You Need Not Look Further Than The Governor's Mansion

So Nobody Else Gets Hurt by That Monster

I See An Attorney Tomorrow When Law Enforcement 
Should Have Already Talked To Me 

About Valid Cases Against Texas White Collar Crime
They Historically Blame It On [Mexicans]  Drug Traffickers
Never Their Own Covert Drug / Human Trafficking
Perry's Profitable Porn Business

They Tried To Kill Me 
"Kick Howler And Scream" Is All I Know
To Protect Myself and Follow With The Paperwork
'Due Process' Squashed by Perry Appointees

Think Real Hard, How Many Other Texans Have Been Abused By The Perry Judicial System?

Common Sense Should Tell You When Due Process Fails For Decade 
Anarchy Follows.

Singed by Gregory O'Dell Don't Like It Too Bad...........

In Five Years, I Have Never  Had To Delete A Email Or A Blog Posting Or Hide Something Other Than A Picture Sent To Me Of The Osama Kill and The Email Prior To............. Something Stinks Real Bad In Texas!

Update : 01/28/2012  Quaid Kick Howler and Scream You Are Not Alone
Stay Away from Texas "The Lone Star State" They Stand Alone with Unique Techniques of Torturing Victims, Paid for by Federal Dollars Fusion Centers Shared Information , Universities, And Private Investigative Firms.

They are not above manipulating Federal Records and
 threatening family members just like Communist China!
Your Safer in Mexico!

Randy Quaid Denied Permanent Residency In Canada

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