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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pre-Pierson Secret Service Retaliation I Am No Prostitute Demanding Payment Go To Prison

"You Cannot Enslave A Man Willing To Die For His Freedom"
Texas Secret Militia
Five Years of Abuse

Don't Think Twice It's Right

i. Department of Homeland Security OIG 

1(a) Case Numbers C1307209 Friday March 15 2013
Includes Stalking by Deadly Force Aerospace and home intrusions

1(b) Drone Stalking at low altitude

1(c) Follow up on original case of Stalking abuse of the disables

1(d) Original complaint contained in number 2 and previous complaint followed with the office of Victims of crimes International Terrorism Complaint (Published in newspaper)

1(e) Complaint Against the Department of Education OCR Failed to protect us from retaliation or investigate properly 

2. Multiple counts of low stalking by deadly force domestic helicopters

2(a) Case Numbers C1307206 Friday March 15, 2013

2(b)  CIA and Secret Service Threatened by family 3 times in 2008
A matter of court record Blanco County Texas April 2009 and openly testified in court that they performed illegal search and seizures and assimilated classified information we gave them to the judge in the court, Governor Rick Perry and Senator Cornyn Tries to test new NDAA law after guns were put to my brothers head by George H. W. Bush's Secret Service Agents. 

"This is Texas! If your going to shoot, shoot don't talk about it!" 

ii. Police Complaints

1. Bexar County Police 911 Phone Call Stalking and Retaliation UTSA

1(a) Missing complaint Number Stalking of a disabled ward in my care on and off the UTSA campus April 2009 (If you need it I can go and get it[I got It])

2. Somerset Police Secret Service Came to our farm 3 time and threatened us 

3. Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office 
3(a)   12-04270 June 18, 2012
3(b)   12-04429 June 26, 2012
3(c)   12-05580 September 13, 2012
3(d)   09-01374 March 16, 2009

iii. Human Health Services Complaints
1. Case Number umbrella of all cases above. No. ___Referred To Your Office___________________ 

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