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Monday, April 22, 2013

Diversity The Strength of America Immigration Solutions

Not To Act Hurts The Dream
The American Dream!

Stand Up For Comprehensive 
Immigration Reform

A Project of Senators Schumer · Durbin · Menendez · Bennet · Leahy · Harkin · Whitehouse · Begich · M. Udall · T. Udall · Gillibrand · Coons · Schatz · & the DSCC

For the first time in three decades, we have the chance to pass truly comprehensive immigration reform and finally fix our broken system.

The Senate's sweeping legislation provides credible ways for undocumented immigrants to apply for legalization and citizenship, ways to keep families together, and ways to protect American workers. The bill would make crucial, historic changes to our immigration system by:
•Putting hard-working young people eligible for the DREAM Act on a fast-tracked path to citizenship;
•Allowing otherwise law-abiding undocumented immigrants to apply for a legal provisional status;
•Reducing family separation and eliminating the immigration backlog;
•Requiring higher wages for temporary foreign workers, ensuring American workers are not undercut;
•Incentivizing foreign entrepreneurs with "startup visas" so they invest in America and build their companies here;
•Securing the border by strengthening surveillance in high-risk areas;
•Helping American companies find workers for hard-to-fill positions, like elder caregiving, with the new W-visa program.

We must act now to fix our broken immigration system -- but powerful forces content with the status quo are lining up to stop us. Please help us demonstrate widespread support for this bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform legislation: Become a citizen co-sponsor today

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