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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Empty Folder 22 Criminal Counts Never Investigated

Only In Texas!
Misrepresentation As My Congressman To Cover The Abusers

The Folder Was Empty After
I Made A Plea My
Safety Was In Jeopardy

How Can You Stop Campus Violence If It Is Never Investigated?

Private Investigative Firms Manipulation of Data
Tied To Texas Fusion Centers PISM Austin
Ambiguous Network On Texas Universities 
and Colleges

Thank You For Your Letter
Concerning Being Stalked By
Governor Rick Perry's Drone
And the Use of Bio-lethal Weapons 

Millions In Student Loans Skimmed Off The Top

A Valid Complaint Tea Party Rebellion April 2009
Not To Be Confused With The Tea Party of Today

First Complaint That My Business (I Am The Private Sector) Was Hacked In 2006

- We The People
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