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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What Happens When The Governor Of Texas Declares War on Federal Safety Regulatory Agencies

People Are Decimated And Killed!

Where Is The-Rule-of-law
The Texas Department Public Safety Just Applied 
On The Murder of Two District Attorney Murders
However Never Mentions The Illegal Actions of The
Governor of Texas

Update 04/23/2013 Meditation

Press Release of Senator Cruz
Helpful Information for West, Texas 

Update 04/23/2013 National Tweet A Rick Perry Anti-Safety Federal Regulatory Web Picture He or His Political Team Posted. Show the world what this guy has been doing!


Update 04/23/2013 
No! It Is Not My Personal View, it is the reality of things in Texas!

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Two important anniversaries passed over the last three days: yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of Earth Day, and Saturday was the third anniversary of the BP Deep Water Horizon oil disaster.
mta-earth-day.pngThree years ago the Macondo well blew, killing 11, devastating the Gulf Coast and its inhabitants. The flow continued unabated for 87 days, letting loose 4.9 million barrels of crude into the gulf, along with 1.8 million gallons of toxic oil dispersant. The victims of the disaster are still experiencing the effects on their current and future health and wonder if the coast, along with their livelihoods, can be fully restored.
Gulf residents are not alone -- residents of Mayflower, Arkansas spent Easter Sunday watching a river of sludge run down the streets of their suburban neighborhood, and folks in Michigan are still trying to clean up a 2010 tar sands spill in the Kalamazoo River.
With hundreds of millions of dollars flowing directly from the Oil and Gas industry to the campaign chests of candidates for office and into on-going lobbying, is it any wonder that instead of sustainable and secure energy policy we have deregulation and environmental disasters?

Move to Amend's We the People Amendment will change the rules of the system. Our success will mean corporations are no longer able to control our government and The People can take charge to protect our planet for future generations.

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No. It is not to early to talk about the explosion in a chemical Plant in Waco, yesterday April 18 2013. Another example of resisting the support of expert Federal Agencies to reap higher profits, just knocked down a West Texas town and killed or injured some 150 people and displaced thousands with long term effects on the local economy for many years to come. 

The state of Texas needs to know, "What Happens When The Governor Of Texas Declares War on Federal Safety Regulatory Agencies"

Look at Texas Governor Rick Perry's Apology To The President Of The United States Of America For His Anti-Ethical Views:

Sarcastically he writes, “I am Sorry for my Anti-Ethical Actions …….”

Anti-ethics: categories of good and evil do not apply

Oh No There Went Waco
Go Godzilla RICO Perry


In April 2009, Rick Perry succeeded from the Union founding an organized  rebellion (paid for by the state)  by posting the 'Stop' web page instructing all Texas employees to group together and rebel against the Constitution of the United States as members of  the  "Tea Party" rebellion, targeting not just the new presidential administration, but the Honorable Barack Obama personally. 

Rick Perry and his cronies, wealthy corporate owners and investors, have just declared "War on the EPA" [2009, 2010, 2011], a statement just mentioned verbally in the state of Texas by a private citizen is enough to be harassed, arrested, and/or jailed by Law Enforcement for an unknown length of time, waiting for Terrorist Threat charges to be collaborated by Texas District Attorneys. 

It is unimaginable that the Governor of Texas would publicly "Declare War" against regulating authorities that would have prevented the Gulf disaster. The Gulf Disaster investigation shows hard evidence of repetitive special interest favors that caused the Texas BP refinery explosion in 2005, as Perry justifies his words by stating “Obama has declared 
War on Texas."  The 911 Patriot Act is clearly unconstitutional if the rule of law is not applied universally to those that Govern (Rick Perry) and those that are governed too.

The state of Texas has no record of any virtuous acts other than those good deeds provided by private citizens and organizations, in and out of the State of Texas. Over the last eight years, government agencies such as the EPA, Transportation Department, and Office of Civil Rights have tried every form of diplomacy to protect property and lives, and seldom pursue violations by court of law against the state of Texas.

 Some good local examples are Kelly AFB which is an active EPA Toxic Super Fund and the needless fuel fire at the Kelly fuel annex. Our farm burned three times in a five year period due to faulty oil well heads (fire from the lack of routine safety maintenance and inspections such as the BP Gulf Fire). 

A year later, after CNN interviews Gulf of Mexico Beach resort clean-up crews, who would not talk to the press, we find the root cause is that they were forced to read the Whistle-blower’s act that these companies in Texas transposed on the top in big black letters,  their Miranda Rights “You Have a Right To Remain Silent.” Safety goes out the window when employees are threatened by prosecution to do or say what is right to save lives and environment. 

Let’s don’t forget, the mass exodus of disabled students from the University of Texas, as well as campuses across America, because of hostile policies that segregate the disabled population from all other campus community members; many of which were stalked to insanity and fired upon their fellow class mates.

Most Texans believe that Perry's coalition is made of the few wealthy and corrupt State investors that have no regard for their fellow man or loss of human life. Countless examples of Perry's special interest policies such as the recent big pharmaceutical mortality spike of 88,000 deaths, Vaccine legislation support by special interest cash linked to cancer [And Other Diseases], drug legislation doughnut hole depriving the elderly for necessary medicines, antiquated DEA laws that aid the illegal drug trade and finance terrorism, burning fuel farms and oil well heads where cash buys safety certificates, academic payoffs justifying cheaper unsafe manufacturing processes, while the state of Texas was set ablaze in 2010. A "No Child Left Behind Law" that has filled Texas prisons with those very children, the law intended to protect ad infinitum.  

Most recently and tragically U.S. News reports, “5 to 15 killed, 160 wounded in 'devastating' Texas chemical plant blast” on April 18, 2013. 

Why should the Texas Tea Party have a concern that does not concern them? The united States Constitution does not imply or express that fellow citizens should have a concern of the welfare of others as Rick Perry recently justified his "Anti-ethical practices" in an apology letter to the President [2009] which is a true indicator, he and his coalition do not understand the term or value of 'ethics' or the destruction caused by unethical practices, guarded by the United States Constitution.

You ask where does is it written in the United States Constitution? It is all linguistic determination, not what sally says, or how Sally says it, but why Sally says it, as follows:

Ethics:  Ethics (also known as moral philosophy) is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality—that is, concepts such as good and bad, noble and ignoble, right and wrong, justice, and virtue.

Anti-ethics: categories of good and evil do not apply

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America"

i. We the People of the United States:  All Citizens of the United States of America

ii. In Order to form a more perfect Union:  "to improve the general well-being of the country (McGire)"

iii. Establish Justice: "Justice is the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics (wiki)."

iiii. Insure domestic Tranquility: "One of the main goals of the Convention, then, was to ensure the federal government had powers to squash rebellion and to smooth tensions between states (US Constitution)."

v. Provide for the common defense: The primary responsibility of the government of the United States of America; to ensure the nation is protected from threats both inside and outside the country, such as terrorism, war, subterfuge, etc. (Answers)"

vi. Promote the general Welfare: "Welfare" means health, happiness, prosperity or well-being. The country has an interest in promoting or maintaining the well-being and liberty of its people (Answers).

vii. Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity: 1. Preservation of Property and Environmental Protection  2. Community Safety   3. Public Improvements and Community Development  4. Business Development   5. Education (Wilki).

G. N. O'Dell 04/18/2013

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National Tweet A Texas Governor Rick Perry Anti-Safety Federal Regulatory Web Picture