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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why National Security Is Not 'A Popular Vote' and Why You Should Vote Wisely for Your U.S. Senator

And Why Using The Threat of National Security To Justify Personal Political Gain Is A Sin Worse Than Treason. 

Almost as bad as "Seeing Something and Not Saying Anything!"

What does 'Aerospace Surveillance' have in contrast to 'Aerospace Domestic Surveillance'? Due Cause! 
Privacy: the right to reason on your own

See: "The Texas Governor That Cries Wolf"

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lives

I am a first responder. If I call the FAA and tell them that a flying saucer has crash landed in my front yard- Bring the cameras and the News Team. Don't bet against or delay, because there will be a flying saucer that has crash landed in my front yard!

Highly unlikely but possible: 

A Domestic Surveillance Program
 Gone Completely Out-of-control
Sri GregO
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