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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Go Postal Atascosa County Texas Sheriff Fails S.A. Texas FBI Fails

 I guess Big Joe has to intervene?

Update 06/08/2013: Congress should take immediate action to find ways and means for citizens to report an electronic attack. One suggestion would be to put out an FBI alert to all Law enforcement personal to take electronic attacks reports seriously and encourage citizens to report such events without retaliation or even considering the victim as delusional, such was the case of rape cases not long ago; as if the victim was delusional and the criminals avoided prosecution simply because Local Law enforcement officials were not trained properly! Atascosa Sheriff's Refuse To Take Valid Complaint Human Exploitation Other ______________ May 1 2013 I guess Big Joe has to intervene?
The Rule-Of-Law Does Not Apply To The RICO Perry Network

"Black Ops Spring Screen Cleaning"

Impeach Governor Rick Perry
Texas Fusion Centers Rick Perry Political Command And Control Centers
Please Refer to ITVERP 2009-15-0001.01 1-800-363-0441 Gregory O'Dell and Susanne Cash. If in five years you did not investigate and confirm what I was saying is true about 3 terrorist that I was a victim then how can they take this Victims of crime complaint seriously? Five years of the abuse so I post on the web go to this link

White Supremacist Murder Squad Texas Fusion Centers Part V Neoconservative Writes Law To Protect White Supremest Murder Squad
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