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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Fools on Capitol Hill Germantown MD

"Pork The Other White Meat (Robert Mitchum)"
You Can't Get The Pigs Out of 
the Pork Barrel
See X-Governor Rick Perry Writes The Biggest Hot Check In History
He settles with Suzanne Combs for Cash
He is not gonna get out of these other charges that affect 1000's of Texans
'Persons of Atascosa County and across South Texas, Life Savings were Drained
They were forced to Pawn Any Luxury Items'
In my case I notified the Sheriff That I Disarmed Myself after Being Swatted Twice by this device still held for FBI Evidence

'I Pawned a Long Arm Farm Rifle and When I Paid the Pawn Ticket It Read a Handgun'

See Confidential and Personal Letter to Ken Paxton that Covers these incidentals 

Just one example - Why Your life could've been put in danger by the Texas Anti-Terrorist Task Force

Read the full article by Randy Beamer San Antonio TV Four Big News
'Susanne Reed was there and was gonna indict the Spurs if they lost'
First posted 05/08/2015
There Are More of U.S. Than Them
That's L-u-c-k-y Road by J D Coop Who Reported To The Sheriff's Office Once Month to Pay a $1,200.00 Check that went bad but not by intent reported to the OCR Dallas
11.06.2015 See FBI Complaint Vol IV

German Town MD how did you miss this if you're job is to protect?
Silence is Golden for A Hindu Guru
See Wayne Wright Is Right