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Monday, December 28, 2015

And They Continued To Steal After Federal Indictments

Hows You're Monads?
Not Monalisa Mondology 
See Law suit google Spell Check and Manipulation that leads to Google Manslaughter
"Trilllions of Dollars and they can't keep a baby safe in the hospital"
Billion Dollar Grant off My Work 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Return of Panama Frank

Deep Inside the Green Hell of the *Amazon to Hondo Texas

The police will arrest you without any legal representation under a 'Lunatic Charge?" See Henry Ford puts up $100,000 reward to find his missing sister, as she sat in the La Salle County Lunatic’s Ward for making a claim that she was Henry Ford's Sister. 

They released Ms. Ford two years later after attaching electrodes to her temples to stop her from lying, when she was telling the truth, like they do with hand held devices or your Personal computer today and charge you for the Valero Electrical use.

The OCR Dallas ask me why i did not say anything when they called me a 'Lunatic' at UTSA and we explained that it is common law in Texas see "Texas Oil Rights Court Volume Book XIIIII" or how they take the Mineral Rights from the Children, Elderly and the Weak." 

Little did I know they could not check out the book and searched the web that google promised me my publications would be
there; but no, because I still had the only printed copy of "Texas Oil Rights Court Volume Book XIIIII".  

Page after page after the presiding the La Salle County Judge, who ate morphine during Court sessions and one day had too much, overdosed and died. Others Judges that followed where more careful with their drug addiction and they just slammed down the Court Gavel and made one 'Lunatic Charge' after another without the Lunatic charged in the court room or witnesses. 

Then that gay guy from CNN was wondering why none of the Beach Oil BP Pickup Crew would not talk to the media so i sent him a note about the way they modified the Federal Posting on the  Public Posting Board and hand painted in black letters over the Federal required poster "Whistle-blower Act" was "You Have the Right to Remain Silent Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used against you." 

So many people died over the last decade because if they tried to save someone's life and "Said Something" what they said can and would  be used against them, a learned behavior in Texas by 
understanding the reading their Miranda rights if they could not speak English, they understood the cuffs and a jail cell would be next.

Knowing Common Sense rules in a library, I asked the Lady at the LBJ school library La Salle County Texas if i could check out a "Texas Oil Right Court Volume Book XIIIII" she said "I don't give a dam, can't you see I am busy'. 

I responded " So you don't need a library card?". I look up over the  Public Posting Board and painted in black letters over the Federal required poster "Whistle-blower Act" was  "You Have The Right To Remain Silent Anything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You" and thought to myself this library has severe "No Talking" rules? 

As I was walking out the La Salle County LBJ  Mineral Resources Library with the book I showed the La Salle County Texas Sheriff on the way out and he challenged me with a sharp "did you ask the lady up front" and I said "Yes sir! She 
said 'she don't give a dam'" as he waved me on, two attorneys were pulling at another volume "Texas Oil Rights Court Vol XIII" from each other’s hands like two high school kids over a "playboy magazine" about to go fists to cuff;  the Sheriff said "get the hell out of here are you stupid or something" 
So I Did .............." 

Dear Texas ACLU, How do you return a book to a library in Texas "Without Saying Anything" and the police arrest you without any legal representation under a 'Lunatic Charge?" See Henry Ford puts up $100,000 reward to find his missing sister, as she sat in the La Salle County Lunatics Ward for making a claim that she was Henry Ford's Sister. 

They released Ms. Ford Mr. Henry Ford Real Sister two years later after attaching electrodes to her temples to stop her from lying like they do with your Personal computer today.  

I Wrote my Senator Ted Cruz and  he Censored all the articles in the UT system library see Burnt Orange. The Senator was born  in communist Cuba, so I can understand his reasoning " "Yellow Sky" a communist information collection system that holds the Senator in power, while he exploits his own constituents See FBI 'Yellow Sky' reports Vol I, II, III, IV and V just received by the Oval office and sitting on the honorable President Barack Obama's Desk, explaining that I am a Turkey Farmer and Texas stole all my turkeys, so we won't have one for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Senator Cruz , already worked around the Oval office by making a 'lunatic Charge' of a Veteran protected by the two fisted law 'The Brady Act' and the 'Nugent Act' that makes every act the Senator made against this Texas Veteran a Federal Criminal violation See NSA Records.

Senator Cornyn has more experience and had a side meeting and made a deal with Obama officials without the President Presence a phrase you often see 'Collaborating'. The President was in the very room alone that John F. Kennedy said "There has not been this much intelligence in this room since Jefferson dinned alone."

28 John Wayne Films from Veterans Day Until Thanksgiving Day

‘A Salute to  Ira Hayes’ Data miners and hackers year of doom

See Texas Native Indian Pow Wow 

'Who Are The Lunatics' 
Texas Senator CEO of Alpha Doe

The Edward Snowden Snowball Effect

*Amazon Green Hell Thief of Copyrights No 'Paul' Fix
FBI Jurisdiction No Matter How You Twist It

Texas Test Subjects Monitoring without Pay or Consent

"We do that all with computers (Arrested X-Governor Rick Perry 5 Texas Counties Still waiting for his arrest and fingerprints and post bail)

Google Knew Just Like any expat working in China the Ramifications and death

Every-time these devices are used on the public these devices can be traced back to the source without any electrical device - The DoD is responsible

What Marsal Law Really Means - Resolve By Any Means :Then Send the FedEx Truck Up My Drive-way with a check See FBI Report of 40 Aecrers with 6 working wells to be paid by 456135816 to fellow expat and veteran hidden by Bush Texas Covert Ops in the front field of Dreams.

Hackers need to write their own blogs 12:24 11.26.2015 Hacker Prompted

Thursday, October 29, 2015

VA Breach of Death ITVERP Victims

Veterans Privacy the Subjects of Research Hacking Felony Violations

DVD Specimen: Shipped 09.25.2015 Federal Express 790363029700 Signature of Receipt of Acceptance
Title: "Ethnography: The Subject of Research Intense Interrogation" Specimen VA DOD 5816 : Sample Subject of Intense Interrogation and Torture, CR13187 Cong. (2015) (Testimony of Sri Gregory O'Dell Doctor of Divinity). DVD Recording. Specimen: Intense Interrogation and Torture, Audio Visual of the Author under intense Interrogation and Torture. A true scientific specimen (sample) for medical research, the Sample Title "Ethnography: The Subject of Research Intense Interrogation" Veterans Administration Audi Murphy Research Sample Number 5816. FBI Evidence that leads to grand larceny, multiple homicides, human exploitation, and military demoralization in the United States of America. Reviewed by Texas State Senator Elect Senator Carlos I. Uresti: District 19, 2006 – 2015

Felicetta, MD, J. (Ed.). (2012). Call for Manuscripts. Federal Practitioner A Peer Reviewed Journal for Health Care Professionals of the VA, DoD, And 
PHS, Vol 291/0.1(January 2012), 13-13. doi: Call for manuscripts VA/Dod Technologies Linguistic Link To Hacking Electronic Exploitation and Malpractice and copyright Infringements by the VA. A Threat To National Security Veterans Privacy the Subjects of Research Hacking Privacy Felony Violations. Merck Governor Greg Abbott Texas Veterans Financial Decimation of Human Subjects
The Ticket
“No Nation can call Herself free without the complete emancipation of women; all colors and ethnicity”

“Women cherish privacy and the privacy of others”

"Perhaps We Should Take A Few Steps backwards for man, and a Giant Leap Forward for  Mankind"

by Any Means that means i knock on your door
And Did
USA. Texas State Senate. Senator Carlos Uresti. Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti  Capitol 84th Session Update Print. By Carlos Uresti. Austin: Austin State Capitol, 2015. Print. "Agriculture and Ranching" "SB 970 would compensate landowners, whose property is damaged as a result of pursuit involving  a federal law enforcement agency." See Ryan Guillen 'Dairy Queen Town Hall No Response as of 12.12.2015' Compensation for property of land or non-landowner's damage and Health, Death and  Dismemberment has always been the law. Agriculture and Ranching, Includes farmer Barn Shops ‘Illegally Outlawed’ by Texas Governor Rick Perry abuse of power: The Wright Brother's would have never got off the ground if it were not for Farm Barn Businesses and same for Douglas Aircraft, and       Boeing. See Texas Governor Greg Abbott's proposal to increase aviation jobs in Texas. His proclamation repeals X-Governor Rick Perry Scheme to Control the Aerospace Market, known as    'Yellow Sky' an information system that holds economic power for the wealthy few by exploiting the  people of the state of Texas. Best Example, "Midas" the first application of ceramic plating process or the 'Parent Patent' Owned by Gregory O'Dell, DARPA certified shop for NASA Veteran Owned reference FBI Yellow Sky Complaint Vol. VIII - VIIII and ADA complaint 06150332 06102002 and  subsequent to 2007 the DOJ Ms. Berry. Billions excluded from economic analysis as 'Farm Labor'

References to 'Yellow Sky' The College Killing Fields Still Under Investigation by the FBI

Reference:  State Representative Ryan Guillen and GEICO Indemnity Claim Number 021565856-0101-87 GEICO Kevin Wallen 972-701-1560 P.O. Box 509105 San Diego, CA 92150-9930: Gregory O’Dell 456135816 Aerospace Vehicular Crash Report

Reference: United State Senator Schumer “On Star Keeps Tracking On When Customers Turn Off” The burden of proof. Reference the illegal migration left unchecked abuse of power to Texas FM The Eagle Radio and amputation breech UT systems

Reference:  The effect of College Students 2000-2009: Still under the malpractice of electronic medicine

Reference The effect on the economy:  Billions excluded from economic analysis as 'Farm Labor' see example one farm in Atascosa County effects on Tax Revenue and Social Systems over-funded as experimentation.

Reference:  Texas Disable students transferred over state lines to Turkey Farms in public , while Governor Perry buys x-ray equipment from John Ashcroft Corp that can see through steal.

Reference: The extended year for disable college loan dismissal that could have been paid by the disabled student

Reference:  2008 Bush Disabled Veteran College Loans Dismissal and VA delay in Veterans Claims

Reference: No Access for VARP or disable veterans harmed by the ‘College Killing Fields both on and off campus Students 2000-2009. 

By 'Forest Tucker' the burden of proof Copyright Texas Floating Titles and Credits 

Texas DPS You are Flirting with Disaster Coaching a Terrorism Eye Witness and FBI informant 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Yellow Sky" Texas Military Attacks

"Yellow Sky" Texas 
Christmas Military Attacks
 2014 - 2015

FBI Public Corruption Complaint "Yellow Sky"
Whip out My Big Ten Inch Hard Copy of
Electronic Weapons
No Questions When Walk In Your Office
Where were you during the Christmas black out and military attacks Sleeping? One hundred and eighty days as we were held up in our home like the Alamo August 2014 - May 2015

"Will Penny" the Movie Charleston Heston - a new ending would be appreciated X-Cia Agent Congressman Will Hurd Goes to the New York Penitentiary "That's right once you report forget it and let the FBI take it so report the new once every day if you have to and forget it because there will be more and we well report those too"

See Mitt Romney commercial “He that shows up blows up” the same man that borrows from china to invest in Bane & Co and the use of exotic electronic weapons See College Killing fields.  This guy Mitt Romney left a gun on an ATA aircraft and jeopardized the airport and Secret Service Personnel protecting the candidate and Mitt Romney still walks freely among us?

Any other person with this public exception, would have been first stabilized by lethal force or handcuffed fingerprinted and held for bail for his scheduled court date.

Most Importantly, “There are law against the use electronic weapons on Mormons but not on Texans” which is a ridiculous notion. The Death of Albert Garner connected to Mitt Romney MIT applications that sought out and killed anyone that got in their way. HOMICIDE EVIDENCE BEXAR COUNTY TEXAS HOMICIDE DEPARTMENT
Mitt Romney is Wanted for Murder 
The FBI and Secret Service Want A Piece of Him

Republican GOP Hire MIT Programmers Best Witnesses in a Witness Protection Program "Protection of witness means bodily harm only" They can testify if not my schedule is pretty busy but I can make it to court and do it for them without bringing harm. 
Join 'I Like The FBI' Because I Live in Texas
Looks Like Lt Governor Patrick is going to have to fund the San Antonio Bexar County Texas Homicide department and the Victims of Crime Departments in every county in the state - "Most Tx Counties Victims of Crime exist on paper but the do not exist."  

Clue Where Does The Money Go?
It comes in but it don't go out?
(Excluding rape victims fund but that is another category used often in political speeches to defend the missing money)
Austin victims of crime have a misguided belief that this victims is attacking that office - Just Like Texas Human Health Services underpaid, under staffed and under funded. I filed with the county victims of crime before we filed with Austin Victims of Crime or why we ended up making a plea to your office. 

Read the police reports not my blogs we are all forced to make notes outside our computers because of "The Cloud"
See my sincere letter to Eric Holder to avoid any more bloodshed "IT IS ON PAPER IT EXIST"


"If it is not on paper it does not exist (Mueller FBI Director)" so you’re getting volume III if you read it or not! As long as I have a copy to whip out my big ten inch manual "Yellow Sky Texas."

Are You a Member of the Texas 711 Club?

Alert Christmas Military Attack 2014 - 2015

Donald Trump Busted By 'Yellow Sky' Read FBI Report

Donald Trump Busted 
Predates The 911 Attack by 15 Years

Read 'Yellow Sky' Report
Terrorist Victims Know Private Security Firms Biggest Threat National Security


“Trump appeared on "The Sean Hannity Show" Tuesday evening to discuss his ongoing feud with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush,  who is also seeking the Republican Party's 2016 presidential nomination. Trump sparked the fight with Bush on Friday morning when he suggested that Bush's brother, former President
George W. Bush, was to blame for the 2001 attacks.”

Obstruction of Terrorist Investigations – Let them talk to the FBI like of rest of us!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Electronic Attacks Testing Medical Parent Patent The Great Sioux Nations

Targeted Individuals Can Now Sue Texas Legislatures

Electronic Attacks Testing Medical Parent Patent
Sri Gregory O'Dell Another Patent Breakthrough

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Interstate Commerce Theft CIT BICE ICE

This  Motorcycle PIC Is An Artifact Jurisdiction Now FBI

Have you found where we left Bob Hope's 707 Private Jet?
We are not all found of Fonda

Do I have to draw you a map, O'Dell's maps are better than googles!.

The Following extracted and noted 'Published By Texas Governor Rick Perry for 
the General Public'

See Letter to Congressman Henry Cuellar "This Public Domain Pamphlet Does not Include Federal FAA Certificate Holders" after contacting the number on the packet FEMA
Electronic Attacks On The Public, Human Experimentation, Hyper-Surveillance, Abuse by Political Leaders, Biological Weapons and Gang Stalking  Notation: Anything that enters the human body with the intent to change human behavior, or investigative frequencies are considered a Biological Weapon and is forbidden by the High Court and International  Law 1997 which is considered torture. See Link: Microwave, Infrared, Radio, Ionizing particles, Recombinant Viruses, or the use of any electromagnetic waves, delivered by a Vector,  Any Vector*

I think it was Senator High-tower that Wrote This Execution Law?

What Is Domestic Terrorism? Domestic Terrorism Domestic terrorism will continue to pose a threat in Texas over the next five years. Domestic terrorist groups usually fall into two broad categories: left-wing extremists and right-wing extremists. Left-wing groups commit acts of sabotage or violence in order to advance a political agenda, usually related to trade globalization, human and labor rights, animal rights or the environment. Right-wing groups include white supremacist or anti-government groups who target law enforcement officials, government officials, and minority groups. Examples of left-wing groups are the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC) group. These three groups are simply examples of left-wing domestic terrorists; they do not represent all potential threats in this area.

Left-wing domestic terrorists tend to target research laboratories, nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, and organizations that monitor or lobby against their political views. Examples of right-wing groups are Skinheads, the modern Ku Klux Klan, other neo-Nazi white supremacist groups, and anti-government groups. These organizations tend to target minority groups—including Jews, African-Americans, homosexuals, and Catholics—as well as government officials.

Terrorists do not always operate within the construct of an organized group, but may instead operate as “lone wolf” actors. Lone wolf actors are individuals who draw ideological inspiration from terrorist organizations, but operate alone on the fringes of those movements. An example might be an individual who opposes animal testing and targets individuals and facilities associated with animal testing. Another example is an individual who sympathizes with the Palestinian cause and is inspired to act against individual Jews or Jewish institutions – of which Texas has many.

 A lone wolf jihadist with sympathy for a terror group like Al-Qaeda or Hamas could pose a considerable threat. An example is Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army psychiatrist, who on November 5, 2009, opened fire at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas, who has been charged with the murder of 13 military personnel and the attempted murder of 32 others injured in the shooting spree. At the time of this writing, the investigation was still underway; however, Hasan has been connected to several jihadists, including radical Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, who has also been linked to several of the 9/11 hijackers. It has been determined that Hasan acted as a lone wolf Islamic extremist terrorist.

Citation: Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Governor Rick Perry
Who Is Listening Watching? All Telecommunications Devices
Including The Internet

A. HITRAC: Cyber Threat Analysis. HITRAC [HITRAC threat analysis focuses mainly on regional, critical infrastructure, cyber, and explosives threats] analyzes cyber threats to critical infrastructure; develops tailored cyber threat assessments with federal, state, local, and tribal officials; conducts cyber analytic outreach on behalf of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis; and produces cyber-related requirements on behalf of DHS. Products generated by these analyses include:
◦Cyber-related Homeland Intelligence Reports. ◦Cyber Monitor. ◦Homeland Security Cyber Threat Report. ◦Drafting or contributing to Intelligence Community Bulletins. ◦Cyber Threat Briefing.

B. DIR: The Department of Information Resources (DIR) provides statewide leadership and oversight for management of government information and communications technology. [They Buy Devices and Services From Private Security Firms]
Other Devices Uses Biometrics / Geospatial / Geospatial Tracking / Satellite / Drones

2.6.1. Enhance security features in state driver licenses and identification cards to include the use of biometrics. (TC: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 19)
Furthermore, the fingerprint database will be compared with the federal Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) to identify felony criminals and terrorists attempting to obtain a Texas driver license. Facial recognition technology will also be used to minimize the abuse of Texas driver licenses by criminals and terrorists.

In addition to driver licenses, criminals and terrorists also seek to exploit certain professional identifications for sensitive critical infrastructure sectors, primarily the transportation sector. Texas will work closely with DHS to implement the Transportation Worker Identification Credential system and HazMat driver license security program.

In July 2009, Texas was a key player in the National Level Exercise (NLE 09), where Texas' critical infrastructure was targeted by notional terrorist groups. In the exercise, Texas demonstrated the ability to discern intentions and take actions to prevent them. This ability to act was the result of unprecedented interagency coordination and synchronized actions made possible through the use of the state’s geospatial information system, known as TxMAP.

In addition to the key role it played during NLE 09, TxMAP greatly facilitated emergency response understanding and actions during Hurricane Ike in September 2008.

The Texas Fusion Center maintains the centralized CI/KR [Critical Infrastructure and Key Structures] database of threat, vulnerability and consequence information in order to prioritize vulnerability reduction efforts across the pool of CI/KRs, and provide a layer of data for TxMAP, the state’s geospatial technology platform. DHSDHS Protective Security AdvisorsDHS to provide targeted funding to local jurisdictions for the purchase of equipment that will extend the zone of protection beyond the gates of CI/KR facilities through the Buffer Zone Protection Program. The Buffer Zone Protection Program provides both funding and coordination to bring all levels of government, law enforcement and the private sector [Private Security Firms]together to create Buffer Zone plans to reduce vulnerabilities in areas surrounding prioritized CI/KR.

Citation: Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Governor Rick Perry
Where Does The Information Go?
State and Private Security Firms and
National Network of Fusion Centers

National Network of Fusion Centers
State and major urban fusion centers (fusion centers) serve as focal points within the state and local environment for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information between the federal government and state, local, tribal, territorial (SLTT) and private sector partners.

Located in states and major urban areas throughout the country, fusion centers are uniquely situated to empower front-line law enforcement, public safety, fire service, emergency response, public health, CIKR protection, and private sector security personnel to understand local implications of national intelligence, thus enabling local officials to better protect their communities. 

Fusion centers provide interdisciplinary expertise and situational awareness to inform decision-making at all levels of government. They conduct analysis and facilitate information sharing while assisting law enforcement and homeland security partners in preventing, protecting against, and responding to crime and terrorism.

Fusion centers are owned and operated by state and local entities [Private Security Firms] with support from federal partners in the form of deployed personnel, training, technical assistance, exercise support, security clearances, connectivity to federal systems, technology, and grant funding.
The Current Threat Environment and Role of Fusion Centers in National Security Both at home and abroad, the United States faces an adaptive enemy in an asymmetric threat environment. Events since May 2009 have demonstrated that the threat to the homeland is not abating. A National Network of Fusion Centers (National Network) is uniquely situated to empower front-line law enforcement, public safety, emergency response, and private sector security personnel [Private Security Firms] to lawfully gather and share information to identify emerging threats. 

The national security enterprise must reach beyond the capabilities of the federal government and national Intelligence Community to identify and warn about impending plots that could impact the homeland, particularly when the individuals responsible for the threats operate within the United States and do not travel or communicate with others overseas. By building trusted relationships and collaborating with SLTT  [State, Local, Tribal and Territorial] and private sector partners [Private Security Firms], fusion centers can gather and share the information necessary to pursue and disrupt activities that may be indicators of, or potential precursors to, terrorist activity. With timely, accurate information on potential terrorist threats, fusion centers can directly contribute to and inform investigations initiated and conducted by federal entities, such as the Joint Terrorism Task Forces led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

How Can You Help Protect Yourself and Family?
And Who Should Be Trusted
  • Volunteers in Policing (VIPs) Program, which connects citizens to law enforcement volunteer opportunities.
  • Medical Reserve Corps Program, which allows medical, public health and other volunteers to offer their expertise to their communities, particularly during emergencies and other times of need. [Including Health and Human Services]
  • Neighborhood Watch Program, which incorporates terrorism awareness education into its existing neighborhood crime prevention organizations (Law Enforcement, Protective Security Advisers  and Military Does Not Count They Are Investigating)

FAA Certificate Holders such as Pilots, Aerospace Engineers, Aircraft Electricians, Aircraft Mechanics are not listed on the Texas Perry Program. They are part of the Federal Aviation Administration and many volunteer as First Responders for Suspicious or Downed Aircraft 

All United States Citizens: Have a constitutional duty to respond to threats and dangers such as rendering aid to traffic accident victims, again not listed on the Perry plan.


Who Is Spying / Stalking

Private Security Firms

  These Are Not The Private Security Firms For Banks, Pharmacies, Casinos
Video Removed




See map: 

Explore connections: 

"Spread it around"
By Order of Governor Rick Perry

When The Police Get Caught They Call It A Crime Not Terrorism?
UPDATE Reuters 4-UK police arrest Murdoch tabloid staff, raid offices
News Corp's Management and Standards Committee, set up in the wake of the phone hacking scandal, said Saturday's operation was the result of information it had passed to police. "News Corporation made a commitment last summer that unacceptable news gathering practices by individuals in the past would not be repeated," the committee said in a statement confirming the arrests of four "current and former employees" of the Sun.
Read Full Article:



CI/KR: Critical Infrastructure and Key Structures

CIKR:  Critical Infrastructure and Key Structures

Biometrics: (or biometric authentication) "Consists of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. In computer science, in particular, biometrics is used as a form of identity access management and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance."
Examples: 1  Facial Recognition 2. Finger Print Recognition 3. Voice Recognition (Not All Inclusive)

DHS: Department Homeland Security

Geospatial: Mapping

Geospatial Tracking: Tracking the movements of an automobile, individual, Contraband etc.

Situational Awareness: A Situated Knower

SLTT: State, Local, Tribal and Territorial

Political Targeting: Texas Governor Rick Perry Abused The 911 Patriot Act by Targeting Texans For 10 Years To Hold Political Power

The World's Smallest and Loudest Electric Guitar 

First posted 03/18/2013 

What is the Texas Chinese Model? 
A DOD Staff Member Tries to Get Budget money for situational Knowledge 'Situated Knower' After Stealing 456135816 Copyright by using every electronic device and means. This type of knowledge is protected by our constitution and is illegal 'fruit from the poisonous tree!' 

Example: Microsoft and Blackboard Cloud Carries Your DNA Information shared with foreign entities. The Original Equipment Manufacturer or 'OEM' CEO is liable. 

What is a situated knower ? 
Example: A slave seamstress of a plantation owner's wife makes dresses for the owner's wife and spends most of her time in the same room trying to satisfy her master is a situated knower.

Google is a situated knower - are your blogs blocked and censored?

Texas Governor Wrote It Abbott Signed It - They Left Out Federal FAA First Responders by Intent - Many where targeted and harmed by the State of Texas

Who Made Stalking Legal In Texas? 
Answer: Congressman Henry Cuellar and Texas Governor George W. Bush

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Water Rustlers SAWS San Antonio claims to own the water show U.S. a Bill of Sale for the Rain

Water Rustl'n is a Hanging Offense
The River that Flowed Los angles Texas to 
Artesian Wells
Picture belongs on another page but cannot manage too long on the internet because of hack attacks from Political Prompting, Content Thieves, Private Dick Moonlighters to actual Terrorist Threats 

"We are all going through it, some worse than others. Some died from I.T. and worse of all are those that profited off the harm. They are easy to identify they usually make their way from K street to your Senator's office"
by fate or Divine Intervention I found I.T. There is no problem with applications that work!
You guys need to find a new line of work!

 Water Texas water rustlers SAWS San Antonio claim to own the water show me a Bill of Sale 

Governments Role in the Economy 
And the Ultimate Constituent

Governments role in a free market economy is to Apply [Anti-apply is Inaction by government] policies  and laws to insure that there is equal access to information, No monopolies and limitations on eternities. Eternities are a cost of benefit imposed on people other than the consumer and producer of a goods or service.

The ultimate constituent takes action, when in action endangers a group or person a necessary element of a constituency or person who represents 'they' such as family members  who cannot speak for themselves out of fear of retribution, denied equal access to information for any reason such as applications or person(s) who target 'they' cannot freely make a rational decision in some cases could or have come to harm without a spokesperson the Ultimate Constituent has the power by law and punishment by law for not taking action to address congress with or our without representation with the same powers of the elected official who denied 'they' access but giving access to others of an elected constituency.  

When any Representative  excludes  'they or denies access to the Ultimate Constituent, and all forms of due process have failed by inaction by state or federal government or both. The Ultimate Constituent has the power of a congressional district and seat of power in the legislative branch in ext-ermine cases  that cost 'They" and no recourse to compensate 'They' who are denied entitlements such as to pay debts to a communist country before paying 'They' such as disable veterans denied entitlements by in action of congress or the Senate the President of the United States Can and Will pass any measure to disband  monopolies created by denial of equal information. 

Texas Private Security firms must disclose every bit of information collected sense 2000 in the State of Texas and possibly other states.

God Bless America!

Nope John Bohner and congress do not live up to their  oaths

It must of been a good argument to be hacked to death and not have access to complete it ...................