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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Yellow Sky" Texas Military Attacks

"Yellow Sky" Texas 
Christmas Military Attacks
 2014 - 2015

FBI Public Corruption Complaint "Yellow Sky"
Whip out My Big Ten Inch Hard Copy of
Electronic Weapons
No Questions When Walk In Your Office
Where were you during the Christmas black out and military attacks Sleeping? One hundred and eighty days as we were held up in our home like the Alamo August 2014 - May 2015

"Will Penny" the Movie Charleston Heston - a new ending would be appreciated X-Cia Agent Congressman Will Hurd Goes to the New York Penitentiary "That's right once you report forget it and let the FBI take it so report the new once every day if you have to and forget it because there will be more and we well report those too"

See Mitt Romney commercial “He that shows up blows up” the same man that borrows from china to invest in Bane & Co and the use of exotic electronic weapons See College Killing fields.  This guy Mitt Romney left a gun on an ATA aircraft and jeopardized the airport and Secret Service Personnel protecting the candidate and Mitt Romney still walks freely among us?

Any other person with this public exception, would have been first stabilized by lethal force or handcuffed fingerprinted and held for bail for his scheduled court date.

Most Importantly, “There are law against the use electronic weapons on Mormons but not on Texans” which is a ridiculous notion. The Death of Albert Garner connected to Mitt Romney MIT applications that sought out and killed anyone that got in their way. HOMICIDE EVIDENCE BEXAR COUNTY TEXAS HOMICIDE DEPARTMENT
Mitt Romney is Wanted for Murder 
The FBI and Secret Service Want A Piece of Him

Republican GOP Hire MIT Programmers Best Witnesses in a Witness Protection Program "Protection of witness means bodily harm only" They can testify if not my schedule is pretty busy but I can make it to court and do it for them without bringing harm. 
Join 'I Like The FBI' Because I Live in Texas
Looks Like Lt Governor Patrick is going to have to fund the San Antonio Bexar County Texas Homicide department and the Victims of Crime Departments in every county in the state - "Most Tx Counties Victims of Crime exist on paper but the do not exist."  

Clue Where Does The Money Go?
It comes in but it don't go out?
(Excluding rape victims fund but that is another category used often in political speeches to defend the missing money)
Austin victims of crime have a misguided belief that this victims is attacking that office - Just Like Texas Human Health Services underpaid, under staffed and under funded. I filed with the county victims of crime before we filed with Austin Victims of Crime or why we ended up making a plea to your office. 

Read the police reports not my blogs we are all forced to make notes outside our computers because of "The Cloud"
See my sincere letter to Eric Holder to avoid any more bloodshed "IT IS ON PAPER IT EXIST"


"If it is not on paper it does not exist (Mueller FBI Director)" so you’re getting volume III if you read it or not! As long as I have a copy to whip out my big ten inch manual "Yellow Sky Texas."

Are You a Member of the Texas 711 Club?

Alert Christmas Military Attack 2014 - 2015
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