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Thursday, October 29, 2015

VA Breach of Death ITVERP Victims

Veterans Privacy the Subjects of Research Hacking Felony Violations

DVD Specimen: Shipped 09.25.2015 Federal Express 790363029700 Signature of Receipt of Acceptance
Title: "Ethnography: The Subject of Research Intense Interrogation" Specimen VA DOD 5816 : Sample Subject of Intense Interrogation and Torture, CR13187 Cong. (2015) (Testimony of Sri Gregory O'Dell Doctor of Divinity). DVD Recording. Specimen: Intense Interrogation and Torture, Audio Visual of the Author under intense Interrogation and Torture. A true scientific specimen (sample) for medical research, the Sample Title "Ethnography: The Subject of Research Intense Interrogation" Veterans Administration Audi Murphy Research Sample Number 5816. FBI Evidence that leads to grand larceny, multiple homicides, human exploitation, and military demoralization in the United States of America. Reviewed by Texas State Senator Elect Senator Carlos I. Uresti: District 19, 2006 – 2015

Felicetta, MD, J. (Ed.). (2012). Call for Manuscripts. Federal Practitioner A Peer Reviewed Journal for Health Care Professionals of the VA, DoD, And 
PHS, Vol 291/0.1(January 2012), 13-13. doi: Call for manuscripts VA/Dod Technologies Linguistic Link To Hacking Electronic Exploitation and Malpractice and copyright Infringements by the VA. A Threat To National Security Veterans Privacy the Subjects of Research Hacking Privacy Felony Violations. Merck Governor Greg Abbott Texas Veterans Financial Decimation of Human Subjects
The Ticket
“No Nation can call Herself free without the complete emancipation of women; all colors and ethnicity”

“Women cherish privacy and the privacy of others”

"Perhaps We Should Take A Few Steps backwards for man, and a Giant Leap Forward for  Mankind"

by Any Means that means i knock on your door
And Did
USA. Texas State Senate. Senator Carlos Uresti. Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti  Capitol 84th Session Update Print. By Carlos Uresti. Austin: Austin State Capitol, 2015. Print. "Agriculture and Ranching" "SB 970 would compensate landowners, whose property is damaged as a result of pursuit involving  a federal law enforcement agency." See Ryan Guillen 'Dairy Queen Town Hall No Response as of 12.12.2015' Compensation for property of land or non-landowner's damage and Health, Death and  Dismemberment has always been the law. Agriculture and Ranching, Includes farmer Barn Shops ‘Illegally Outlawed’ by Texas Governor Rick Perry abuse of power: The Wright Brother's would have never got off the ground if it were not for Farm Barn Businesses and same for Douglas Aircraft, and       Boeing. See Texas Governor Greg Abbott's proposal to increase aviation jobs in Texas. His proclamation repeals X-Governor Rick Perry Scheme to Control the Aerospace Market, known as    'Yellow Sky' an information system that holds economic power for the wealthy few by exploiting the  people of the state of Texas. Best Example, "Midas" the first application of ceramic plating process or the 'Parent Patent' Owned by Gregory O'Dell, DARPA certified shop for NASA Veteran Owned reference FBI Yellow Sky Complaint Vol. VIII - VIIII and ADA complaint 06150332 06102002 and  subsequent to 2007 the DOJ Ms. Berry. Billions excluded from economic analysis as 'Farm Labor'

References to 'Yellow Sky' The College Killing Fields Still Under Investigation by the FBI

Reference:  State Representative Ryan Guillen and GEICO Indemnity Claim Number 021565856-0101-87 GEICO Kevin Wallen 972-701-1560 P.O. Box 509105 San Diego, CA 92150-9930: Gregory O’Dell 456135816 Aerospace Vehicular Crash Report

Reference: United State Senator Schumer “On Star Keeps Tracking On When Customers Turn Off” The burden of proof. Reference the illegal migration left unchecked abuse of power to Texas FM The Eagle Radio and amputation breech UT systems

Reference:  The effect of College Students 2000-2009: Still under the malpractice of electronic medicine

Reference The effect on the economy:  Billions excluded from economic analysis as 'Farm Labor' see example one farm in Atascosa County effects on Tax Revenue and Social Systems over-funded as experimentation.

Reference:  Texas Disable students transferred over state lines to Turkey Farms in public , while Governor Perry buys x-ray equipment from John Ashcroft Corp that can see through steal.

Reference: The extended year for disable college loan dismissal that could have been paid by the disabled student

Reference:  2008 Bush Disabled Veteran College Loans Dismissal and VA delay in Veterans Claims

Reference: No Access for VARP or disable veterans harmed by the ‘College Killing Fields both on and off campus Students 2000-2009. 

By 'Forest Tucker' the burden of proof Copyright Texas Floating Titles and Credits 

Texas DPS You are Flirting with Disaster Coaching a Terrorism Eye Witness and FBI informant 

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