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Sunday, February 28, 2016

One Step Backwards for Man and a Giant Leap Forward for Mankind

No Code No Hackers
Texas Financial Decimation Temp Stops The Presses
Texas is in Violation of the first Amendment "Freedom of  Press"
Note: It Does Not Say Freedom of Multimedia PSYOP Programs
Citizens United Is Not A Valid Constitutional Ruling

Billions were invested in  electronic devices not Printed Matter
and took away your
"Right To Freely Reason On Your Own"

The Day Texas Legislatures step into my
 home by electronic ease dropping was the day 
Freedom of Press was taken away by the state under RP08!

A Federal Offense and You Can Make A Case Against Microsoft Too!
I Lost Over $100,000.00 of Investment just in year 2008

1. They corrupted web pages and as my professional editor tried to update my publications, which is a violation of Freedom of Press
2. Reading my notes or drafts before I print them is a violation of the first amendment Freedom of Press
3. How can you have freedom of press if you can not research your material if it is blocked by access or missing from the Internet?

 Published on
1/17/13, 8:45 PM
Pacific Standard Time

Solution: The State Has An Obligation To Reimburse Me for All Losses, and funds needed for recovery, which I will use to completely disconnect from the electric grid And

Print My Own Books
By Mechanical Devices
 No Code No Hackers

A Way to a profit off your publications, print and bond your books, yourself. There exist today a market niche that was completely unexpected, a way and means to publish without code. If we step back a few steps in time, then we can move forward with an alternative to computer code. Overtime the market will demand something bigger and greater and more secure than ever thought possible with data applications.

 "Flame, a highly advanced "toolkit" of cyber espionage programs capable of watching virtually everything on an infected computer," opens a manufacturing niche for the new mechanical device, that allows the end user to type and store printed information, that can be scanned (on a separate conventional scanner) when ready for publication, if at all.  I think they once called this a Typewriter.

Citation: Proposition 4 "Manufacture a Printing storage Mechanical Device"

Of course, there are no secrets, if someone wants in your house, they can can get in there with the most sophisticated security system installed that man has devised; however, the majority of breaches are simply because we have become so dependent on computer binary code. We have also become so trustworthy with Security Firms, they actually tie what goes on in your home to a fusion center in your state!

Some things are scared such as proprietary patents, copy writes, personal data, wills, affidavits, and underground communications used to counter State Sponsored Terrorism (To Protect yourself from manipulated data).

Today, the market offers very few options for home document writing and storage, unless we step back in time, to a mechanical typewriter, then we can move forward quickly with new innovated ideas to print, store, and deliver documents to a printing press (not an electronic printer).

Step Number one: Design and manufacture an advance mechanical device for printing and storage of documents that does not connect to the electrical grid. Microfiche is just one of many examples, but the market will demand  something new, better, cheaper and tighter on security overtime. - A very short time. In fact the demand is TODAY! This advance logic is way over the heads of the X-Box generation.

Step Number two: Design and manufacture an advance mechanical device to transfer the printed material to a printing press, aluminum plates for example; however, the market will demand new innovated ideas overtime. Of course you can scan anytime to publish on-line when and if you desire to do so. The point is you have control of your own private information.

A Step number three: Print shops can be set up in a home, garage, or family farm barn for less than $10,000 start up cost. Books can be published in hard bond copy for less than 8.00 USD per 250 page publication, paperback editions and pamphlets for pennies. Printed material has proven to outlast, any digital system record keeping application devised today and tomorrow new systems will be devised; however, printed material will always be an alternative. Think about  the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Some printed material is best sold off line for a profitable ROI for each publication run. Of course, you have the option to do both, dependant on how sacred your publication may be to you or your company.

This manufacture is just one of few remaining companies that sell printing presses. Note: most are manufacture outside of the United States of America! American manufactures don't miss the opportunity!

The AQUATRON is a unique continuous film dampening unit utilising new principles which guarantee its exceptional performance.
The roller configuration creates a powerful water/ink micro-emulsion generator. The product of which moistens the printing plate continuously with a high degree of accuracy across its entire surface. The water/ink micro-emulsion is extremely fine and homogenous. Essential factors, recognised world-wide, as necessary for the production of constant, high quality printing.
The secret of the fine consistency and the perfect stability of the micro-emulsion lies with the geometry of the unit combining with its construction from hard chrome and pure copper to give certain physicochemical reactions during the AQUATRON's operation. The hard chrome and the pure copper, when moistened, display a high degree of repulsion to fatty substances on to oil-absorbing and hydrophilic mixtures. This refines the emulsion and maintains perfect consistency throughout the operation of the unit.

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