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Sunday, January 25, 2015

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists A Bomb Blast Kinda Sticks To You
OIG Has the Paper no need to Negotiate
"We are Farmers"
I Know about Me How Can I Forget
A Bomb Blast Kinda Sticks To You

We Do Not Negotiate With Domestic or Foreign Terrorist
Some Thing's Take A Real Texas Cowboy: We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists This is An Inv...: Gregory O'Dell has left a new comment on your post " To Fly To Sun without Scorching a Wing ":  If your reading...

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Grave Yard of the GOD Zs

Before You Buy A New Machine Read The Union Label and Don't Sign The New Texas 
"We Can Steal Anything from You" 
Still Got 4 Texas Counties To Go To 
File Criminal Charges Against The State of Texas

The GOD'S Grave Yard
Who Were The GOD'S That Used My Return Private Sector Protected By The FBI Machine

Why Do You Think They Call Them Dopes

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Texas Gov Greg Abbott Swears In Using 'Special Bible'

Communism Is Illegal In Texas
VARS In Texas Motor Vehicles
'What You Say In You're Car Can Be Read of The Web'

Targeting of you're media TV or Radio Voter Fraud in the least Manslaughter at the most. Terrorist Victims, Informants, Witnesses and Targets due Punitive Damages 
New Texas Gov Greg Abbott Swears In Using
 'Special Bible'

The Tea Party needs to stop Funding Saudi Private Security Firms

Hacker Controlled Best I Can Do 
If you live in Texas So Are You
Texas Private Militia's Funded by Drug and Human Trafficking 

Pay The Money Back
The Ticket

NSLs If You Know You Can Disclose but Death Penalty to All Who
Illegally Assimilated To the Police who Communicated 
Top Secret Information to Privates Security Firms

The Texas Hillbilly's The Ticket 
Fedx SAPD Aerial Attacks cinco de mayo 2014
Federal Express and Customers Have A Law Suit Against SAPD

DPS Take On Line So I Did
The The Tea Party Terrorism
Sources Bottom Left Erased by Exas Can Be Found By MIT Probono

Nobody Has Asked US What They Said or Who Done It
Bah Bah Bah Ba cfR 165A

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Human Exploitation Why Write it or Draw it when Texas Steals It?

A Rite of Passage
Dell Incorporated with Texas Black Ops  Refunds $3,000 Full Amount for
Student Tower? I Asked For Private Sector Engineering Patient Package

Updated 01/05/2015
This Was Is My Problem as Follows:
VARS FCC Violation Congressman Cuellar Student Intense Interrogation Torture

VARS FCC Violation - The Right to Privacy In Our Own Homes
Denied Access to Goods, Services and Education
Intense Interrogation and Torture of 
A United States Veteran and U.S. State Department Warden Ssgt O'Dell
CIA Agent UTSA Accuses A United States Consulate General Appointed Warden
of the US as Being A Chinese Spy
OCR Make An Arrest UTSA Gov. Rick Perry or FBI Arrest the Dallas OCR for Manslaughter
Have CIA Papers Will Travel

Blocked By Texas Arial Attack from the Local Paper.
To Be Posted by Law ITVERP Contract
The Devine News by Governor Rick Perry
Countless Shorties

Dallas OCR Get The Picture?
Read your last letter to me concerning Terrorism to your Boss Taylor August

Confirmed VARS Attack Radio Visual 24/7 for 7 years is Torture
Sony on the Verizon

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Terrorist Bounty Hunters Waiting To Be Paid Bonds Stolen By The U.S. Senate

"Wanted Dead or Alive" 
Bonds Stolen By the Senate 

Senators that do not pay their bills blame it on  Social Security they dip into to pay back China These People Are Not Above The Law

ITVERP Tea Party Terrorism Claims Are Valid include Drug Human Trafficking Tea Party Campaign Money

  No If's and's or Butts 

They will be de-seated or the money comes out of their own pockets

Pay The Money Back!
Idiopathic Constipation SAPD Internal Affairs Obstruction of a FBI Terrorism Investigation
Terrorism Was Already Reported To The FBI by Gregory O'Dell Whitey Burger was an accident all other terrorist reports came from me first the Victim, Survivor and now Bounty Hunter Obstruction by RICO Governor Perry 12/27/2014 O'Dell Buys a $3000.00 Dell System Corrupted by RICO  No State Shall Not Even Texas
Police Brutality Oppression Funding Waste 11/02/2014 News4 San Antonio SAPD under investigation by Homeland Security "Guns Ground Zero San Antonio," Not the Border District. Last year it was "The War that is on Drugs". This Year, those  who live here know it as Quicksilver wars, a Big Oil Media, and  Texas Governor RICO Rick Perry Race to escape justice  - a deadly combination. First Post 11/01/2014 ("Well if you ask any police Chief if they need more officers they will say yes." Congressman Henry Cuellar and I tripled the number of first responders without increasing the budget added note 11/13/2014)  FCC Violation Note To Myself Reference CRS Congress R13187
Internal Affairs the Quality Assurance Department of The San Antonio Police Department Tried to resolve with MS Cash and I Gregory O'Dell outstanding police brutality complaints, similar to what was just reported on the local news Kens5 TV credible complaints by me and
others concerning irrigative nonlethal devices including TV Jacking and I have complaints on file including connections to terrorism brutality, aerial attacks with time date location and electronic attacks by SAPD but no resolve. He said he was with Internal Affairs SAPD and 
will not respond by letter. 
Both Ms cash and I talked to SGT Trujillo Badge Number 3038 of San Antonio Police Internal Affairs including homicide, suicide and police brutality of the disabled in housing. He failed to take us seriously. He was kind and passed the buck to the Department of Homeland Security.
03:31 10/31/2014. 
The systems set up as protocol in place failed to accept valid terrorist evidence by me that has led to the arrest, conviction, or death of said known terrorist wanted by the FBI and unknown by the FBI. The delay of other Federal departments that have my case to protect 
me by any means has failed over and again. Establish Evidence Tried to give him the report numbers; however the Sgt kindly refused kindly as follows: 06-09-2132, 06-09-2127,  06-09-4041, 06-14-002, and DHS C1403411, C1307209, C1307206 including the use of military 
force R13187 that is Police Brutality: Turn it back over to Department of Homeland Security who told me to contact the DOJ and I 
This will Resolve It
I Thought This would Resolve It but nooo
I had to expand
So I Did

have followed protocol with no resolve whatsoever.
"Data Mining Brings Harm to Thousands of Texans" First Posting Open Homicide Case 08/04/2013 Reported To FBI and Police Got Threat First by Hacker Face Value 'e'  "you been to your homeboy's house" Three Days Later They Call and Say He Is Dead When I Got there He Was Dead for Three Days. I had no clue or which homeboy. The Following DHS Report Some Hack Was Trying To Block Was In Reference to SAPD Homicide and other Deadly Threats
When Hacking is Manslaughter I hope they find the people that block and distorted that DHS Official Report and Go To Federal Prison for Manslaughter by Obstruction Retaliation by Hacking A Witness Gregory O'Dell trying to get the police to do a Homicide Investigation
Ted Cruz Political Targeting Brings Harm To Thousands of Texans   First Posting Open Homicide Case 08/04/2013 Reported To FBI Senator Tea Party Ted Cruz Brings Harm To Thousands of Texans  Harming those who can no longer care for themselves
Texas Caregivers Turning Blue 
Texas Patriotism
Another Mitt Romeny Death
Bad T-shirt Company Application that Killed the Man on the Left Reported Again Yesterday To Aging and Disabled Office See Form Privacy When Texas Caregivers Get Private Detective Calls To Extort Information about those  Who Cannot Care For Themselves Who Is The Lawyer Representing My Dead Best Friend? His Family Desires Closure and Compensate the Surviving Family?  Just Because They are Linked by Social Web Sites The Only Means of Protective Contemporary Communications Privacy When Social Web Sites Bring Harm Governor Rick Perry Does Not Care for YOU! Greg Abbott Allows 'Piracy on the High Seas while Surfing the Web' "Data Mining Brings Harm to Thousands of Texans"
Ted Cruz Brings Harm To Thousands of Texans by Attacking  The President of the United States Harming those who can no longer care for themselves Add This Valid Complaint To The Texas Tea Party Conspiracy  He Does Not Care About You! Ted Cruz Brings Harm To Texans Obama CareS