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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Human Exploitation Why Write it or Draw it when Texas Steals It?

A Rite of Passage
Dell Incorporated with Texas Black Ops  Refunds $3,000 Full Amount for
Student Tower? I Asked For Private Sector Engineering Patient Package

Updated 01/05/2015
This Was Is My Problem as Follows:
VARS FCC Violation Congressman Cuellar Student Intense Interrogation Torture

VARS FCC Violation - The Right to Privacy In Our Own Homes
Denied Access to Goods, Services and Education
Intense Interrogation and Torture of 
A United States Veteran and U.S. State Department Warden Ssgt O'Dell
CIA Agent UTSA Accuses A United States Consulate General Appointed Warden
of the US as Being A Chinese Spy
OCR Make An Arrest UTSA Gov. Rick Perry or FBI Arrest the Dallas OCR for Manslaughter
Have CIA Papers Will Travel

Blocked By Texas Arial Attack from the Local Paper.
To Be Posted by Law ITVERP Contract
The Devine News by Governor Rick Perry
Countless Shorties

Dallas OCR Get The Picture?
Read your last letter to me concerning Terrorism to your Boss Taylor August

Confirmed VARS Attack Radio Visual 24/7 for 7 years is Torture
Sony on the Verizon
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