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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Love Is Power Not Some Abstract Notion of Weakness by Those That Crave Political Control

Update 05/26/2013 What About Arpaio’s Conspirator Texas Governor Rick Perry evil reign of terror enabled by those who "control" the State? 

I Got the Message Loud and Clear -

The President said it all “The Refutation of Fear, our Sword and Shield (Obama 2013)”

To OIG Did You Get The Message? Several Emails Where Blocked By The RICO Perry Network - I will hand carry another to you today 09/15/2014

I have an open case with office that has yet to be resolved. Due process is guaranteed me to redress my grievances by our constitution; however, I have never had opportunity to voice my concerns because of the disability discrimination In Texas and have been denied legal counsel by disability attorneys that received Federal funds in the state of Texas. Stopping funding is not enough! You have an obligation to me and all disabled students to address these criminal acts against disabled students which include disabled veterans such as me, who attended schools in the state of Texas 2006-2009.

1) Disability Discrimination Retaliation never worked continued on and off campus until present day. Includes stalking and retaliation and refusal to disburse funds and now to credit those funds
2) Private Firm and Fusion centers sharing of information and targeting of a disabled and student and anyone associated with a disabled student
3) The disturbing reality that the State of Texas was profiteering off our loans while none of the profits that were distributed to shareholders and contributed to millions of dollars of revenue back to the State of Texas have been deducted from our loans! Newspaper 2009
4) International Stalking and $10,000 out of pocket while the stalker was paid by federal funds to go from a different schools than I was registered
5) Stalking by deadly force
6) Human Research Outside of Protocol
7) Electronic Human Exploitation  
Recent New 2013
8) Retaliation by State for the Filing of International Victims of Crime Application

Gregory N. O’Dell 

Texas 28th District
The FLAME Consumed Texas Homes
Black Gold Texas Tea

Black Bart
Barbra Phobia A Clinical Condition South
South West The Medina River Texas
"We Don't Go About Framing People (Apraio 2012)
Yes They Do and Still Hacking Over State Lines Outside of Apraio's Jurisdiction Violation of the Sheriff's Apraio's Parole On 03.21.2016
Perry Political Targeting Opposition
Dead Link Prepared Book by California Huntington Post
Use Federal Dollars Outside the Sheriff's Jurisdiction

Electronic Human Exploitation Is No Game - Take No Prisoners

I Got the Message Loud and Clear - 

The President said it all “The Refutation of Fear, our Sword and Shield (Obama 2013)”

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