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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dick Cheney’s ‘My TIME’ By Ted Lavender

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Dick Cheney’s ‘My TIME’ By Ted Lavender
11/27/14 First Post
If He Knows Her

Trillions of dollars wasted on data miners and hackers that took 20 years to solve some of the most controversial problems of our time; solved by people who pick up the phone and called appropriate agencies or knocked on their doors. 

We Request congress to fire them all! 

You should see in the morning paper by the Associated Press the Office of Civil Rights seven year investigation finds that the police and corporations have used intrusive devices that are unconstitutional and oppresses the middle class as pluralistic applications of law.
The Law Applies to Some But Not Others

In addition astronomical fees paid to 
cyber auditors that are an ambiguous 
expense paid for no service.

Politics and justice do not mix. The true story of immigrants will soon be released with facts not political opinions and personal agendas of special interest. 

The big smoke screen is state leadership blaming NSA, whom we all ether work for or are protected by the National Security Agency. Those that work for NSA cannot disclose; however those who do not can!

If the Associate press does not release then we of a centralist political position, who are nether to the left or to the right, will march to every news outlet and tip off civil rights damages that were never paid by institutions or corporations of public trust, who cannot be trusted unless they see and feel the loss on their own paychecks by compensating the people they oppressed.

My suggestion, hand write your grievances on paper and go postal, in my case mine went Federal Express on an airplane Ted Lavender Built. 

What a Merry Christmas this will be, when we all understand that “It is better to give than receive.”

By Ted Lavender Makes the Stench of Corruptions Smell Better

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