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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Get Registered Freedom of Information Data Integrity Correction Act

What is the FIDICA Act?
First Post 03/12/2015 Rev 04/27/2015
Freedom of Information Data Integrity Correction Act

Get Registered At Any Law Enforcement Office Freedom of Information Data Integrity Correction Act: 

The FIDICA Act is applied and needs no vote in Congress or the Senate

This Combat Veteran has already paid at risk of his own life with consensual and non-consensual Human Experimentation with other test groups; some died so others could live. 

See FBI Report Kelly AFB 1979

This Veteran Gregory O’Dell 456-13-5816 is listed on the Atomic and Chemical exposure list including Agent Orange and is exempted from further human experimentation as stated with my requested police escort to the Director of Human Behavioral Sciences   UT and said in short, I will be happy to be an observer, I am an exempted as a subject of human experimentation.

We are all going through it, some worse than others. Some died from IT, while others profited by IT. IT is not a technical problem; ‘IT’ is a political policing problem of intrusive devices known to academia and engineering over 50 years as an ambiguous term ‘non-lethal weapons’, most of which does not belong at the police or any state level. 

See YouTube video “The day Donald Rumsfeld placed his hand in that bag reserved for the department of defense and broke his little f@$&^ing arm”. There is no device that exists that is a ‘non-lethal’ weapon. All Texas law enforcement personnel have been trained 'Since The College Killing Fields' about these devices and if you report and get that aluminum hat shit - go bang on the FBI front door until they let you in.

Pay money to protect your social security Number is a Scam

In addition, if you received a social security number prior to 1969, under the John F. Kennedy Social Security Act, your number is exempt by federal law to use by law enforcement. See Honorable Discharges made by the Federal Printing Office with my social security number plainly listed for all to see framed and hanging on my wall, without any fear of recourse from its public disclosure, "The No Fear Reporting Act." 

“IT” existed then in 1969 just as it does now; nothing has changed except you carry it with you every time you buy an electronic device and laws are not applied that have been approved by congress and the Senate. Read the Union Label but that does not release the Original Manufacture of the Device Equipment or Application.  
*Warning:  Many devices out there are illegal Bush Mandates such as a simple blank DVD disk. 

Always remember the original manufacture of the device or application OEM is liable for the product by law. There are many occasions in Texas that a product or devices is installed that is not by law or violated Federal Law and those that cannot or will not obey federal law need to make for the Mexican or Canadian Border before the law catches up to you. That's a head start we will follow you Neo-conservative Nazi to the gates of hell.

Those us that never entered a court room for crimes listed on IT data banks or any device who are on the ‘Cyber Space Data Bank Kill List’ still corrupted as of this date 03/12/2015 proven with police reports in Texas, can a will sue the state of Texas as persons are being arrested and criminal charges are being applied as I type this note. 

“Hackers and Data Miners Year of Doom or the rise and fall of the Geek Empire”*

*This domain does not include professionals who spend six to ten years earning a degree in the Sciences.

God have mercy on those who try to instruct a material witness and get caught by the FBI

Prompted Pic HACKERS

Always remember the original manufacture of the device or application OEM Original Equipment or application Manufacture is liable for the product by law and few professionals would break the law and bring harm. We should all expect reasonable privacy and electronic protection against the violators be they law enforcement, politicians, or Terrorist Domestic or Foreign. 
*Note many devices out there are illegal Bush Mandates such as a simple blank DVD disk. 

Steve McQueen Rides Again ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ 

Don't Be A Dick Hackers 03/26/2015 Remote Key Control Board Ties to Suicides and Other Behaviors 
Example 08:30

Texas Bar Association RICO "No Place But Texas"

The Police Can and will be Sued If their Records don't reflect your FIDICA application

Manslaughter Charges Filed In Wilson County Court Texas
Too Dangerous to Airlift Me Out But Not To Dangerous To Come Just Yards From My House Put Perry In leg Irons and drag him to jail

What George Bush Admin Did Before 2006 [Court Ruling I Have Evidence Before and After was illegal and deadly - I am a victim
Digital River 68-V4W3Q-3UlZR-XXXXX

Friday, March 13, 2015

Is An FAA First Responder We Never Read a Single

Jeremiah's My First Church Take After My Guru's Murder
Boggy SW 16:02 04.02.2016
SAPD "[In Texas] They can fly anywhere they want."
No They Can Not
Jeremiah is an FAA res-ponder the FBI never Read a Single Word he wrote and is an material witness, victim, and informant to several acts of mass destruction ………… Something Things Take A Real Texas Cowboy

Saturday, March 7, 2015