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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Texas VARS Your Child's Homework

To Be More Definitive

Not Just Monetary Losses But Lost of Life!
Don't Want Forensics to get lost and the innocent to be harm 03/09/2015
'e' Hackers Are Deadly

03/09/2015 07/13am VARS Texas Challenge to 
Neutralize Something Already Proven In Court

To Many Witnesses to Kill

The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling Bullshit
ITVERP Reporting Victims for Reporting Terrorism

They Are Domestic Terrorists
And A Major Concern To Voter Fraud 
Republican GOP Programmers
Don't Be Fooled Both Democrats and Republicans have Use These Techniques that were Outlaw 25 years Ago

The Eagle FM Radio What is Torture?

Read This Blog From Beginning to End
It's All About Texas Radio Monopoly and a Bad Computer Application

Don't Worry 'The Eagle FM Radio Transmissions' Are Not Free Speech Your Going Pay Billions in Mass Tort Texas 
Criminal Charges Filed Against the State of Texas for Torture, Murder, Aggravated Assault, Espionage Reported To The Secret Service Washington D.C. Not the Texas Secret Service that has no affiliation To the Secret Service or CIA whatsoever 
"If They Come To Your House You Have The Right To Shot Them On Site"
Fix the 'Naming and Necessity' CIT  Violation for using terms that belong to the CIA And Secret Service U.S.A.
College Kids Think You are the CIA or Secret Service
And You Are Not

HHS Already Put Out an Alert
See SAPD Police Report Caregiver Opens Door and Finds Dead Body

The Dallas OCR Failure To Stop Terrorism Reports

China Southern Bombing Posted in Paper By Law ITVERP
 Saudi Bombing Posted in Paper By Law ITVERP
 Still Under Investigation by the FBI Witness Still Coming Forward
Tea Party Rebellion Extends Over International Borders
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