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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Tea Party needs to stop Funding Saudi Private Security Firms

Hacker Controlled Best I Can Do 
If you live in Texas So Are You
Texas Private Militia's Funded by Drug and Human Trafficking 

Pay The Money Back
The Ticket

NSLs If You Know You Can Disclose but Death Penalty to All Who
Illegally Assimilated To the Police who Communicated 
Top Secret Information to Privates Security Firms

The Texas Hillbilly's The Ticket 
Fedx SAPD Aerial Attacks cinco de mayo 2014
Federal Express and Customers Have A Law Suit Against SAPD

DPS Take On Line So I Did
The The Tea Party Terrorism
Sources Bottom Left Erased by Exas Can Be Found By MIT Probono

Nobody Has Asked US What They Said or Who Done It
Bah Bah Bah Ba cfR 165A

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