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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Texas RICO Network The Way It Works Taking Texas Back One Piece At Time

Update The Stuff They Trow At You
Somebody Needs To Say So I Will

I Can not Be Threatened, Extorted, or Rewarded
When my own people are murdered Tortured and
Innocently Set In Texas Jails

Too Big To Jail Deplete Their Assets or The Way It Works

"Just Good Old Texas Boys, The RICO Network Who Are Criminals"

History Repeats "Who Kicked This Texas Hindu Guru Off The Train?"
"You Hit The Wrong Guy With An Electromagnetic Device.  The Only Expert In Texas That Can  [Did] Deliver The Burden of Proof"  "We Should Do A Better Job At Targeting (The Pentagon)"
Texas Hindu Guru Only Comes To Town To See The FBI Once A Year
This Time He Delivered The Message with Vivid Startling Accuracy
"You Hit The Wrong Guy With An Electromagnetic Device. 
The Only Expert In Texas That Can  [Did] Deliver The Burden of Proof" 
"We Should Do A Better Job At Targeting (The Pentagon)"

Allegation Number 1
"The Texas RICO Operation includes all federally funded disabled legal assistance offices, who failed to represent me and Senator John Cornyn who put these agencies in place denying Texas disabled due process and assimilated attorney client information without taking my [and thousands of others] case(s)."

If true, why didn't I retain a lawyer to sue for monetary damages? Governor Rick Perry made it impossible for any Texas lawyer to sue. My Texas attorney quit and went into teaching because the laws in Texas are made to harm and oppress you and benefit the RICO Good Old Body System with Bias Judges!

Claims About Abuse of People In My Care!
These Claims are Not About Me!
These Claims are about the failure of due
process and when abuse is reported by
a Texas State Appointed Guardian of a
disabled Person which in this case was me.

The Following Cases Are About Me Found Dead On The Living Room Floor
The Same Thing, "No Due Process" along with 10,000 Texans sent "A Walking To New Orleans" to a Kangaroo court decided in advance by a Gregg Abbott Back Room Court Decision. It was a Texas Decision because it was a Texas FDA illegal approval.
His Association with Clarence Thomas Was Reported by me to Congressman 
Ask Any Disable Person You Please.
 This System Does Not Work Or Is The Attorney Client Information Protected

Texas Victims of Crimes Use Health And Human Services To Retaliate

Texas Victims of Crimes Use Health And Human Services To Retaliate

But why is the information missing, or why didn't your family know about it to protect those who you love and why was harm brought to several thousand Disabled Students and Texas Veterans to the brink of suicide or insanity, protected by the Federal Government 

The World Has Been Lied Too About Texas, Not By Federal Censorship But By Texas Fusion Centers Paid By Federal Funds Under Governor Rick Perry's Executive Order RP8, which is not in powers of state and is illegal and all actions covered under RP8 should be prosecuted by the United States Attorney General Office to avoid a mob hanging by piano stings like Mussolini. Even a Tyrant has his day in court.

Just one example of web censorship and the control of the media by Governor Rick Perry:  
Just As The Disgruntle Ex- FBI Agent Scobie In 2007, Computer Was Knock-Out In The UTSA Library, my records and home drives were destroyed from a remote location. It makes me wonder with all that domestic surveillance going on, how did he get in the library in the first place? Did he have a gun?
The renegade FBI Agent computer was knocked out by a Higher level of government. Mine was illegally knocked out by the State of Texas and they owe me for the loss! The damage to property is just the beginning of tangible damages by the state of Texas. 

Because I am disabled and Human Health Services Assisted Me, I do not have to do a dam thing but the right thing and that is to inform you that your family members may have been abused by electronic exploitation. The least of damage is forced to take toxic medicines for an illness they never had and the worse of cases is suicide or homicide.

Forensic Experts Are Still Trying to Come Up With The Number. If you caught a peeping tom looking through your disabled daughters bedroom window........................... What if she told you she was being watched and you did not believe her?

I and thousands of other Americans are waiting for government to do the right thing - this is not Russia!

"The Texas RICO Network The Way It Works" Taking Texas Back One Piece At Time. The Texas RICO Perry Network Circumvents Law Enforcement and is a Crime!

G. N. O'Dell 04/24/2013

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