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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dancing To The Rhythm and The Beat of The Tune

We’re Getting Better but Not There Yet
National Security When The Alarm Goes Off

What happens when you ask for everybody’s opinion? In America, you get it if you like it or not! Tragedies such as bomb blast throws us off course and many people get out of step with the reality of the moment.  

It is not that we are an insensitive nation, 99.9 percent no matter how young or old; salute the same Flag of Diversity. We know when we get out of step or miss a beat as an individual, family, group, clan, tribe, state or our nation as a whole.

The problem is the solution! If we instinctively know when we are out of step, then we know the message is not clear! 

How to fine tune or fix the acoustics, no matter what media form, even if it is word of mouth is a challenge open to anybody that comes up with the answer.  

That way, everybody has a chance to dance to the beat and rhythmic tune in concert with a National Security Alert.

 Communication Is Key!

It's like a new language only an American can understand.

I got the message, did you?

Do you have the answer?

I don't.

Do you?

Submitted Anonymously 
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