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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Texas Governor Rick Perry White Collar Crime General

Rodeo Cowboy Chinese Espionage
What the Texas Tribune is not Telling You

They fear the "Texas Gang of Four" who are their biggest supporters and the longest serving corrupt group of Texas leadership elevated from depths of Hades since her annexation in the union in the year 1845. There is time to change their ways and do the right thing but "the devil won't let um."

The Texas Gang Of Four

  The Texas Gang Of Four Modus Operandi

UT Regent Hall Failed to Disclose Lawsuits
by Jay Root April 3, 2013
The lawsuits themselves may or may not prove embarrassing to Hall, but the failure to disclose them provides fodder to critics who think the UT Regents are on a “witch hunt” to hurt its flagship university and take out its leader.

The truth is Governor Rick Perry has been in office way to long and all the appointees have a close association with Rick Perry and are very familiar with the Governor of Texas. The Tribune tries to soften, and they should, they are professional journalist, corruption in the senate that is bipartisan and disastrous to Texas and seen by Economist's Best Indicator - How Well  A State Cares For Those Who Cannot Care For Themselves! 

This is why we see Senator Cruz as the Canadian Gang of Four Kick-Man spewing misinformation concerning Obama CareS, as the group that stands way behind him in the media are the persons that committed crimes against the people of the state of Texas:

Mug Shots For The FBI
"Ever Been Arrested?"

More Latter: This going take time but if you own oil rights went school or you are a disabled Texan which includes veterans - you have right to kick howler and scream concerning the abuse!

G. N. O'Dell

At The Request of The Honorable Ted Cruz United States Senate

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