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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Ends Justifies The Means A Story of Soul and a Way to See It

Texas Human Electronic Exploitation 
"Penetrating Our Bodies Never Reaching Our Very Souls"

16,000 Writing Hours Lost Forever Just Like Any Dispossession,  While My Pleas For Justice Occupied My Heart, Soul and The Whole State of Texas,
As They Slept And Dreamed

Now I Understand 

"The Ends Justifies The Means"

It mattered nothing to me what dire consequences that would come to me personally - somebody had to say it!

"Nobody says it like I do."

UTSA Kiln Overheated Blown Porcelain Globe 2008 O'Dell
"That's not my writing of the wall"
My Physics Professor asked me one day, "Why do you spend all your time writing? Don't you know that everything that can be written has already been written?

I responded, "Nobody says it like I do."

Freedom of Expression and a right to privacy is not an individual privilege! 

Free Speech and Privacy is a United States constitutional Necessity!

So We Can Correspond and 'SHARE The BURDEN OF PROTECTION' under the law!

-We The People, "Nobody Says It Like We Do!"

The Best Kept Secret

The media does not give a good account of the caliber of the Secret Service. Big Brother Died April 22, 2009 and their strict privacy policy is much like mine "We Don't Want To Know" if we do, we are caring the burden of holding it forever secret. Maybe that's why they call them the 'Secret Service'
 - The Best Kept Secret!

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