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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We The People of Texas Demand State Independence From North Texas

The Texas Gang of Four
Taxation Without Competent Representation

 “We the People”  of Tejas,  who occupy the land of South Central and South West Texas,  claim our right to sovereignty as a free people of the United States of America, crushed by the Iron fist of oppression, bizarre Human experimentation, and dangerous intrusive devices developed  by those of Public Trust. 

Several of our citizens have been attacked by deadly force when defending the United States from treasonous secessionist, claiming our wealth that is not rightfully their own, while our own children go hungry and denied basic access to medical services and education. We have a right to our Sovereignty and dignity, denied us since the annexation of Texas in 1845.

South and South West of The Media River

The nation of the Republic of Texas once called Tejas, lasted for less than George W. Bush Presidential Term. The economy of the newly formed Nation of the Republic of Texas collapsed from corruption and covert operations just as Texas affected the economy on a global scale in fall 2008. Bankruptcy made Texas an attractive inclusion to the United States of America in 1845. The property rights of the Alamo were obtained by the descendants of criminals pursued by legal warrants for their arrest and illegal immigrants from the United States, now called the defenders of the Alamo by rewriting history books, an age old practice by Texas Leadership. 

The Republican State of Texas was formed and was accepted worldwide as a sovereign nation, after changing the name from ‘Tejas’ to The Republic of Texas following the arrest of the President of Mexico Santa Anna. The people of Tejas, which includes indigenous tribes of South Central Texas today, were robbed of their land, white citizens were put into slavery, and those of color were brutally tortured, murdered or driven by military force across the Nueces River, which was the original national border between Texas and Mexico, not the Rio Grande River.

 In 2010, Texas Governor Rick Perry without official recognition of the United States of America sold our mineral rights to China, who reap 50% of the profits extracted from the rightful heirs and land owners of Tejas. The Governors hidden convert contractual agreements with a communist government are considered illegal transactions by the state of Texas. 

His contract is not valid with China and he should pay the price for unauthorized and possibly treasonous transactions with a foreign communist country, which has been known as a National Security Risk to the United States of America, throughout history.  

James Richard Perry, has been unofficially crowned as the longest serving governor of Texas, possible only by his executive order RP08, illegal covert operations paid with federal funds, an illegal state militia, political targeting of United States Citizens, remote electronic device voter fraud, deadly electronic warfare on the people of Texas; specifically those who live in Tejas, original bordering state of Mexico of South Central and South West Texas. 

The  governor has a long standing association with the recently arrested Governor of Mexico  for  drug/ human and gun trafficking, as well as documented owner ship of pornography  operations, where underage women and children or forced  into the sex trade, supported by federal funds as a domestic surveillance tool under the guise of identifying sexual deviants, which includes human trafficking over state lines. 

The consequences of intrusive Internet behavioral stalking and sharing of that information by police has led to alleged behaviors of cannibalism, kidnapping, and conspiracy by New York’s finest,  reported as recently as today by journalist Larry Nemeister of the Associated Press titled, “NJ man arrested in NY police cannibalism case!”

"Mr. Vanhise is being used as a pawn by the government to bolster a very weak case," Gatto said outside court. She represents Valle, a 28-year-old New York City police officer from Queens. He is scheduled to go to trial later this month after being charged in October with one count of kidnapping conspiracy and one count of accessing a computer without authorization.

“In court papers filed Monday, defense lawyers wrote that Valle was accused from January 2012 to Oct. 24 of conspiring with others he met on a website devoted to the exploration of deviant sexual fantasies.”

Although, the recent allegations of a decade long behavioral science domestic surveillance program is an out of state example, it represents how these psychological programs in Texas or any state of the union go out control by people who do not know what they are doing, and can be resolved by prosecuting privacy violations of people stalked on the Internet, dating back to a Fusion Center Case of a College mass killing by a local man in the community, who thought nearby college students were deliberately corrupting his web pages, which were his only source of income. 

After complaining several times to the college, the gunman went off the deep end and took a rifle to the college and started indiscriminate shooting of students, a noted case just before the Virginia Tech case, the Illinois Tragedy, and several college shootings on Texas campuses, that are likely to be tied to domestic surveillance programs that have yet to identify one terrorist scheme over the last decade and trillions of Federal dollars spent by the governor of Texas indiscriminately. 

Statistics shows, domestic surveillance programs such as the porn operations Governor Rick Perry benefited off financially are the cause of these cruel and deadly human behaviors. Most notably, Intrusive observation of human behaviors including stalking and electronic systems or devices manufactured by Digital Alley, and Bain & co. who have received several  non-competitive bid awards by the Governor of Texas. 

Competition is a necessity in a free market such as the United States to insure quality assurance of such systems do not bring harm to innocent persons. I found it odd that the Texas Governor just announced that decisions like guns on campuses and domestic surveillance operations are a decision of the local school board but not so if you talk to faculty of the University of Texas, they are personal decisions of the Governor of Texas.

One program by Bain & co. is alleged to cull minority students for Texas  colleges, and other dangerous devices manufactured by Digital Alley, such as harmful x-ray equipment used to penetrate steel and the bodies of humans being trafficked in semi-truck tracker trailers, crossing both interstate boundaries and international borders. Several hundred thousand dollars was spent on these devices, while at the same time disabled students were trafficked over state lines to slave farms in open public view!

- We The People

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