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Friday, April 12, 2013

Undocumented Immigrants Wanted Rebuild The Dream - The American Dream

Moving Forward
South South West Of Austin Texas

Tejas Sovereignty Join The Revolution by Peaceful Resistance

State sovereignty for "Tejas" 51st State of the Union has been an open issue since Texas annexation in 1845. South Central And South West Texas bordering districts have always been the subject of our nations must controversial problems such as Immigration reform, Gun control, 30% High School Drop Out Rate, Wasted Federal spending, Environmental protection, Covert Operations Including Electronic Attacks, Open military operations recently leaving two innocent people shot dead by domestic surveillance helicopters , Fusion Centers dualistic application of law and sharing of information to bounty hunters or private investigative firms endangering innocent people who actual live in Texas boarding districts of Mexico.

Trillions of dollars have been extracted from the federal government concerning these districts; however, the money is diverted to political pecuniary interest in other state matters. We believe Tejas succession from Texas as the 51st State of the Union, would save trillions of dollars while at the same time address some our nation’s most controversial matters correctly, by the people who actually live in these districts. Tejas 51st State of the Union brings power back to the people and resolves many or our nation’s most controversial issues; trillions of wasted Federal dollars and the loss of many innocent lives, by death, imprisonment, and oppression.
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