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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Daily Double The Feds Still Have Open Cases Sheriff Arpaio Rick Perry

Update 03/26/2013: Message by way of Carrier Pigeon,

 "It Turned Out Just Like You Said!" 

"The Stench of Intelligent Breaches Has Reach Every Nostrils Of Every Texan and Arizona Citizen Living At The Street Level or the Reality of Things!"

Unforgivable Civil and Human Right Violations that just snowballed through the system of due process? What does a Patriot do when his own representation fails to contact the proper authorities when a first responder lays out the detail for them? 


Thousands of Texas victims, are well aware of these attacks, while the Governor of Texas is the founder of the Tea Party Movement, that had two purposes, to remove the notion of wrong doing from the minds of the people, to stop the profiteering from paid lobbyist, financed by Wall Street for inside trading. 

Secondly, the Tea Party’s bull horn was to exaggerate crime statistics, and destroy border relations, just to rob funding from the Federal Government, and to hord natural resources to line their own pockets with gold.

The worse part of this nightmare is that Federal government has no control, because Top Secret America is privatized and this was done for one reason, to create a loop hole of non-disclosure by Private Security Firms and non-profit organizations solely incorporated for profit. They share information about you, true are false, however, we cannot see any information that they are sharing.

Me? I have no [I Was Wrong!] concern, I have been to the FBI and the Secret Service with legitimate concerns so many times, they know everything there is about me, no computer application can discredit that information, and they are working on a solution to protect all United States citizens from more abuse.

The best thing to do is disconnect, but if you’re dependent for services from anything from prescription drugs, auto insurance, or your electric bill, you have to deal with it until Federal government sorts this out.

I had to go around my own representation just to be heard!


Please return this form to:

Senator Ron Wyden

911 NE 11th Ave.

Suite 630

Portland, OR 97232
Phone: (503) 326-7525 Fax: (503) 326-7528

NAME:___Gregory N. O’Dell__________________________________ SSN:___456-13-5816________
ADDRESS:__1290 Mc Coy Road__________________________________________________
CITY:______Somerset________________ STATE:__Texas______ ZIP:____78069_____________
HOME PHONE:__830-429-1965_____________________ WORK PHONE:____830-701-4143_____
BIRTHDATE:__11/27/1957______________________ BIRTHPLACE:____San Antonio Texas_______
I request the assistance of Senator Ron Wyden with the following federal agency:
___Assistance for a Targeted family__Sent to FBI ______________________________________
Explain the nature of your problem: __Background 2011__ I just sent a message to this person thinking that email was a friendly trying to help me at this URL: Check my deleted emails the day before the Osama raid and you will find an email from Owens 18 hours before the kill 'Watch out Country Hick Some Shit is going down' with an attached video of what appeared to be a Hindu funereal. I just sent you a tip one hour ago that was valid. You will find other emails from Government offices in my deleted email account delete basket such as ‘I am Glad you finally said that’ which was concerning my pressing of criminal charges of threats to our farm by two agents that identified themselves as Secret Service and CIA in 2008. Everything that has happened to me has a logical reason. I will be glad to testify or give you any other information that you need, anytime you ask. But you must ask me first; otherwise, I will assume that all my problems are in your good hands. These things are a job for the FBI not me the victim.  See Attached 2 pages mailed to the OIG and my State Senator Carlos Uresiti
I authorize Senator Ron Wyden and/or members of his staff to make the appropriate inquiry on my behalf. Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579) became effective September 27, 1975.
SIGNATURE:__________________________________ DATE:_____02/16/2013________________

It Is True Criminals Hang-Out Together
Sheriff Arpaio / Texas Governor Rick Perry

The Stench of Intelligent Breaches Has Reach Every Nostrils Of Every Texan and Arizona Citizen Living At The Street Level or the Reality of Things!

Unforgivable Civil and Human Right Violations 


Not So Fast Sheriff
This TexMex is Watching You!

The Feds still have an open criminal investigation on Sheriff Arpaio Arizona for racially profiling Latinos and retaliates upon Human Rights Activist and The President of The United States of America! 

I cannot speak for the President, nor can the Sheriff embarrass us all in front of the whole world, without a shout, kick and holler from Texans for Justice! 

"In the separate probe, which is still ongoing, the Justice Department says Arpaio's office racially profiles Latinos, retaliates against critics of its immigration patrols and bases its immigration patrols on racially charged citizen complaints that did not allege crimes. The sheriff denies the allegations."

There is more. You do your own homework? Arpaio said at a hastily called news conference after returning from the Republican National Convention in Florida. "We don't go around framing anybody. My people are not crooks." He said that, I didn’t!

Feds close criminal investigation on Ariz. sheriff
By BOB CHRISTIE and JACQUES BILLEAUD | Associated Press – 5 hrs ago.
"And in the civil case, the Latino plaintiffs aren't seeking monetary damages. Instead, they want a declaration that Arpaio's office uses racial profiling and an order requiring policy changes. If Arpaio loses the case, he won't face jail time or fines."

Read Full Article On Your Own. Balanced Reporting by Bob Christie and Jacques Billeaud Associated Press - 5 Stars the highest you can get on the scale of Texans for Justice!

Barber Phobia is a Clinical Concern West Of The Medina River Texas!
"We don't go around framing anybody (Arpaio 2012)"
Judge Roy Bean writes his own laws west of the [Pecos?] River 

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