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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Public Plea to Congress Innocent Victims Held in Texas Prisons and Institutions

 Public Plea to Congress

Pluralistic Application of Law
Innocent Victims Held in Texas Prisons and Institutions

Christian Prophet Declares Holy War On The United States

“We The People” The Citizens of The United States of America residing in the State of Texas, hereby stand in peaceful protest against Rick Perry Governor of Texas who has stripped the citizens of the State of their rights to pursue economic prosperity, participation in the judicial process, the right to due process while establishing overt and covert intelligence operations outside the jurisdiction and powers of the State, and denied the citizens of the State equal protection of the law, creating a Police State of corruption that has endangered the lives of the people of the State and mismanaged State funds outside of budgetary restraints to a degree of course of bankruptcy and dependency on Federal Funds reserved for emergencies other than corruption of positions of Public Trust who have been appointed by the Governor not elected by the people and met in secrecy with the intent to defraud the people and the Federal Government for the sole purpose and intent of personal financial gain and retention of power as the Governor of the State of Texas. We the People, the citizens of the United States of America residing in the State of Texas demand that a vote be put before congress representing all States of the Union and by two thirds vote in the house in favor, remove the Disability- Texas Governor Rick Perry for engaging in insurrection and Tea Party rebellion against the constitution and the citizens of the United States of America.

*Note: Most Texas College Students Know Him As Making a Profit Off Of Student Loans (Not A Spiritual Prophet) He Refuses to pay back, while college students make monthly payments on the scam devised by Rick Perry and Board of Regents, raising tuition rates to make a profit off the interest . They were paid billions in dividends payments after the graduating class of "Global Economic Crisis 2008." Where is the money Republican Rick Perry Bias Appointees? Why hasn't the Justice Department taken action to reclaim the money? If you are in default, all your lawyer has to do is claim Elite Class Dualistic Application of Law.  If the Elite Republicans don't have to pay the money back, why should you? Where is the rule-of-law William Sessions X-FBI Director is trying to tell the world about, that made domestic surveillance and stalking legal? The point is, the rule-of-law for the elite is one sided, and does not apply to them, just the other 99% of the people.

How He Did It At This Link:

What You Can Do About It At This Link:

You Have A Right, No Matter What State in the Union You live In,  Make a Request to your Congressional Representative of any State in The Union [ you are currently residing in] to demand a vote put before congress, and by two-thirds in favor, remove Governor Rick Perry for engaging in a Tea Party insurrection and rebellion against the United States of America.

Who Is My Congressional Representative Easy Link:

Find Your Representative ·

Palace Chase 4,500  Rick Perry Bias Appointees Desert Texas Dictator

Welcome To The Texas Honor Roll!

The Eyes of Texas Are Smiling Upon You!

Top Rick Perry Appointees Fleeing Before 2013 Legislative Session

by: Michael Hurta
Sun Jun 17, 2012 at 03:00 PM CDT

This past week's announcement from the Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner, Tom Suehs, that he will step down later this summer is just the latest in a trend. The state's Medicaid Director, Billy Millwee, already made such an announcement. Education Commissioner Robert Scott is leaving next month, too.

All three are generally well-respected public servants, and it seems all of them fear working with another radically Republican legislature in 2013.

Read full article at this link:

Mitt Romney Tea Party Right Wing Extremist 

Reels In A Whopper of a Lie 
"Our Fisheries are Just Fine!"

The Political Spectrum - Left, Right, or Middle We All Have to Eat and Accept the Reality of Things!

Gulf Oil Spill: Fishermen Reel From Seafood Troubles

CAIN BURDEAU and JAY REEVES 05/24/12 09:29 AM ET AP LAFITTE, La. — Gloom infects the hard-working shrimp and crab docks of this gritty fishing town as the second full year of fishing since BP's catastrophic oil spill kicks into high gear. Usually folks are upbeat and busy in May, when shrimpers get back to work in Louisiana's rich waters. This spring, though, catches are down, docks are idle and anxiety is growing that the ill effects of the massive BP oil spill may be far from over. An Associated Press examination of catch data from last year's commercial harvest along the Gulf – the first full year of fishing since the 2010 spill – reveals merit in the fishermen's complaints. According to the analysis of figures obtained through public records requests, seafood crops hit rock bottom in the Barataria estuary, the same place where some of the thickest waves of oil washed in when a BP well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Detailed data from "trip tickets" fishermen fill out when they unload at docks reveal steep drops in Barataria, though it's far from bleak everywhere along the Gulf Coast. Fishermen are making money that is pretty equal to before the spill, according to the 2011 data not officially released yet by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Texas Governor Rick Perry Republican GOP  Big Oil Declares War On The EPA Destroys Our Fisheries, a National Security Threat To The Food Chain and a "Terrorist Threat" Successfully Applied by the GOP! Now we must suffer from the consequences of their actions!

The Facts or the Reality of Things at this link:

Christian Prophet Declares Holy War On The United States

"Once Republicans are willing to abandon their commitment to more tax breaks for multi-millionaires and special interests and their plans to end Medicare, I am confident that we can reach an agreement," Reid wrote.  "Unfortunately, it appears that Republicans blind adherence to Tea Party extremism is making it impossible to reach this sort of balanced agreement before the election."

Citation: ABC OTUS News 05/22/2012

The Tea Party Orwellian Lie

Suffering the web for hours to find a Tea Party Sympathizer, I found an interesting article that tells the tale of  Tea Party big lie, "The second response is purely political-and Orwellian.  It is to repeat ad nauseum the Big Lie that this is the Tea Party downgrade, attributable lock, stock, and barrel to the failure of the Tea Party caucus in Congress to even countenance taxes as a part of any debt ceiling deal(Craig Pirrong)."

The author claims the credit rating was based on bad math calculations by the Obama Administration; however, memories are short and I wrote a valid justified complaint to the Office of the Inspector General April 2009 with concerns that the Tea Party is a Right Wing Extremist Group with one objective, to remove the first black president of the United States of America. In fact, I was specific with my concerns again last summer when our infrastructure fell apart with the BP Oil Spill, the main attraction based on discriminatory acts of hatred and narcissism in a post as follows:

In April 2009, Rick Perry succeeded from the Union founding an organized  Tea Party rebellion (paid for by the state)  by posting the 'Stop' web page instructing all Texas employees to group together [Those that did not co-operate faced termination from their job] and rebel against the Constitution of the United States as members of  the  "Tea Party" rebellion, targeting not just the new presidential administration but the Honorable Barack Obama personally.

Rick Perry and his cronies, wealthy corporate owners and investors have just declared "War on the EPA" a statement just mentioned verbally in the state of Texas by a private citizens is enough to be harassed, arrested, and/or jailed by Law Enforcement for an unknown length of time waiting for Terrorist Threat charges to be collaborated by Texas District Attorneys. It is unimaginable the Governor of Texas would publicly "Declare  War" against regulating authorities that would of prevented the  Gulf disaster, destroying our fisheries.
The Gulf  Disaster investigation shows hard evidence, a repeat of special interest favors that also caused the Texas BP refinery explosion in 2005 as Perry justifies his words by stating "Obama has declared War on Texas."  The 911 Patriot Act is clearly unconstitutional if the rule of law is not applied universally to those that Govern (Rick Perry) and those that are governed too.

The state of Texas has no record of any virtuous acts other than those good deeds provided by private citizens and organizations in and out of the State of Texas. Over the last eight years, government agencies such as the EPA, Transportation Department, and Office of Civil Rights have tried every form of diplomacy  to protect property and lives and seldom pursue violations by court of law against the state of Texas. Some good local examples are Kelly AFB which is an active EPA Toxic Super Fund,  our farm burn 3 times in a five year period due to faulty oil well heads (fire from the lack of routine safety maintenance and inspections example BP), and the mass exodus of disabled students from the university of Texas because of hostile policies that segregate the disabled population from all other campus community members.

Most Texans believe that Perry's coalition is made of the few wealthy and corrupt State investors that have no regard for their fellow man or loss of human life. Countless examples of Perry's special interest policies such as the recent big pharmaceutical mortality spike of 88,000 deaths [Merck Vioxx], Vaccine legislation support by special interest cash linked to terminal illness, drug legislation doughnut hole that deprives elderly for necessary medicines, antiquated DEA laws that aid the illegal drug trade, and finance terrorism.

In addition, burning fuel farms and oil well heads where cash buys safety certificates, academic payoffs justifying cheaper unsafe manufacturing processes, a "No Child Left Behind Law" that has filled Texas prisons with those very children the law intended to protect ad infinitum. 

Texas Governor Rick Perry Evangelical Church Hate Group

By law, Richard James Perry Must Resign for engaging in Insurrection and Rebellion Against the Constitution of the United States and the Citizens of the United States

Texas Leadership is promoting a religious hate group that should be targeted by Obama's "New Laser Focus." 'The new strategy will focus on such adherents inside the US, whom Brennan described as “individuals, sometimes with little or no direct physical contact with Al Qaeda, who have succumbed to its hateful ideology.” Anti-Muslim groups succumb to the hateful ideologies of Al Qaeda and become dangerous persons such as the recent statement of Mark Stroman executed yesterday evening at 8:36pm.

Religion has no place in Government, in all other things in God We Trust!

This is not a situation peaceful deliberation can resolve such issues- The United States Justice Department Must Take Action! 

Perry's army (Who declared Open War Against the United States) of God have succumb to the hateful teachings of Al-Quida; although, they are not directly linked to the organisation. The Old Testament Bible for these groups is the same Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faiths.

We are now seeing the effects directly link to Hate Religious groups in Texas Government that promote discriminatory practises with 4,500 bias appointees that must submit to Perry's Hateful ideologies. 

The following credible news sources tell the story. Government has no place for Religion especially those of Racist, and Anti-non Evangelical Christians groups that the Governor of Texas has just proclaimed himself a *Prophet or the leader of such hateful ideologies as follows after the note:

60 percent of Texans suspended before high school graduation

By Liz Goodwin | The Lookout – Tue, Jul 19, 2011


"A new study by the by the Council of State Governments finds that 60 percent of Texan students were suspended, expelled or faced in-school suspensions by the time they graduated high school"

"African-American students and those with particular educational disabilities experience a disproportionately high rate of removal from the classroom for disciplinary reasons," study author Mike Thompson told NPR. Seventy percent of black female students were expelled or suspended, compared to 37 percent of white girls, he said."

Rick Perry's Army of God Texas Observer
Forest wilder: Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A little-known movement of radical Christians and self-proclaimed prophets wants to infiltrate government, and Rick Perry might be their man.

In Texas, they engage in elaborate ceremonies involving branding irons, plumb lines and stakes inscribed with biblical passages driven into the earth of every Texas county.

If they simply professed unusual beliefs, movement leaders wouldn’t be remarkable. But what makes the New Apostolic Reformation movement so potent is its growing fascination with infiltrating politics and government. 

The new prophets Racist, Anti-Muslim, Anti non-Evangelical Christian Hate Group

Evangelical Christian Hate Group:  believe Christians—certain Christians—are destined to not just take “dominion” over government, but stealthily climb to the commanding heights of what they term the “Seven Mountains” of society, including the media and the arts and entertainment world. They believe they’re intended to lord over it all. As a first step, they’re leading an “army of God” to commandeer civilian government.

The Response has engendered widespread criticism of its deliberate blurring of church and state and for the involvement of the American Family Association, labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its leadership’s homophobic and anti-Muslim statements. But it’s the involvement of New Apostolic leaders that’s more telling about Perry’s convictions and campaign strategy.

This is not a situation peaceful deliberation can resolve such issues and the Justice Department Must Take Action- Now!

My Apologies To The Honorable Eric Holder United States Attorney General

by G N O'Dell June 17 2012

Rule-of-law Only Applies To The 99% Does Not Apply To The 1% Wealthy Few Pluralistic Application of Law!

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