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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Texas Private Security Investigative Firms are Terrorist

According To Private Security Firms Santa Claus and Terrorist Do Not Exist:
Why must U.S. Citizens Disclose on the Web?

The Manipulation of Data Is Used by These Firms To Bring Harm to the Harmless!
LinearismOrg G N O'Dell 01/13/2012

Any reasonable human being would say that most people believe in an eternal essence that has some type of mystical powers to protect and help the living or the spirits of the dead that give us hope in times of uncertainty or despair. Perhaps the essence of these spirits are like Saint Francis, something grand or more encompassing; something that bonds all living things together or a common everyday god that dwells in the peripheral blind spot of social invisibility, if many believe that there is a God that cares for the living and those that have passed, while others consider God and spirits as primitive myths.

Porcelain Globe 'Entrapment' G N O'Dell 2008

                                           Everyday Is Christmas If Like Me 
                          You Believe In Santa Claus and Terrorist Do Exist!

A century ago, during the colonization of India which was a part of the Great British Commonwealth the Hindu term ‘Atma’ etched on ancient Sanskrit tablets that refers to the soul body coined by ancient Hindu sages was interpreted and translated by nineteenth century Christian Linguist as a dogmatic primitive myth because they understood spirit or soul in the realm of faith or outside sound scientific rationale.

As European states emerged from the dark ages in the 14th century, the scientific method of observation that failed to save the Roman Empire from self-destruction separated, and in many cases rejected 2000 years of academic advancement achieved in Asian religious institutions into what is now determined to be either the ontological or logical and can be illustrated today as the ideology of separation of church and state. More distinctly the belief in Divinity separated from empirical facts we call realism even though most of what we perceive rides in the blind spot of social cognition that some can conceive and others cannot.

Realist believe that our perceptions of the empirical universe is independent from the cognitive self sometimes called the separatist view, dualism, or many other compelling theories, such as epiphenomenalism or the brain in a vat example,  a range of what are reasonable rational views to the bizarre or those views that could be true but lack the building blocks of correspondence we call facts.

The advancement of our understanding of physics has contributed to many new technologies some beneficial such as the ball point pen and some destructive such as the hydrogen bomb; however, the laws of physics do not change, only our perception of the natural order of things change the rules of physics and by way of the scientific method of observation we determine what is real and call those perceptions facts. Depending on the most dominant culture, tradition, or beliefs what is real or what we call scientific fact become linguistic determinants, even if the evidence shows the contrary.

The British linguists who translated Hindu text a decade ago still cause havoc as linguistic determinants, even though they celebrated Christmas in German tradition while justifying the gifts left under the tree to youngest of their family as gifts from Santa Claus, by the time these children reach the age of six, determined by tradition, fess-up that Santa Claus does not exist then sent them off to Sunday school to learn about the Devil. 

Conversely, what is viewed as ghosts in the West and viewed as Atmas in the East are in fact referring to the same soul body of Christian faith.  

Unfortunately, the British Linguists who interpreted the ancient Hindu Text based their translations on scientific proof according to their own traditional religious faiths so in contemporary writings both positions are today considered credulous by the determinate nature of languages.

More specifically, the Hindu term 'atma' has historic importance as evidenced by the existence of these Souls. Any view that includes a human body and a separate heavenly soul body share the pluralist view of multiple bodies. The heavenly afterlife in which the soul dwells is also a belief in multidimensional planes. It seems odd to justify what is commonly understood as true; however, the determinants of language begs complex explanations to arrive at the same simple truths.

Countless pages of ancient as well as contemporary text describe the soul, or the I-ness © of a being that determines its existence as the personification of individual experience in the material world.  This pluralist view of multiple bodies is shared by Christian, Hebrew, and Islamic faiths as well as the majority of worldly religions. Any perceive-er is an eyewitness and perception is the Iness ©.

The Story of Helen Keller, a deaf and blind child who pioneered braille so she could read and write and communicate with others is an excellent example. Recent studies in autism contradict what was thought to be a scientific fact that the autistic could not have cognition of their self or others just to be proved wrong a few years later as autistic scholars emerge from universities with degrees every graduation year.

I’ll say it again, critical thinking never did me much good in matters of the soul, and what I tried to prove to Mary, Mary proved to me. What Mary and I share in common regardless of culture or belief is that we are both just everyday common mystics, a state achieved without special training or gained by rational thought, such as my trans-personality I tried to keep in the closet from Mary to find mysticism is something we all hold in common a knowledge of the Divine available to any situated knower such as the truth concerning Santa Claus, he exists. Just because he does not leave presents at your house, does not mean they are not left at my home. It could be the case of behaving naughty and not nice!

The story of Santa Claus originated in the Black Forest of Eastern Germany, as towns people reported a Monk from a local monastery visiting their homes in nearby villages at the same time of night and with a sweet tooth for cookies, yet the Monk never physically left the Monastery. This particular Monk would assist people in times of need by leaving the Monastery wall in a transpersonal state and could appear in multiple places at the same time giving comfort to those in need with spiritual gifts.

The contemporary story of Santa Claus comes from the work of this monk reported to authorities on numerous occasions. Today’s story of Santa Claus tries to  make sense out of the reports which includes the means for his travel with a swift running reindeer team that can fly to so many homes but never was reported missing from the Monastery.

Since none of the towns folk reported any physical evidence, excluding some missing cookies and pastries, or forced entry.  the folk lore consensus at the time determined that he must enter their homes by the roof chimney top and descended down the chimney to the family room that usually was the family hearth that was used at times to dry wet stockings.

None of the village people complained about his appearance; they only reported the mystical monk to confirm others’ stories of good tidings and spiritual advice. Those that were not visited by the monk would leave out his favorites, cookies and pastries to try to attract him to their homes. Just as the Buddhist of Thailand do with their spirit guess houses extended high on poles.

I know the story as one of two wounded American soldiers shot escaping a German execution squad and by the grace of God made it to this monastery for medical attention.  But my boyhood friend and comrade in arms received a fatal shot in the back and I left him with tears as he lay face down in a pool of blood on the white driven snow. I turned and ran for safety in the black forest thicket all through the moon light night until out of exhaustion and loss of blood I came upon the very monastery just describe and two monks were that were sweeping the snow off the entrance helped me inside were I received medical attention for months. 

They gave me refuge, hidden from German soldiers disguised as a fellow brother of the same monastic faith. The mysterious monk was also the Abbot of the four story high monastery built in ancient times with large stones quarried from the nearby forest. He kept me busy with many tasks such as sweeping, cleaning, and kitchen duty but he would occasionally take me on one of his many twilight visits showing me his work.

A long time passed and I seemed to be well healed and kept asking the Abbot if I could leave to rejoin my battalion. He would never give me a direct answer or diverted as if he did not hear me when I asked permission to leave until one day I demanded an answer why I was being held. All the monks that cared for me including the Abbot, who they called Simon, knew that I also was killed trying to escape and my body laid was still lying under the snow next to my boyhood friend and comrade in arms.

When I realized that I was actually dead and they had misled me, I became angry demanding why they did not tell me of my demise. The Abbot’s deep blue eyes peered deep into my own and said, “Who am I to pronounce another man dead. Did you not serve the people of the village with me on nightly visitation and took to scrubbing greasy pots in the monastery kitchen till they shined anew? Is this the work of a dead man?” 

A few days later he led me to a tunnel in the basement of the ancient monastery which I passed on to another life and time as a newly born child to a family and safe circumstances he had chosen personally so that I could assist him when ready- well actually at his beck-n-call. 

Even though he had carefully placed me in the right home with the best of parents I was doomed from the start with several diseases and the attention of one of his adversaries that did not want me to succeed for whatever mission I was sent, I still do not know; however, I still retain the memories of a time before I was born in to this world and had no eyes to see.

I write you this my story today 53 years later, born just in time to see the first men to travel to and back from the moon and witnessed the carnage of the technical age with regular nuclear detonations including the hideous Hydrogen Bomb on black and white television but on some occasions watch on our neighbors brand new RCA color TV just before the Walt Disney Show would come on.

Lyndon Johnson, President at the time, seemed to like to scare the daylights out of people with regular warnings of a nuclear attack until He decided “I will not run for reelection as your President”  as if anybody really wanted him to be their President, especially if you still have living memory of an accidental Nuclear detonation in your on South Texas Town.

That's right, on 13 November 1963 at approximately 11: am, an accentual nuclear detonation shook the whole town of San Antonio, Texas with it epoch center in the Medina Base Annex south west of town that broke windows 30 miles away on the north side of San Antonio. The only known accidental nuclear device detonation openly reported in the United States of America at the time.

Thank God for miracles that seem to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things, That saved the world from thermal Nuclear destruction on November 13th while President John F Kennedy was in San Antonio Texas around 11: am. Sadly, he was assassinated weeks later in Dallas Texas and Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States who took total micro control of the military police action in South Vietnam that I believe would have ended within months instead of years by the diplomacy of John F. Kidney if he live the life of his term.

There was also a near global nuclear launch triggered in 1982 that leaves many of us with mistrust for human judgment and a strengthening of a belief in a common everyday god as real as the invisible nose on your face outside of peripheral perception that rides in the blind spot of social recognition for some but not for others.

Consequently, I tell my family and friends to stay clear of me, even to the extent of leaving town on November 13 which they have living memory of the explosion November 13, 1964 and the first terrorist bombing finance by Osama Bin Laden was deliberately detonated, destroying a federal building next to the building my dearly departed wife, a Federal employee was working on November 13, 1995. Her death was years latter from unrelated causes and my only true love until I met Mary.

The bombing was reported by CNN as follows:

Ambassador: Car bomb destroyed military building CNN November 13, 1995 Web posted at: 11:45 a.m. EST (1645 GMT)
"Witnesses said the scene was chaotic right after the blast. Bystanders helped to load bleeding casualties into cars to be taken to hospitals. "We are seeing a lot of burns," said a hospital spokesperson in Riyadh. Witnesses said the blast was felt across the city. "A huge explosion shook our building," a Riyadh resident said. "It was like an earthquake.”

Surprisingly, I thought it was evident the attack on American ex-patriots occupying Saudi Arabia, was planned financed and orchestrated by Osama Bin  Laden, Who I understand was the leader of "A group called The Islamic Movement for Change" that claimed responsibility of the bombing. 

Evidently, President George W. Bush Jr. was unaware of this connection and retains ties to the al-Qaeda Terrorist Leader and his family for six more years. It makes a lot of sense that the 911 attack on New York would of never happened if our intelligence agencies knew what was common knowledge by the people that witness the bombing in Riyadh Saudi Arabia; however, nobody asked us our opinions.

After I understood that investigators never made the connection, I voice my opinion concerning the 911 Patriot Act to my Congressional Representative after Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy seals on May 1, 2011 as follows:
Sunday, May 8, 2011 "Number One Budget Solution of the Year Award Kill the 911 Patriot Act!"

"911 Patriot Act Unnecessary Expense The CIA and the FBI have always had this Authority! And Should Have!"

"The Biggest Budget Cut Should Be Scrutinized. The 911 Patriot Act is an Unnecessary Expense that is not keeping anybody "Safer" but  Osama Bin Laden, well until last week or for 15 years, and  George Bush  who kept ties with him after he financed the first Terrorist Bombing in Riyadh Saudi Arabia!
Who I understand was the leader of "A group called The Islamic Movement for Change" that claimed responsibility of the first federal building bombing in Saudi Arabia November 13 1995. I should know, I was there and my freaking ears are still ringing from the high tech expensive bomb!"

No Conspiracy, Just Plain old Stupidity! Now They [Bush Administration] take credit for the breach and they should have credit for something that should of Never Happened! Which includes the attack on New York killing 4000, two unnecessary wars, the economic displacement of billions of people on a global scale, save for the wealthy few who do not pay taxes.
Give Credit where credit is due, Dick Cheney draining every dime out of Washington by illegal incorporation of private security firms (Example Bain & Co.), a blank check justified by the 911 Patriot Act causing Global Economic Crisis.

What would be the projection of economic recovery if the 911 Patriot Act was repealed today? This is a question for Congressional economic experts on Capitol Hill and don't quote Dick Cheney and say "Nobody Saw It Coming."

911 Act Repealed = X
911 Act Repealed = No Impact to National Security

I expect an answer. Congress should have already done the projection. Don't let the High School Kids Beat You to the Answer. 

Later, I received and answer which is contrary to my request to repeal the 911 Patriot Act which plunged the new world in to Global Economic Crisis. To his credit he said he was open to other means to improve on the Act that he believes is keeping us safer which worries me and intensifies my belief that there must be everyday ordinary God working miracles in our lives.

Just last week, I received a letter from the FBI concerning my compensation claim from the Riyadh Bombing which was denied explaining “The OVA was not able to identify you as a victim of the bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on November 12, 1995; therefore, your ITVERP claim is dismissed.”

Delusional Contact With The FBI According To Experts At The VA?

Well, so much for linear computer systems, the bombing was on November 13, 1995 and I am not listed in their data system because I dwell in the peripheral  blind spot of social invisibility. Even though, my shadowy existence is void from data collecting systems, I sent them forty one pages of certified tax returns that not even the invisible man can avoid paying!

My best argument against the privatization of our National Security System to Private Security Firms rest in their total reliance on antiquated computer systems that prove that I do not exist just like Santa Claus; more worrisome, is that I gave them detail information on two other Terrorist Bombings that they never knew about! [Update: They Know More About Me Than I Know About Myself. That Is Why U.S. Citizens Must Disclose on the web to protect the data, identifying those that like to manipulate it! Computers don't lie - people do!]

I reiterate my congressman’s reply concerning the 911 Patriot Act “he was open to other means to improve on the Act that he believes is keeping us safer” which worries me and intensifies my belief that there must be everyday ordinary God working miracles in our lives or we would all be doomed if we relied on Private Security Firms that drained our economy to near bankruptcy and are not keeping anyone safer!


November 13, 1995, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A car bomb exploded in the parking lot outside of the Riyadh headquarters of the Office of the Program Manager/Saudi Arabian National Guard, killing seven persons, five of them U.S. citizens, and wounding 42. The blast severely damaged the three-story building, which houses a U.S. military advisory group, and several neighboring office buildings. Three groups -- the Islamic Movement for Change, the Tigers of the Gulf, and the Combatant Partisans of God -- claimed responsibility for the attack.

G N O’Dell 01/13/2012

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