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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Everybody In Rural South Central Texas is Playing This Little Piggy

Cannibalism Starvation Hunger
South Texas May Have A Solution 

100,000 net tons of Wild Pork rots back to earth from Capture or Killed Feral Hogs

People are going hungry to the point of starvation in North Korea, Africa and South America

While We Have An Infestation of Food!

You can't take the pig out of the pork but you can pork chop the pig!
How To Solve a Texas Feral Hog Infestation with temporary visas from a 
"Hunting Tribe in Africa?"

The Ultimate Culture Clash...

Last updated at 22:58 28 April 2007
Courtesy of

"Culture is not good or bad thing it is just the best a group of people can do"

Some of these tribes live to eat, while we eat to live!

2:30 AM Caught in A
Feral Hog Trap

Hunting Experts of Tribal 
 lineage some have develop night vision
hunting skills we would be fools not to do 
some research 

These people are much like me, they consider a 4 star hotel a burden, while sleeping under the stars as a blessing. Room and board would be an insult and they have their own medicine practitioners  The only expense would be transportation of the Hunters and the exportation of the Pork.

Everybody In Rural South Central Texas is Playing This Little Piggy
What are you paying now $$$$$$$$ or 
How much would pay to make the little piggy go away?

Everybody In South Central Texas is Playing 
You Can Play Too!

What Is Your Solution?
"The Catch of The Day"

G. N. O'Dell 03/28/2013

Raise the Bar Be Bizarre
Let Your Mind Do The Walking!

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