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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Law South of Universal Mind Texas and The OCM

Five years of Being Stalked By Deadly Force

After all means of due process, a Texas University can't even make the proper adjustments to clerical errors and a sharing program that puts innocent people lives in jeopardy!

Today, I call the bar association and their computer is down. Folks we got to come out of denial and face the fact concerning are own Cyber Threat!

Bill Gates wet dream is a disaster. The day you can fix it, then we will turn it back on. Until then -
Turn it Off! 

Fixed by Order of Clandestine Monks
Turn It ON! Turn If ON! Turn It ON!
Privacy Why It Concerns THEM $$$$$

I am no longer seeking legal representation against the State of Texas with court documents, eye witness reports, and police testimony. 

Please Identify yourself with " Hi I am a Lawyer that may want to represent you"

Thanks for Contacting me.
"It Takes Just One To Know Me"
"It Takes One To Know Me"
Gregory O'Dell

Privacy Why It Should Concern You!

Intrusion into your personal space, by persons or networks of mindless electronic devices, plagiarizers and patent trolls has robbed you of your creativity, spirituality, copyrights, income, and dreams.

Privacy Why It Should Concern The Texas GOP
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