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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Justice Department That Cheats To Own Agenda?

A ‘balanced reduction’ would be to take cases like mine and others similar to it and track them back to the source and there you will find the fat to trim. 

"The Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General Investigates allegations of misconduct by employees of the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as waste, fraud and abuse affecting a Department of Justice agency or program"

This problem is out of hands and I hope and pray that the Justice Department understands that all my complaints were directed to the Office of Inspector General - Can You Hear Me Now?

As you can see this has been a five year ordeal for me and my extended family. It must have cost the state and federal government millions of dollars just to attack my family and if you add the thousands of other families targeted in this same way; you might come up a Trillion Dollar deficit reduction.

If data manipulation is the problem, which it is part of the problem, then IT techs should NOT be involved with Quality Assurance programs, they are the problem. You can have them write programs from here to doomsday, which will be right around corner if statistics and scientific facts are manipulated to a special interest agenda. 

Computer applications make very good slaves; however, they also can be very bad masters.

God Bless America!

Gregory O'Dell 03/01/2013

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