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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

While I Was Watching Out for You What Did I See

The Day Cointelpro
Got A Hold Of  Me
What Should Concern All Texans 
Not Just Me!

As my eyes followed the bottom of the fence upwards over the spiraling razor wire peering into deep space, aware of my tiny insignificance in the whole of things Mary said, “Somebody is Always Watching.”

 In retrospective, now I see, while I was watching out for you, Mary was watching out for me.

What Did I See?

I Used To Be A Real Nice Guy Until They Got A Hold of Me.
No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Day Cointelpro
Got A Hold Of  Me

Some difficulties do arise if fantasy is strengthened by the ego such as in a case of a person waking from a long deep coma; appealing to the desires of an audience instead of reporting what did happen. Quite possibly the reality of such experiences can be lost forever if the fantasy pays off egoistically in such a way as someone special or infamous.

The reality of the experience is not lost forever, and eidetic* memories will return as the reality of the experience cannot add-on or take away from what actually did happen. The illusions are only as strong as the person who witnessed the encounter wills them to be.

*eidetic: Designating or of mental images that are usually vivid and almost photographically exact [Webster New World College Dictionary 4th Edition 2001]

Part I

What Should Concern All Texans 
Not Just Me!

5. Texas Governor Rick Perry is the custodian of all emails and phones calls in Texas and they have exploited that information, including voter fraud by remote device adding counts to GOP candidates. The reason the United Nations observed the Voting in Texas in 2012. 

The custodian or 'record keeper' has used the information for retaliation and political targeting and is liable for the breach of that information, which includes personal information of all Texans.

Is There A Lawyer In The Texas House!

@Senator Carlos Uresti
- We The People

Citizens Domestic Surveillance Incorporated Security Update
"Watch Them Before They Start Watching You!"

*2001 Google tries to upload every book in the library before they load the Websters Dictionary - The Foundation of everything We Know! Transpersonal, Eidetic, Total Awareness etc.....

Our Constitution does NOT need to be amended, words and phrases need to be included in our data base that have 'meaning'. Nothing changes in Texas but the 'meaning' of law! 

Best Example: The phrase 'The Right To Die' is wrongly used to execute criminals, including innocent people in Texas.

'The Right To Die' constitutional meaning relates to the freedom of individual choice and behaviors or 'a person right to dispose of his body anyway he pleases' not what pleases death penalty executioners or Cyber behavioral analyst, who target and execute the wrong people! Data applications make good slaves but very Bad Masters!  

Clue - Hidden In The Bushes. The deletion or superseding of words and phrases is the Modus operandi of Red State Communism that retains permanent seats of power by the Republican GOP "Gang of Four" in Texas and U.S. House of Representatives. 

Many people advocate for free speech; however, few ever consider the choices they make could be predetermined by their own language. The way we think is vastly influenced by our own inner talk. 

What we say to ourselves in the quiet of our minds can and does determine how we understand. If by linguistic relatively, our language restricts self expression, then it makes good sense; the way we talk to ourselves also restricts the way we think.

We all praise rationality but seldom do we apply the same criteria in the quiet of our own minds.

Example: The Romney Republican Political campaign Spent Billions of dollars on 'linguistic deception' that incited riots by misinformation. This was done by intent, people were harmed and killed; however, the justice department will not prosecute these criminals.

If we analyze the essential features of the way we speak and the way we think, we can easily identify and redefine words or phrases of a particular cultural emphasis which predetermine our opinions. In other words, by applying a few principals of Linguistics, the way we speak, to the way we think,we can, with little effort, loosen the bonds of cultural control, guaranteeing our right to freely reason on our own.

It is a grave error to make a distinction between expressed written words and phrases vs. linguistic spoken words or phrases, because the way we talk to ourselves in the quite of our own minds is the way humans understand . 'Inner talk' controls our very actions (O'Dell ©).

Most importantly, United States Citizens, who desire to freely reason on their own, must redefine words or phrases that predetermine our political opinions that breed false beliefs. 

Freeing one's somatic domain of false beliefs guarantees our right to freely reason on our own.  

G. N. O'Dell 03/13/2013

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