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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Citizens vs United A National Security Threat The Constitution Does Not Need To Be Amended

Vague Interpretations of House Bill H. R. 3523
Trigger The Use of Non-Lethal Weapons
An Imminent Threat To The Citizens of the United States, In The Name of National Security Justified by The 911 Patriot Act! G.N. O'Dell re-post 4/27/2012

Private Security Firms do not have the rights of a person; especially, if they have any level of a National Security clearance. These Private Security Firms have a history of bringing harm or even death to innocent private citizens of the United States.

Furthermore, not even the, FBI, CIA, or any other Law enforcement agency has any authorization to contact, investigate, or prosecute Private Security Firms or Firms Contracted by NSA or NSA itself! 

NSA and the Department of Defense has authorization to use non-lethal weapons or deadly force against any real or perceived  threat to National Security, and history reveals that they do use deadly force; even ungodly Human Experimentation Applications on citizens of the United States of America, unknowingly as the subjects of such experimentation. 

Bio Non-lethal and deadly Human Experimentation is being done at this moment by NSA, who is quick to say the attacks are from foreign countries in order to protect the agency, and to rob the Federal Government of more funds. Who is responsible for NSA? The United States Senate. Why has my Senator not taken steps to protect his own people in Texas from abuse of NSA? 

The Senate does not dare take action against the programs of NSA for fear of reprisal from NSA, which makes NSA an enemy of the State. Seventy-five percent of NSA programs are unnecessary, some deadly to innocent U.S. citizens. These programs should be dissolved as the highest priority of Congress, which would  balance the budget at the same time the moment the funds are cut, today, not 20 years from now! [In Retrospect this not a good idea! Be happy "Somebody is Always Watching" out for you and me!]

This is why Republicans attack programs like social security, medicare, and swimming pool accessibly for the disabled, to divert political attention away from their own inside trading investments in NSA and Private Security Firms.
Furthermore; a mountain of evidence exist, these agencies can be triggered by a teenager, simply writing a blog, to take swift military action in the wrong direction, bringing harm or even death to the innocent. Politicians use the National Security trigger all the time, to squash decent, retaliation, and to hold power such as in the State of Texas. 

See Part I "Corporate Personhood and National Security Absolute Corruption"  for a detail list of criminal activity against the citizens of the United States that has yet to be prosecuted by the Attorney Generals Office as this link:

The White House administration explains the problem clearly as published by Washington Post journalist Ellen Nakashima on April 25 2012 as follows:

"The White House also expressed worry that the bill would shield companies from lawsuits if they misused data. “This broad liability protection not only removes a strong incentive to improving cybersecurity, it also potentially undermines our nation’s economic, national security, and public safety interests,” the administration said."

Lastly, the bill is to vague and can be interpreted in a thousand different ways such as "(B) theft or misappropriation of private or government information, intellectual property, or personally identifiable information." What is misappropriation? Misappropriation can be compared to inappropriate acts, that cannot or will never be definitely understood in any court of law or any reasonable human being.
by G N O'Dell 04/27/2012
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