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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

American Domestic Terrorism Is Not A New Age Phenomena

What a wonderful time to born in the USA, just in time to see the first man to travel to and back from the moon and witnessed the carnage of the technical age with regular nuclear detonations, including the hideous Hydrogen Bomb on black and white television. On some occasions we watch the hideous display on our neighbors brand new RCA color TV, just before the Walt Disney Show would come on.

Video Radio Documentary

Lyndon Johnson, President at the time, seemed to like to scare the daylights out of people with regular warnings  of a nuclear attack until He decided, “I will not run for reelection as your President,”  as if anybody really wanted him to be their President.

That’s right, on 13 November 1963 at approximately 11: am, I and other elementary school children were knocked to the ground from the only known accidental nuclear device detonation openly reported in the United States of America. National Security (appropriately, because that is their job to do so) tried to depress and  censor the press, but everybody was scrambling under the daily instructions of Vice President Lyndon Bird Johnson famous Television series explaining, “what to do if  a nuclear bomb explodes near your school.”  Ever wonder where the phrase “Grab your ankles and kiss [it] good-bye” came from?

Evaluation of Window Pane Damage Intensity In San Antonio Resulting From Facility Explosion on November 13, 1963.

After the death of President John F. Kennedy, who just happened to be in San Antonio Texas [There is a contradictory report he was not] when the explosion detonated on the Medina Military Annex Southwest San Antonio. Kennedy’s death took place on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 p.m.  Before the assassination of RFK, and VP President Lyndon Johnson was sworn into office, the VP nuclear safety programs would interrupt anything of importance on TV including the Walt Disney Show.

It seemed Johnson just wanted to scare the hell out of us all with test films of the colossal destruction just one of these bombs can do; usually attached to a training film using high school students as actors in class, after hearing the nuclear attack alarm. Ever wonder where that irritating sound came from when even today the TV flashes “This is a Test”?

 The Nuclear Bomb safety instructions usually repeated the same dialog, “The first thing is remain calm, climb under your desk and place your head between  your knees, then loop your  arms over your legs and clasp your hands together. After a very large boom accompanied with the ground shaking ends, resume back to your classroom duties!”

In today’s world, it seems we have a problem with all these microwave towers and high tech devices to send a loud irritating noise to warn us of an attack. See this link “This Is A Test Back To Rabbit Ears Aluminum Foil” for more details:

At my age, I would have never thought a group of Terrorist would group together, conspire an assassination attempt by combining two highly volatile explosives including u235 enriched by 4% volume uranium that sent out a band of ionizing radiation for at least 100 miles for ground zero.

These weren’t your typical Terrorist as Texas Governor Rick Perry just suggested (In A National Debate 2012!) that the profile of all terrorist  “are all Muslims” and from my experience of a victim of three terrorist bombings, they never are typical, or do they have any correlation to a religion, race, or country.

In this case, these terrorist were white supremacist earning degrees in Nuclear Physics in Germany. One attended law school right here in San Antonio Texas.  One of the suspects was a member of the John Birch Society.

Commission Exhibit No. 2095-Continued

Commision Exhibit 2096

Commison Exhibit 2096 Page 257

Testing in an open field near the Castroville Texas, airport twenty-five years later, still found active ionizing radiation U235 4% enriched by volume, on vegetation in 1998, as well as other contaminated material. The report explained the deposits that they found, could of been missed after the clean-up. I understood something had gone very wrong while watching the construction of a three parallel security fence, 15 feet high, the center fence still fully charged with deadly electrical currents from a private power grid, ready to fry anyone that attempts to breach the first.

Still today, we see cases of radiation diseases such as thyroid cancer, arthritis, and birth defects in the area. Recently there was a report released showing an unusual increase in epilepsy in South Central Texas with a map that circles the epoch of the explosion.  Human Health Services seems to ignore any request for assistance to this nuclear event, as if it never happened. 

Stepping back further, 13 November 1963 at approximately 11: am, myself and other elementary school children, were knocked to the ground from the only known accidental nuclear device detonation openly reported in the United States of America. Everyone knew it was a nuclear explosion when windows broke out on the North Side of San Antonio and we did what VP now President Johnson told us, “After a very large boom accompanied with the ground shaking ends, resume back to your classroom duties!”

Well, actually nobody resumed their classroom duties, everybody started to look for loved ones and speeding to evacuation routes that once lined our highways stating such, but since myself and one other classmate, still upset with the interruption of the Walt Disney Show by Johnson, remained calm and returned to our classroom duties, which just happened to be playground recess.

The evening before, it had rained and left the ground a little muddy in spots and we spent the better part of eight hours abandoned at school playground before the educators returned to their classroom duties and found us. This particular school had a small dog that had its kennel in the playground and we let the dog out to play “What to do if a Nuclear Bomb Explodes Near Your School.”

The dog tracked through a few mud holes and jumped up and down on us leaving black prints. Our educators examined the prints on our shirts and determined that they were “Playing card clubs shaped nuclear burn marks” on our white shirts that had left red 1st degree burns on the skin, as they explained to the Emergency Nuclear response team.

As I have explained, we were the type of kids that did EXACTLY what they were told; who had a deep resentment for Johnson’s training programs that interrupted the Walt Disney show which we all had to walk three blocks to a geek of kid’s house to watch it on colored TV. We were both transported to Wilford Hall Hospital that had a Nuclear Accident Operating Room.

We waited in a secured room that had colored TV, so we were not in any emergency. If I remember right, my classmate and also burn victim, put out this lame fake cry, “What about Buffy (the dog).” I could barely hold it when the nurse said, “Oh you brave, brave boys.”

Well, in fact I could not go on with it and told them that the marks were mud tracks from the dog. My classmate elbowed me as they began the final discharge from the hospital.

 Most unfortunately, right wing white supremacy groups still thrive in Texas, as they did in the 1960s, whether they are Tea Party Anti-Government groups, or evangelical religious groups. These right wing groups are supported and/or led by Texas Governor Rick Perry, backed by 4,500 bias right wing Republican appointees, some embedded in the supreme court of Texas. Executive Incident Investigation Commission Exhibit Number 2095, describes the racist attitudes of these groups in 1963, which are still alive and well in Texas, 2012 as follows:

“On the evening of November 22, 1963, Mrs. Ernestine White, Fullerton, California telphonically advised that a young  German identified as Jaochim Rudolph Roehricht, an employee of Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, in a comversation with her on November 16, 1963, commented she would be surprised to know how how many young men in Texas wore the Swasstika. He allegedly said that if the President came to Texas, he would be assassinated. He went on that in San Antonio there are number of your men who believe the negroes should be killed. He allegedly said, “We need a Goering to get rid of the Negros in the United States like they did the Jews in Germany.”

citation: Commission Exhibit Number 2095

G N O’Dell 01/12/2012

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