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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Texas Gang of Four Big Pharmaceutical Vioxx Was A Texas Backroom Decision?

The Honorable @Senator Ted Cruz,

I think you should work the Victims of Crime(s) complaints against the State of Texas before you send out another embarrassing letter that has nothing to do with the "Reality of Things?"

Just trying to help you out with some Texas Tradition!

Your Case Worker In the Austin Office has my Case. I ask her to tell you to call me so you would know the details, but I guess she never told you?

Gregory O'Dell 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 

Ok! I will pass this along to all 5,000 Texas friends I have on facebook and twitter just like you asked. You do have some valid points.


March 26, 2013
This week marked the third anniversary of Obamacare and the Democrat-led Senate passed a budget, for the first time in four years, that would add $5.2 trillion in deficits, increase spending by $654 billion, and add $1.5 trillion in taxes over the next ten years that would further devastate jobs and the economy. I offered a series of amendments to the budget to repeal Obamacare, revoke funding for Egypt, and pressure the UN to eliminate forced abortions in China. Finally, there is very important news pertaining to your Second Amendment Rights I'd like to share with you. If you have a moment, please read this update below and pass on to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
All the best,
TC Sig
The Response for the letter of appeal was timely - see Texas Victims of Crimes Response to my third attempt after seeing Rene Pena District Attorney page 7 below

It All Connects Together Stalking, Retaliating, Swatting, You Name It!
Texas Fusion Centers Top Secret America
Political Targets

Is There Justice In Texas?
Greg Abbott Has Failed Again
VIOXX Victim of Crimes Office

Summer 2009: 10,000 Texas Vioxx Victims Sent a Packing "Walking To New Orleans" Kangaroo Court, have made their way back to Texas District Attorneys Victims of Crimes Office - Where is the money going?

Is There Justice In Texas? Rene Pena was given the burden of proof concerning VIOXX Criminal Charges in 2009, hand carried by me to his office and would not pursue them. I had to give it to the United States Attorney General myself? 

Now he's not pursuing Swatting by Rick Perry Political Control. Is it because he received $2,000,000 for 300 Jobless Attorneys Positions  in Texas but instead bought New SUVs for the Police? That's a question?

"Activities are coordinated through the Border Prosecution Unit Board of Directors headed by Chairman Rene M. Pena, District Attorney for the 81st Judicial District (Floresville), and Vice-Chairman Isidro Alaniz, District Attorney for the 49th Judicial District (Laredo).

The initial funding was granted through the 81st Legislature (SB 1, Art. IX, Sec. 17.04(4)), in the amount of $4,000,000 for the biennium.  Its purpose is to create and supplement “prosecution resources: in aid of Border Security Operations”.  The BPU grant is administered as a trusteed grant program through the Criminal Justice Division of Governor Perry’s office [Pay-off? Corruption].

The grant allows each District Attorney’s office to hire assistant prosecutors and/or investigators whose primary responsibility is to aggressively handle and coordinate prosecution of border crimes." 

When a Hillbilly from South Central Texas (the sole witness in the world) has to contact the United States Attorney Generals Office and the DEA to Give them the Criminal Evidence that brought Merck Down, then it could be true - the Criminal Charges I have in his office for six month are also Valid Claims!

First Things First:

1. Pay Me My Victim of Crime Payment for Merck Damages Now!

Their Response to my third letter of appeal?
They Received a Week Before The Dead-line?
Asking me to send a 4th letter of appeal?

Merck Settles Vioxx Criminal Charges With US for $322 Million
Latest News | Posted: 20 April 2012

 By Alexander Gaffney 

US pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck & Co. has settled criminal charges over the company’s marketing of its painkiller drug Vioxx, reports Bloomberg.

Merck will pay a $321.6 million criminal fine after US District Judge Patti Saris approved the settlement. This fine is in addition to a $628.3 million in civil claims paid out in November 2011, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

2. Next Hire 300 Prosecuting Attorneys Just out College Looking for Job!

3. Lastly Prosecute My Claims Against State of Texas!

Stalking Retaliation Beginning in 2007

Terrorist Threats by Rogue Rick Perry Mafia Goons

Bio-lethal Attack 2 Counts Carries 25 Years In Prison for Each Count The Whole World Is Watching This One!

Low Altitude Drone Stalking

Electronic Exploitation of The Elderly  Disabled, Women, and Children - And Me Too!

Military Aircraft Attacks Triggered By the "Governor That Cries Wolf" To The Austin Fusion Center

I Don't Do Drug Cartels, that's your problem! I go after the real criminals Just The Big Pharmaceutical Companies!

Why Is It? You guys have to be hand fed over the freaking Internet putting people in Jeopardy for their lives?

A Community Service G. N. O'Dell

Watch out! Don't go downtown San Antonio to Henry Cuellar Office, there is a guy in there that is 6'4" and 250 Lbs, that cries like a baby and called security on two old decrepit people because he felt threatened? They have had my claims for over 5 years and have done nothing with them! 

Miss Me?
May 2009

Merck To Big To Fail? Bailed out of Bankruptcy by the Bush Administration – They owe their existence as a profitable company today such as Citibank on the backs of thousands denied compensation promised in November 2007.

The following article January 2001 includes backroom under the table negotiations with Communist China, FDA, UT Systems academia, and American Healthcare Systems under the Purchasing Partners LP which forced Merck to come up with the designer drug VIOXX by tweaking a molecule for patent rights, regardless to loss of life.

 Merck’s VIOXX strategy saved the company from bankruptcy on the backs of 88,000 deaths and is still making profits that should be dissolved and paid to the 144,000 injured and family survivors that were deemed ineligible by the Mass Tort Cover-up in New Orleans under the Bush Administration while the New U.S. Attorney General was helpless to intervene. Eric H. Holder, Jr. was sworn in as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States on February 3, 2009 by Vice President Joe Biden. 

“Bll Clinton a health plan proposed by the Government price controls for drugs constitute a threat. Some powerful managed Care organizations for the price of drugs require a significant discount. “People questioned the value of breakthrough research. What is [It]? Merck’s problem: several; best-selling drug patents about to expire.”

The sale and distribution of samples of VIOXX save Merck from Bankruptcy 

“Lst 15 years, Merck (Merck & Co., MRK) Drug Research Institute, Edward. Scolnic (Edward Scolnick) know that the company will face this crisis now. He often secretly worried that an independent company can not overcome this, Merck. "I have these doubts have never told anyone," said Dr. Skolnick [Merck Faced Bankrucpy]!”

“But Dr. Skolnick recalled the development of Vioxx, said: “If the Initially, we selected two kinds of compounds in human trials did not succeed [and they did not they were falsified by academia], then perhaps we will become a completely different [company] and now a [bankrupted or merged] corporation.”

Eric H. Holder, Jr. who was sworn in as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States on February 3, 2009 by Vice President Joe Biden, now has probable cause to prosecute Merck and persons involved in this conspiracy and dissolve the company assets payable to the original 50,000 victims who had claims pending as of November 2007, but never saw a penny.  

If Citicorp can get away with murder under Obama Administration, it is doubtful Merck will have to pay back any of the profits it made especially if they hold the major Republican ‘Ace’ in the hole that is holding up Barack Obama’s health care reform Bill that has been carried forward from Bill Clinton's Health Plan!

G. N O’Dell
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