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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Criminal Charges against the State of Texas 12-04429 and 12-04727

Oh! I forgot The Rule-of-law does not apply to Texas RICO Perry Deadly Network
Is This Texas Or Mississippi?

Rick Perry is the Custodian of All Emails and Phones Calls in Texas
Alien Explosion
I Am Getting Daily Phone Calls Asking 
Me About These Charges and Forget The Detail
So I Will Just Post Them
for Easy Access

"But Please Keep Them Phone Calls, Cards and Letters Coming!"

1. Five Years Stalking and Retaliation of a Disabled Veteran and Disable Spouse with deadly force on and off a Texas University Campuses in person, vehicle, helicopter, and drone

2. Fraud of Federal Funds Greater Than 10,000 Owed To The Department of Education

3. Refusal to pay Big Pharmaceutical Victims of Crimes applications

If I was the President of this land, I would declare total war on the Pusher Man. I would cut if he stand. I would shoot him if he run. I would kill him with my bible- 
I Would Stop The Sequester by-god!

God Dam The Pusher Man 
88,000 Deaths Caused By Texas Drug Testing
Texas Governor Rick Perry $300,000 Hush Money Donation

4. Other attacks against the disabled by order of  Texas Governor Rick Perry have resulted in suicides

5. Texas is the custodian of all emails and phones calls in Texas and they have exploited that information, including voter fraud by remote device adding counts to GOP candidates. The reason the United Nations observed the Voting in Texas in 2012. The record keeper has used the information for retaliation and political targeting and is liable for the breach of that information, which includes personal information of all Texans.

6. Data manipulation including hacking in Texas has destroyed small businesses and lives. 

7. Terrorist Threats State Sponsored Terrorism

8. Police Swatting

9. Private Investigation Firms Sneak and peak in your home, including your electronic devices or in person.

10. The destruction of property

11. Tampering with Federal Mail

12. International Stalking of a Disabled Veteran

(Not all Inclusive)

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Publish as you please Gregory O'Dell 03/12/2013
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