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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Texas Tea Party Al-Qaeda Modus Operandi

Two Dead Shot Down by 
Domestic Surveillance Helicopter

Texas Governor Rick Perry Attacks His Own
People With Armed Military Aircraft

Authorizes and orchestrates unwarranted

searches and seizures

“Must of suffered personal injury, threat of personal injury or death as a result of Political Targeting or Profiling " These Attacks are not protected by the 911 Patriot act and are crimes. If You are a victim, report the incident to local law Enforcement.

1. Stalking by person(s) or aircraft, helicopter or aerospace

2. Home invasions by private Security Firms "Sneak and Peeks" Including Computers Or Other Surveillance Devices

3. Stalking By Border Drone Operated by The Governor of Texas 

4. The Casing of your Home, Farm or Ranch 
(You Neighbors Best Witnesses and Local Police)

5. The Manipulation, Sharing, Or Use of Cherry Picked Data

6. Tampering with mail

7. Bio-location Phone Calls 
(Phony Phone Calls for Voice Print just one example)

8. Threatening Phone Calls

9. Phones Calls from Government or Police without Identifying themselves before you confirm your own identity
(Protocol on the telephone has always been - example: "Hello my name is 'so and so' I am with the Bexar County Police Department")

10. The destruction of police reports or the misrepresentation of the report

11. The collection of DNA and other samples at hospitals or other institutions without your consent

12. The release or breach of any data or information about you by Texas, the custodian of those records, including phone taping / recordings, emails, data mining, and privacy violations used to target

13. Facial Recognition Photographs without your consent

14. Other Biometrix collections 

16. The use of any data collected under the 911 Patriot Act for political purposes or targeting such as Bain and Co.

15. Any Texas Official Who Was Aware of the Conspiracy and did not report it, is also a part of the Conspiracy

Update More Killed Examples: Stalked Down Like Texas Wild Feral Hogs!

Texas: Two Dead In Shooting During A Chase To Stop Vehicle Allegedly Carrying Illegals
The Inquisitr October 26, 2012
A state trooper in a helicopter reportedly fired upon the vehicle which was traveling along the southern border near La Joya, according to KRGV News.

History Repeating

The al-Qaeda Modus Operandi 
 "Right Wing Extremist Build Religious Image of Public Trust"

It is not about Religion! It's all about those of Public Trust, who can easily Influence Religious Groups, because they Hold Positions Of Public Trust and Should Be Trusted!

The Exact Method of Rick Perry, Koch Brothers, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan

Update 11/5/2012 Perfect Paul Ryan Example: 

Ryan says Obama compromises Judeo-Christian values
By Samuel P. Jacobs | Reuters – 3 hrs ago.
CASTLE ROCK, Colorado (Reuters) - In a telephone call with evangelical voters Sunday night, U.S. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told potential voters that President Barack Obama's path for the United States compromises Judeo-Christian values.

Another Example: Occupy no longer associated with Tea Party. In Reality Never Was Until Cash Donations pumped in as Free Speech see link:

Tea Party Extremist Communicating dba with Enemy - Iran?

Citation: Controversial Republican billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch -- who have spent untold millions bankrolling right-wing candidates and causes -- are now the subject of a new Bloomberg investigation that shows Koch Industries profited from business with Iran.
candidates and causes -- are now the subject of a new Bloomberg investigation that shows Koch Industries profited from business with Iran.

A Classic Example That Can Happen In Any Country Of The World
Anywhere were those of Political Power Hold Positions of Public Trust
Willing to sell their souls to Hold Power!

"Once Republicans are willing to abandon their commitment to more tax breaks for multi-millionaires and special interests and their plans to end Medicare, I am confident that we can reach an agreement," Reid wrote.  "Unfortunately, it appears that Republicans blind adherence to Tea Party extremism is making it impossible to reach this sort of balanced agreement before the election."

Citation: ABC OTUS News 05/22/2012


Obama Administration Ensuring Your
Civil Rights and Liberties

This what the Obama Administration has been doing since  April 2009, ensuring  that your Civil Rights and Liberties are Protected. A Vote for Romney, means back to Bush Domestic Surveillance and Abuse. Mitt Romney has already asked to borrow 7 trillion more from China for American Domestic Surveillance adding more to our Nation’s Debt, just to watch you and control your behavior!

2,500 Department of Homeland Security Criminal Convictions

Cause for Class Action Law Suit Texas Fusion Centers

ACLU Calls for Hearings on Fusion Centers Following Senate Report

- We The People

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