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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Texas Rick Perry Mafia Goons Have Gone Postal

These people have slowed their advanced techniques such as used by Paul Ryan’s Xp, reported and he should be waiting in line for his court date. Why can he get away with hacking and everybody else goes to prison?

Where is the rule-of-law for “Smiling Jack” Paul Ryan’s big mouth, no substance just a counter argument that has global consequences? 

750,000 Texas Veterans waiting for Paul Ryan to shut his big mouth!

"Paul Ryan Diverts Attention from Illegal inside Trading by Attacking Health Care (re-post 2009-2013)"

Paul Ryan’s paid protesters attack wrong funds for their own personal gain. They are creating a diversion from the real issues of national debt that they profit personally, Private Security Firm stock dividends from illegal inside trading going back to 2000. 

These Private Security Firm domestic surveillance programs keep the 1% wealthy few wealthier; while the eye in the sky oppresses the 99% of hardworking honest Americans like you!

Same Old Paul Ryan Rhetoric with No Substance But Political Personal Gain

Right now, Tea Partiers are outside the Supreme Court protesting health care reform.  Across the street, Republicans in Congress are about to pass the Paul Ryan budget that destroys Medicare and gives even more tax breaks to the wealthy than Bush did.

History has shown how dangerous these groups are. There are no limits to what they will do to achieve and hold elite status over the people including violence. History Repeats, they win you lose everything.
Most unfortunately, right wing white supremacy groups still thrive in Texas, as they did in the 1960s, whether they are Tea Party Anti-Government groups, or evangelical religious groups. 

These right wing groups are supported and/or led by Texas Governor Rick Perry, backed by 4,500 bias right wing Republican appointees, some embedded in the supreme court of Texas. 

Executive Incident Investigation Commission Exhibit Number 2095, describes the racist attitudes of these groups in 1963, which are still alive and well in Texas, 2012 as follows:

"On the evening of November 22, 1963, Mrs. Ernestine White, Fullerton, California telphonically advised that a young  German identified as Jaochim Rudolph Roehricht, an employee of Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, in a conversation with her on November 16, 1963, commented she would be surprised to know how how many young men in Texas wore the Swastika  He allegedly said that if the President came to Texas, he would be assassinated. He went on that in San Antonio there are number of your men who believe the negroes should be killed. He allegedly said, “We need a Goering to get rid of the Negros in the United States like they did the Jews in Germany.”

October 6, 2006

On October 6, 2006 Inside trading by those of Public Trust. John Ashcroft and William Sessions join Digital Ally for legal advisory decisions and everybody join in on the inside trading. Digital Ally LEAWOOD, Kansas (October 5, 2006) – Digital Ally, Inc. (Pink Sheets: DGLY). Digital Ally manufactures the most intrusive domestic surveillance devices including x-ray devices that can radiate through the sides of a tracker trailer looking for human trafficking.

At the same time, disabled students are transferred over state lines to work on slave farms while employers pocket their social security checks in public view.

I Guess It is true 
"Nothing Changes In Texas But The Meaning of Law"

"We Are Not Alone! Texas Governor Rick Perry's Personal Drone"

What Concerns me most:

How Do I Know What You Need, if my web access is hacked, my phone tapped, and mail tampered with?

By Beat The VA Backlog Not My Mail Box
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