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Saturday, March 2, 2013

America A Nation Dying of Thirst

We Are A Nation Dying of Thirst

Looking back over my hand written journal notes, in April 2009 I wrote an article titled “What Concerns Us The Most? Number three on the list was the fact the water was not accessible to the majority of Americans because water fountains have been removed from public places. Why should this concern us?

In The News Again “A Nation Dying of Thirst” as follows:

Bloomberg now wants all of New York state to ban big soft drinks
Full Article:

Sugar A Right To Die Legislation or Choice

Refined sugary drinks are more deadly than Alcohol, Heroin, or Cocaine over a long period of consumption. Of course Alcohol, Heroin, or Cocaine can kill with the first dose.  I use these addictive poisons only as a contrast comparison, or why we are dying of thirst.

There was day not long ago, if you were traveling across America and you pulled into gas station or any place that served food and had to relive yourself, these establishments were not required to provide restrooms to the public and people pulled over on side of the road to take care of business! 

Today, if a business provides food, that business is required to provide restrooms. It makes sense if we are “A Nation Dying of Thirst” we should have a choice and the same concept should be applied if a business or vending machine sells Sugary Drinks, they should also provide easy access to water. If you want in a wax paper cup with ice, or served up by a waitress then you should pay for it; however, water should be accessible anywhere that serves food or sugary drink. 

Most importantly, a nation with countless homeless people should have access to water fountains. If your dying of thirst and have no money, you should be able to get a drink of water in the United States of America!

G. N. O’Dell 03/02/2013

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