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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Texas Data Manipulation Re-Write History Veterans Pay The Price

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Was Tea Party Texas U.S. Senator @Ted Cruz Absent 
The Day Congress Read The Constitution of 
The United States of America?

I hope not, I trusted them because they are 
"Persons of Public Trust and Should Be Trusted"

Not To Worry The Same Intrusive Domestic Surveillance Devices "Watching Us" Is Now "Watching Them!"

Big Brother Is Dead

FBI Tip: Their conversations with Health and Human Service were recorded and I want you to know you still have a leak in Texas by bias rouge agent(s). Just one rouge agent, makes the whole FBI look like criminals - Take Them Out!

"Senate Committee will discuss Hazlewood Act at March 6 meeting"

On March 6, 2013, the Veterans Affairs and Military Installations (VAMI) Committee of the Texas Senate will hold a hearing focusing on state educational benefits for Veterans and their families. 

One state benefit that will be discussed is the Hazlewood Act, which provides an educational benefit to Texas Veterans, and certain dependents or spouses of Texas Veterans, by authorizing an exemption from tuition and required fees to a maximum of 150 semester credit hours at public institutions of higher education in Texas.

Universities around the state have vocalized concerns that the Hazlewood Act has become burdensome, and they want the 83rd Texas Legislature to find a way to reimburse the universities for the waived tuition and fees for Veterans and their children.

 “I am committed to defending Hazlewood benefits for our Veterans and their families, because they have earned it,” said State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, Chair of VAMI. “The ‘burden’ that Texas universities now face is not caused by Veterans, who have received this benefit for years. The burden is caused by a Legislature that cut funding to its universities.”

When in doubt ask somebody with living memory such as John Kerry United States Secretary of State. He will tell you that Vietnam Veterans have been walked on, lie too, and their 150 hours of paid college credit was a contract with the Federal Government if you volunteer vs. drafted into service. 

The Texas Halewood benefits were paid by the Federal Government to the State of Texas to cover the cost of those with an educational entitlement for volunteering for service during the Vietnam era, even if you were deferred at the privilege of your country, after you swore in to the United States Military.

Congress broadened the criteria for all veterans serving before 1981. All veterans after this date have an education "Golden Umbrella" that no one questions or deducts other grants and benefits to them; however, discriminate  by manually overriding the system to cut college grants and benefits to these veterans. Case In Point A (No I  won't go into the hiring of private investigative firms to a point of stalking with deadly force which is the case in Texas!)

I had to fight for a legal binding contract for my 150 hours of college credit that I earned with eight years of honorable service to my country, which is a college grant entitlement ignored by Texas academia Financial Officers as if your getting a freebee!

I as well as some 350,000 Texas Vietnam Era Veterans are still waiting for disability compensation which is an entitlement not a free hand-out, who were told their records where burned in fire and have been denied the opportunity to apply without those records.

"To Serve My Country Again, This Time I Did Not Pick-up 
A Rifle I Picked Up A Pen"

See "The College Killing Fields" A System Set-Up By Senator
John Cornyn. This system only exist on paper not the reality of things at the street level. 

G. N. O'Dell 03/06/2013

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